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Brittney Griner released at expense of Marine Whelan

Biden under fire for Griner release/YouTube

Brittney Griner finally free. 

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MOSCOW — If we end up gettin’ nuked in the near future, blame President Joe Biden. That’s because the Commander-in-Chief did the unthinkable on Thursday, swapping lesbian WNBA junkie Brittney Griner for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout (aka the Merchant of Death). To say America got fleeced would be a vast understatement. Even the Russell Wilson trade wasn’t this bad. Biden confirmed the controversial news during a national address from the White House. “This is a day we’ve worked toward for a long time,” he said while being flanked by Vice President Kamala Harris and Brittney’s wife, Cherelle Griner. “We never stopped pushing for her release. It took painstaking and intense negotiations, and I want to thank all the hardworking public servants across my administration who worked tirelessly to secure her release.” Brittney, a 6’9″ center for the Phoenix Mercury, was arrested at a Moscow airport in February for smuggling cannabis oil in her luggage.

She was sentenced to 9 years in a penal colony.

Many Americans approbated Brittney’s capture and imprisonment because she protested the national anthem.

The prisoner exchange comes at the expense of U.S. Marine Paul Whelan whose still locked up in Russia. He was incarcerated in December 2018 for spying. Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons said “F*ck Biden” before tweeting, “Wait nah!! We left a marine?! We still not voting for you!” Critics believe Brittney’s anti-Americanism and sexual orientation played a huge role in her manumission. Had she been a heterosexual patriot (à la Paul Whelan), the Biden Administration would’ve let her putrefy behind bars. Speaking of anti-Americanism… the aforementioned Bout is one of the world’s most prolific arsenal distributors.

He was serving a 25-year sentence for selling weapons that were supposed to be used against Americans.

Quondam President Donald Trump called the swap a “stupid and unpatriotic embarrassment.”

Do you agree?

Watch Biden’s national address and more.

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  1. An international arms dealer for an ugly, drug addicted sexual deviant who no one cares about. Seems like a fair trade.

  2. Shameful. If she was white or brown, noone would care this is black privilage. She knowingly went to danger zone , is a drug addict. Why trade her for a international criminal

  3. I hope the arms dealer goes on to make this administration look as stupid as they are! I hope they have blood on their hands publicly.

  4. Paul Whelan was court-martialed by the Marine Corps and received a Bad Conduct discharge after being convicted of multiple counts of larceny, dereliction of duty, identity fraud, false statements, and check fraud.

  5. Wait a second.
    Don”t we have laws against drugs at airports too?
    Should those people be released also?

  6. So Griner is OK with the cost of her release being the release of a terrorist ?
    What a great person.

  7. This is the worst show of leadership for the United States in YEARS. How dumb do you have to be to trade a Russian arms dealer for a wnba player when we have MARINES who would die for their country locked up in the gulag for doing their duty.

  8. Oh my God !
    Biden just freed a international arms dealer in exchange for a junkie.
    What is he thinking? Is his PR worth the death of thousands?

  9. He gives an arsenal to the taliban then gives an arms dealer to the Russians. Man can someone impeach him!

  10. Biden is a MORON when he leaves office he won’t be remembered in any positive way and that clown 🤡 Griner is a criminal 💯 get our marine back because he put in the work protecting my freedom and deserves to be brought home 1st not a smuggler.

  11. Well she fits the social democratic profile: 1. She is a woman, 2. She is of color, 3. She is part of the LGBTQIA’s community. Biden wants that more then the soldier who is still locked up there!

  12. Biden and Griner are perfect for each other, they both hate America!

  13. I’m gonna laugh when she kneels back down during the national anthem. I CANT WAIT. 😂

  14. So Joe couldn’t get both Griner AND the US Marine back in exchange for one of the most violent, notorious arms dealers this world has seen? I thought Joe was against semi automatic weapons being sold to the masses? Imagine if orange man did this disgusting act? Headlines would be WAY harsher. Joe, you are NEVER allowed to mutter the words gun control ever again.

