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Baby daddy murders lover before committing suicide

Kaleshia Lyons killed by ex/YouTube

Baby daddy kills ex & himself.

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LITHIA SPRINGS — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Residents of Lithia Springs, Georgia are in mourning after 34-year-old Harold Dakers killed his baby mama, 29-year-old Kaleshia Lyons, before blowing his own brains out. The murder-suicide transpired November 4th. Kaleshia and Harold have a 4-year-old son whose now an ophan. According to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to Kaleshia’s apartment at 9 p.m. where they found her deceased from “blunt force trauma.” After a 4-day manhunt, deputies found Harold in a wooded area in neighboring Villa Rica. As they closed in to effectuate an arrest, Harold pulled out a gun and shot himself in the cranium. His cadaver was found floating in the creek. What’s sad is Harold was out on bond after he raped and tortured Kaleshia back in June. Harold strangled the battered damsel until she relinquished the password to her cell phone. Then he copulated with her against her will.

Kaleshia implored law enforcement officials to leave Harold putrefying behind bars because he vowed to kill her once he received manumission. But Judge Allen B. Keeble set the killer free on the condition that he wears an ankle monitor and stays the f*ck away from Kaleshia. Social media reaction was vicious. One reader wrote, “Unfortunately these judges don’t care about our young black women. They dropped the ball once again and judges need to be held accountable in my opinion.” Another added, “And how will they be punishing the judge???????????”

Watch the sad report and interviews.

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  1. The Judge needs to be voted out making a dangerous ruling that caused a woman to die.

  2. I lost my mother over 40 years ago due to domestic violence
    I wish a man would try me
    When I see signs, I leave, no man is worth your LIFE.

  3. Domestic violence situations the defendant should never be released without monitoring ‼️ ever ‼️ send the judge to jail for not using common sense

  4. Ladies the 1st sign is time to go there is nothing there the worst type of relationship you must stop allowing things you don’t accept I don’t play with men or women you are not allowed to raise your voice at me that’s a no no no you can’t have my passwords I’m not ready for this type of relationship

  5. I bet that “judge” must feel like a real champion right now, I hope that the Family sues him. It won’t bring her back but, this was just plain negligence on the system’s part yet again, smh…

  6. Ladies the law will NOT change for us unfortunately, so if your man , ex, stalker etc tried to KILL you !!! And he gets arrested with a BOND!!! … run run run until he gets jail time for good.. because of course he’s coming for you. So Relocate homes , jobs etc. We shouldn’t have to do all that but YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT !!

  7. Incidents like this has happened too often recently;you would think; that they would put these victims mostly women ( and mostly melinated women) under witness protection programs instead of allowing the victims to be murdered. These are highly so called trained detectives and officers who are suppose to save lives and have the instinct to know better! Police are good or evil just like doctors teachers lawyers nurses etc* Save yourselves first; really unbelievable how hard she tried to save herself and shame on the judge who bonded him out knowing he literally had tried to kill her! My heart and prayers goes out to her and her children and family.. No justice no rest no peace for the wicked and all those responsible! So be it! A’se A’sa!

  8. I need women to stop engaging and interacting with known terrorists thinking they will change.
    They never do.
    When they show you who they are, believe them.
    It’s unsettling they let this animal back out into the free world.
    Change your locks, or move and get yourself a piece if allowed in the state you’re in.
    Life is too short and precious. Condolences to this woman and her family 💐.

  9. I hope the judge feels Remorseful and have a bit of trouble falling asleep at night

  10. These n?ggaz is crazy az hell and getting crazier. They’re weak & pathetic, this is a damn shame.

  11. Sue the judge. He set this up idc idc. If someone makes a threat like that, why wouldn’t you take it seriously?

  12. Just ridiculous… They stay bailing these monsters out. Shame on the courts for giving these violent criminals bail

  13. Wow he was in jail for this very thing back in June, just for them to let him out & finish what he started 🥺. We got to pray more than ever these days! Be careful who you let in your life! It’s dangerous out here! Use spiritual discernment!

  14. After thousands and thousands of murders happening this EXACT SAME WAY why are the courts still letting these lunatics out of jail?! She had on paperwork that he would kill her and they didn’t even care! I’m soo tired of the system failing mostly black women. These men need help and all they do is send them back out to cause more trauma and pain. She didn’t deserve this and I pray her family get through this 🥺🙏🏽

  15. I’m tryna figure out why these mfs got arrested after attempting to kill these women just to be released like wtf do they think they’re gonna do🤦🏽‍♀️They literally just failed the first time and that’s why these woman were still alive so why give them a second chance omfg

  16. Blaming the judge for granting bail is no different than ignorant people blaming the police for people being let out of jail early. It’s all just ignorant and ridiculous! And an ankle monitor doesn’t do anything more than a restraining order does. It’s just pointless.

