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Tyreek Hill calls out Chiefs, claims they did him wrong

Tyreek Hill joins Shannon Sharpe/YouTube

Tyreek Hill calls out Chiefs. 

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MIAMI — A viral video shows Miami Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill calling out his former team — the Kansas City Chiefs, claiming they tried to sabotage his métier. Tyreek (aka the Cheetah) spewed the invective on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast. For starters, he said Patrick Mahomes refused to throw him the football. “[There’d] be some games where I’d get two targets,” Tyreek told Shannon. “We’d go into meetings and my coach would be like, ‘We’ve got to get you involved… So I’m calling my agent, every week after they say some crazy stuff like that, [I’m] like, ‘Bro, I’ve got to get out of here.'” Tyreek also called the Chiefs cheap. “I talked to coach Andy Reid and I’m like, ‘Coach, I don’t even need to be the highest-paid receiver,” he said. “I just want to be taken care of and I want to stay with Travis Kelce. I want to stay with Pat. I want to stay with my brothers.”

Instead of succumbing to Tyreek’s pecuniary demands, the Chiefs traded him to the Dolphins for a haul of draft picks. Conversely, Tyreek signed a 4-year contract extension worth $120 million. Even though he got paid, Tyreek seeks reprisal. He can’t wait to face the Chiefs — hopefully in the playoffs. “Just know that if we do play them, if we do see them, it’s showtime,” Tyreek vowed. “They better have two people on me, that’s all I know. The Cheetah will be arriving in Kansas City or in Miami. I don’t care where I’ll be at.”

In Coach Reid’s defense, he took a chance on Tyreek after he beat the sh*t out of his gravid baby mama — Crystal Espinal — at Oklahoma State. Cheetah punched her in the stomach then choked her. The Chiefs also kept Tyreek on the roster after he was accused of breaking his son’s arm. Even though Cheetah wasn’t arrested, the child told Crystal, “Daddy did it.”

Watch the explosive podcast.

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  1. He is in Miami because of the money and that fine, just admit it. Otherwise who would sacrifice the long term stats with the best QB in the league. Hill is throwing shade all the time. Take your money and forget about the chiefs. Move on…

  2. Tyreek left to Miami because of a girl. He got sprung on his real estate agent chick not to mention the BAG they gave him

  3. I wish you the best man but please stop spreading these lies you were targeted for a career high last year and we’re the ones that gave you a shot after you got into legal trouble. Be blessed man

  4. Think about this… How many drops did Hill have last year? & How many Interceptions came from those DROPS?! I wouldn’t have paid this DUDE either

  5. At a time where Mahomes and Kelce are taking pay cuts he wanted more money it was greed thats on him

  6. Football is a team sport had highest targets then complains he doesn’t get the targets good riddance

  7. “That really showed me how valuable I was”
    There is no world where the chiefs could have cleared up the space to offer 75 million guaranteed this past off season.
    No doubt Tyreek should win MVP for the Dolphins this year but they’re always gonna fall short come playoff time.

  8. Tyreek Hill is all about the spotlight. He knew that the Chiefs is Patrick Mahomes team. So, he rather go to Miami to collect that money and be the leader of the Dolphins. Everything that he’s doing right now proves that.

  9. That sounds pretty selfish. If you left because you didn’t get all the passes is ridiculous. I lost all respect. Tyreek they gave you a chance when no other team wanted to touch you because of your off field situations. Crazy dude.

  10. The chiefs were going to extend him until the raiders traded for devonte Adam’s and reset the market with the contract they gave him. Rosenhaus immediately demanded much more KC could pay. What a bunch of BS.

  11. He had a career high in targets and receptions and broke the franchise record in receptions last year lmao what is this man talking about 😂😂😂

  12. He chose the money‼️ Aint no fault in that BUT stop with the BS. You sided with money rather than a legacy. After all the legal troubles, the Hunts and Andy gave him a second chance. More than what Kareem got. Kelce re-structured his deal to make this fool stay. So did Patrick. Mahomes made Tyreek what he is now. This is like Tony G saying Atlanta made his career.

