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Jealous boyfriend kills ex, dumped body in trash can

Kajavia Globe brutally murdered/WDIV

Jealous ex commits femicide.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

DETROIT — Viral Crimes released a documentary that shows Lashanda Globe, mother of 24-year-old Kajavia Globe, going off on her daughter’s killer in court — imploring the judge to give that negro life without parole. Maxwell Brack killed Kajavia after she broke up with his ass. Then he stuffed her cadaver inside a trash can and helped himself to her bank account. Ain’t that a bitch? The femicide transpired December 11, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan. “I hate this man! This man has destroyed my family!” Lashanda told the judge during sentencing. “Give this man life. He was abusive. He broke her nose. He was taking her down. He was destroying her life. When she decided to [leave] he took her life because she was on a road to success. She was going to drop that zero because she had found a hero!”

“She was so dumb,” Lashanda added.

“She loved this monster!”

Social media reaction was mostly congruent. One viewer wrote, “I would have been MAD AS HELL TOO.” Another chimed in with, “Momma was riled up. I’m surprised she didn’t fly across the room towards his punk ass.” A third observer added, “What A Satanic Demon!!!😈 Throw him under the jail and never let him out!!! He is trash🗑.”

Well, mom got her wish.

Maxwell was sentenced to a maximum of 100 years in the penitentiary.

The judge gave him an extra 10 years for smiling in court.

Watch Kajavia’s mom blow a gasket.

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  1. We LOVE love love Kajavia’s mother!! “Baby he don’t like you!” Facts 💯 #REALadvice Bless you.

  2. I just don’t understand why they just cannot leave these dusties alone. It’s like only in death or on their way out the last few breaths it sinks in I should have left this man alone but it’s too late then. It just seems like you can’t tell her nothing you try your best to let her know that this person is not good for them and then they get mad at you even when abuse is clear. This is why so many die cuz they just don’t want to believe the truth. The truth is there and they still keep looking past it, they want to believe in somebody who is treacherous they want to see the good turning thy cheek and things like that. And in the end they’re the ones that end up dead. The killer goes on to prison but they’re still alive. Three hots in a cot, medical, education, social media, and a whole list of pleasantries in prison. While the victim’s family are left with the tattered memories and scraping the get by.

  3. Black women never listen to anyone on sick men they love & for all those who are extra. That is not a racist statement just truth. Not sure when they will all.learn but it is the classic case – just look at society – almost 80-90% of women both young and old are hooked on men or the wrong men & these are men who are evidently clearly full of demons or possessed..anyone that can hurt you in any way including physically and be abusive does not love you and need not be near you or in your life
    They are always Always completely Captivated. She should have listened to her mom. How do you give up the good judgement of a person who knows or knew you from the womb or childhood – who cares the most about you & looks out for you when they can see someone or something is wrong for some stranger who you met & you are bewitched by the sex you have with them. Now you are dead and who is to blame? Who is hurting the most – the same person – your mother who cares and loves you most. Some people are assignments from hell to waste your very life and destiny. Women use your head & stop being so stupid in the name of being in love or loving a man

  4. Many women are dying at the hands of men. Allot of these women are going to hell because they don’t get time to repent. I believe that women need to repent before Jesus Christ more earnestly because paganism like wearing jewelry and indecent clothes has been normalized amongst many women. These things are demonic, and clearly taking women to hell. Jesus Christ wants a holy church, one without spot or blemish. That is why both men and women should strive to be holy.

  5. I’m in a domestic relationship with the devil and I don’t have any place to go Lord I fear for my life everyday.Pray I get away alive 😶

  6. So Mom you had Children but couldn’t Keep a Man Around. But your Child got when an abuser and you know it calling him a Zero. But wait Mom what did you do when Pookie Broke her Nose you didn’t call her Father? Probably couldn’t because he was a Pookie. My Girls Momma my Daughter Husband if put your hands on my Child I’m Coming and I’m Bringing the Blinky.

  7. Jealousy kills. Ladies stay far away from me who have nothing to lose. This low life jealous monster!

  8. Jesus said its going to get worse and worse. Sorry but the world is going to keep getting more wicked. REPENT EVERYONE give your life to The Lord God Jesus Christ and change your lives. If you die after you have given your life to the Lord and are living for him “Holy and Santified” you will be in the new world that the Lord has prepared for his followers. When and if you die without Jesus Christ, you are lost. So stop saying RIP, rest in heaven etc that’s a lie. You will not go to heaven if you’ve been living “Unholy” and die in your sins. Shalom!

  9. Wow this is just so horrific on so many levels she seemed like such a bright beautiful young lady on the road to success feel so sad that she had to endure that for so many years and then lose her life to a sick horrible monster hope he rots in prison for what he did to her evil can disguise itself in many forms by the time she was trying to get away it was unfortunately too late wish things would have went differently and her mom’s impact statement definitely was so powerful may this young lady rest in peace and prayers to her family my heart goes out to them

  10. @Sharon Scott: Please seek asylum elsewhere quietly and never return! There is help out there just don’t make it obvious that you’re trying to leave! Stay safe🤍

  11. Momma wasn’t playn she said “then u goin to the atm n take my daughter money” stop playn wit black women about they kids that wig was a certified survivor cuz she was shakn that shit🤘

  12. black men hate it when you dump them…. they want to feel in control, if not they become uncontrollable emotional MAN-GINAS

  13. That smile is a coverup hes doomed in jail because he has to deal with MEN, not a defenseless female that he choked from behind. I guess she saw something in him I can’t derect. Prayers for both families he caused so much pain.

  14. He killed her without mercy and dumped her like trash . Hope he never comes out of jail alive ; never ever !!

  15. Wow… people really need to stop messing around and playing games.. it really is dangerous. When someone is your EX- cut ties period. Trying to get him back AND YOU HAVE A NEW MAN…wow. Showing his current woman he’s still messing with you? Why?? Sad and disgusting story.. you think you know people but you really don’t.. leave exes alone..when it’s over let it really be over. My opinion

  16. Will they take his ass in prison ? How does that work do they just take the booty or what?

  17. Those cowardly abusive controlling little men will learn the hard way that “til death do us part” has never included the murder of their soulmate.

  18. This mother is pretty cringe to be honest. Honestly it seems like it’s theater for her. Like her big day on TV.

    Some of yall are gonna be mad i said that, but that’s the vibe she’s giving me

  19. Another low life scum bag! And had the nerve to withdraw her $$$$$.. this guy was a waste of air! 😡

  20. Man he would have had one time to put his hands on my daughter and break her nose it would have never came to this because he wouldn’t have live to have ever been able to put his hands on her or anybody again wake up black man we as Brothers cousins Uncle fathers Neighbors if we see or no any physical or sexual abuse going on to a loved one you must make yourself known make your presence felt protect our women and young girls and young man we as black people AR not being respected bye other people from other countries as we should because they don’t see us respecting and loving and protecting ourselves and our communities stand up get a backbone when you see things like this going down try to prevent it tried to put forth an effort to be a positive role model a Vanguard of your community join or start your own organization that benefits the community don’t just rely on the police the police come in after the damage has been done they have their hands full dealing with all types of criminal activities stand up protect your own

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