  17. When you date somebody with that killer spirit you will never really be safe around them when y’all really fall out and have a bad disagreement when you date somebody and you know they a take it there with a gun what makes you think they won’t do it to you if you cross them a certain way a lot a these black females date black men that do shoot outs and end up dead too when they fall out or when these man or get paranoid because they know they are not moving right that’s really a part of the game now and it’s becoming more and more common for black women to be killed by boyfriend with gun

  18. BW need to learn to be content being celibate. Getting with some of these BM can be a one way ticket to sudden and violent death. It’s simply NOT worth it.

  19. He was a weak coward he could of just offed himself to begin with and called it a day. I don’t get people when it’s over it’s over… leave people alone.

  20. Everytime something like this happens the judge that allowed them to get out should be charged as an accessory.

  21. These lunatics hide in plain sight and blend into society seemingly normal. I always say that women should go into Domestic Violence shelters because they are NOT safe when that abuser knows where they stay and the address of family members and friends. These dudes aren’t mentally wrapped too tight to not understand that a woman doesn’t want them anymore. They lack the ability to control themselves and move on with their lives. This man should have never been granted a bond to get out..He ended up committing suicide which shows that he didn’t value his own damn life so he definitely didn’t give a damn about hers. He couldn’t have cared about the child who would be orphaned. These ladies better start getting a license to carry because it’s obvious that the law isn’t doing much to protect these women from these stalking ,abusive losers. They don’t give a damn until the woman is dead. These stories make me happy to be single. If these are the type of losers preying on women I want no parts of the dating scene.. I have peace of my mind that’s valuable beyond measure.

  22. I’m interested in what makes men think they own a woman and are entitled to end her life?

  23. These stories remind me of how blessed I am to be single by choice & healthy✌️🏾💃🏿❤️

  24. This yet Another reason why there are more black children in foster care than any other group

  25. Men think they own you. They need full control. The moment that you don’t make them happy, they react in the only way they can take power… violence.

  26. They choose toxic narcissist and scumbags over good decent guys with morals. I have seen it too many times. My coworker left a decent guy that treated her well and with respect because she said “he was boring”, she left him and got with a guy that was known for beating up his ex girlfriend, people warned her yet she didn’t listen. That guy eventually killed her. She left a decent man and got with a man that eventually ended her life. Lots of women are attracted to evil men, even Ted Bundy got love letters in jail.

  27. I feel that this society teaches men that they deserve access to sex. I feel that men are also taught that they are entitled to women. When men feel that they are entitled to a woman’s body, this is the scenario. These incidences are too common for these men to just be “mentally ill.” Nope, the criminal system helps these men too with light bails and early releases. He couldn’t have cared about “being a family” with her if was willing to leave his own child without parents. It’s sickening.

  28. The first person to protect us NEEDS to be US… the judges, lawyers, neighbors, law enforcement, etc. can’t help, if we don’t start helping ourselves…

    The signs of an abuser needs to be discussed in depth, so potential abusees know what to look for an avoid in a partner, or these situations WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN… parents speak to your CHILDREN (male & female) about these situations. This should go hand in hand with sex education BEFORE THEY START DATING (from they are young teach them simple things like not to put their hands on others, and violence towards the ones you love is unacceptable). Educate in keeping one’s hands to themselves whilst also removing one’s self at first sign of red flags 🚩. Teach Emotional intelligence and conflict resolution. PARENTS should set an example of what an healthy relationship looks like.

    Again, teach them how to identify red flags 🚩, how to navigate the dating world and the dangers of jumping in TOO FAST. Explain love bombing, signs of controlling/obsessive partners, and the dangers of dating them. Help them to understand that they should take threats serious even when told as a joke, “I’ll k1ll u if u ever try to leave me” or “I’ll k1ll u if u ever cheat on me”. None of those two statements are a joke or sexy and should not be considered a turn on or compliment. HOWEVER, I have ALOT if relatives and friends (who are constant DV vict1m5) who disagrees.

    Teach/Show your children what being in love SHOULD be, so they are better equipped to AVOID these sadistic, mentally unstable evil, vi0lent partners.

    This IS NOT v1ctim blaming or insensitive either, instead it’s the truth. Prevention WILL ALWAYS be better than cure, especially since there is no cure for D3ATH.

    Do not rely on others, but do it for yourself. Let’s start by learning and applying everything we can about these situations, and educating ourselves and others on how to avoid it.

    R.I.P to her and condolences to her family & son.

  29. FACT….Most men who NEVER been to jail usually end up going behind a female

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