  15. This is a gigantic FUCK YOU to all the people (myself included) who have been arrested for marijuana possession.

  16. As a democrat I won’t vote for any clown again. What a disgrace

  17. The communists definitely got the better end of that deal. The Biden administration only traded for the basketball player because she was a black, lesbian female. Meanwhile a US marine continues to be held. More ‘woke’ left wing BS.

  18. Yep it’s official. We just traded an American killer for a kneeling American hater. Meanwhile a marine that sacrificed his life is left to rott. What has dribbles sacrificed that was so much more than a marine?

  19. Well at least now American children will know as long as you are famous or rich you don’t have to worry about breaking the laws regarding drugs! So much for that “war on drugs” BS. And you trade a woman found guilty of drugs for a weapons and arms dealer that has threatened American lives. Yep, sounds totally like a good trade. That’s sarcasm by the way!

  20. Thanks to a WNBA player not being able to go without weed for a week one of the most deadly terrorist is free to kill again.
    Not seeing a win here at all

  21. Hopefully, Brittany respects America and helps get the Marines’ freedom. Hopefully, she’s a voice for the Americans Biden left behind.

  22. @Justin Cheesman: Nobody cared about the Marine Whelan until Griner got released!

  23. What an embarrassment, bring home an America hating lawbreaking, drug addict and abandonment of a soldier! Then they release the merchant of death. What kind of dunce made that trade?

  24. To you people criticizing Biden about this swap. Some feel that mr. Whelan being held on charges of spying should have been swapped before Griner, a professional womens basketball star. The many many millions of women’s basketball fandom disagree! Whelan is either innocent or a spy acting for America! This is affirmative action at its finest! This is not Biden pandering for women’ votes or for the homosexual support and vote! Sorry if my being facetious is not evident to some of you.

  25. Watching shit like this makes me loose even more confidence in our leaders. She gets to come home but not our veterans. I hope she gets a not so warm welcome upon her return to the US

  26. Ha they cut that ugly bitches hair off what and embarrassment to the us trading a valuable piece if shit for a useless piece of shit and before any you say yes britney griner is the useless piece of shit

  27. Trump didn’t do shit to bring him home when he was president and trump is Putin’s bitch so let’s talk about that hmm


  29. Terrible people are discussing the value of two lives. Who is worth saving more? They are both worth saving. The same effort and care should be put into saving both. The shame here is that people are not putting the same effort for both. The media kept talking about saving her, but not him. The American media is dysfunctional. They use to have people that worked behind and front of camera that really cared about people and making this world better, but now it us all about themselves, getting the bigger story, more attention, more pay. Sad, sad. As citizens we need to hold them more accountable, do better or we won’t watch.

  30. So fuck the citizens but blessed art the basketball players no one watches?..
    I’d get it if we were saving an athlete who actually liked her country and brought in a lot of money or perhaps someone more loveable like Snoop Dogg
    But this chick has the likability and charisma of a pickle sandwich.
    Furthermore, I hope she has become less entitled and understands no one is above the law and YOU DONT BRING DRUGS TO RUSSIA. Do your drugs in America or Amsterdam, man.

  31. So many sick comments trying to justify why they didn’t bring home the marine. Good or bad we don’t leave ANY American behind, period. Biden chose to bring home a anti American Marxist who openly hates America and her core values over a marine who served America and fought to protect her core values. Makes sense. What’s more embarrassing is Russian media clowning us for choosing her over the marine. Russian media claim we had a choice and that Biden chose “the black lesbian instead of the white heterosexual male war hero”. You really can’t make this trash up. And here media is trying to glorify her like she’s some hero. Don’t smuggle illegal drugs into a communist dump of a country and you won’t have any issues.

  32. This makes my Blood Boil that Biden traded a Terrorist for that “Betty” Griner.
    This person isn’t No Hero in any shape or form.
    All I can do when I see her is put my middle finger up to this National Disgrace.

  33. Democrats want to ban guns,but they release a (gun) dealer back into the wild 😂😂😂

  34. She wants no part of respecting the flag to begging for help. The ‘ Merchant of death’ will cause death to innocent people and BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS GRINER.

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