    Its whatever at this point. Wish him well and much success. Go Chiefs‼️

  13. Tyreek was valued in KC very much. But in the NFL teams have to be very careful with how much and who they give their money to. In the end both teams ended in better situations

  14. Come on Hill Mahomes always threw to you bro!
    There’s noooooo way they wanted to get rid of Hill like that, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I love Hill but this whole I wasn’t getting the ball thing has gotta stop! Even Hill had some drops right on his hands now!
    Ain’t nothing wrong with getting paid man!
    Chiefs couldn’t pay that man no 25 million and keep that team in tact.

  15. Can’t trust a guy wearing sunglasses inside. Why don’t you want me to see your eyes while we talk? Must be lieing.

  16. OMG!!! Stop already you got your money the Chiefs got their picks! Why are you still crying about the deal you signed?! “No hard feelings” but your still talking about it.

  17. He had 159 targets and 111 receptions last year. 10 games with double digit targets, one game with 18 targets. There was one game with 2 targets and one with 3, but both were in the last few games of the year – after he supposedly told his agent he wanted out. I get wanting the guaranteed money, but I call BS on actually feeling like he wasn’t being used enough.

  18. Based on his behavior, I’m glad he’s gone. Seems like a bad locker room presence. We’ve got a lot of unselfish guys now in there, and we’re better on offense than ever.

  19. I hope we play y’all and u get clamped my boy. We won’t forget the drops you had last year here. Especially in that last bengals playoff game deflecting into dbs hands smh.

  20. I’m a Chiefs fan and I don’t wanna see him on the field in a playoff game. Cheetah will tear us apart…

  21. I think he still wishes he were on the chiefs when he says stuff like that. The chiefs didn’t value u because financially they couldn’t afford to make u the top paid WR, I believe the deal they offered woulda made him the 3rd highest. Also kelce n Mahomes are extremely close off the field n hang out a lot, I think that played into too. There’s def ego at play here but glad he got his bag n getting to showcase how extremely talented he is in Miami

  22. In a player’s contract, a team and a player both need to agree.

    Chiefs valued Tyreek as a #1 wide receiver but not $30M good.

    Chiefs is right .. and still has 10-3 record in a rebuilding mode with 4 new wide receivers: #1 Juju #2 Scantling amd #3 Toney #4 Watson.

    4 new wide receivers and still setting at 10-3 record in AFC .. wow i expected Chiefs 8-5 by now not 10-3 with a lot of new faces in offense.

    Perhaps Mahomes is just that good to make #2 wide receivers look like #1.

  23. Say what u want unless ur mentally ill aint nobody saying no to 120 M’s

  24. …. he’s looking at Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs right about now and saying damn I wish I wouldn’t have left….

  25. Tyreek should be thankful he didn’t get cut after he beat up his kid. If Andy Reid didn’t draft Tyreek Hill nobody would know his name.

  26. So hard to believe much of this conversation from TH. You can look it up and there were only 3 games that he had 3 or less targets. 1 was where they were so far ahead, many players set out the 2nd half, 1 was where they were playing Buffalo and ran the ball., the 3 was when he went out with an injury. Additionally, he claims to have told them about matching AJs money….. how? He left the Chiefs before AJs deal was finalized.

  27. I love how he is trying to play the victim. Dude followed the money and that is fine, but don’t sit there and tell lies. if you did not feel appreciated, you were not paying attention then.

  28. I don’t understand why athletes just don’t say “it’s for the money” like everyday people leave jobs for money and we tell our bosses why

  29. tyreek, get that money playboy. you can only take care of yourself, and football is a physical sport, nothing is guaranteed so get that bread!!!!

  30. Bottom line is this I’m a chiefs fan ,, you can’t pay a Qb 40 a year and a Wr 30 a year,, you will not be able to make your team better in the long run,, by trading Tyreek ,, we got a lot of young players in the draft that’s contributing this season,, it is what it is,, deep down I think he was lowkey mad at mahomes money, ijs

  31. Just say you wanted the money and keep it moving…..This is the most BS answer I have ever heard, dude was 2nd in the league in targets last year with 152, 10.9 per game lmao.

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