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Deranged thug murders ex because she didn’t text him

Sha’Dayla was shot 15 times/YouTube

Sha’Dayla brutally murdered. 

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MELBOURNE — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Carlos Jones was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his ex-girlfriend, 23-year-old Sha’Dayla Johnson, because she didn’t text him back. You can’t make this stuff up. The femicide transpired December 20th in Melbourne, Florida. Sha’Dayla’s dad told investigators his daughter was headed to work around 7:45 a.m. when he heard gunshots in the front yard. When he looked out the window, he saw Sha’Dayla lying face down in a pool of her own blood — in front of her car. Sha’Dayla was rushed to Holmes Regional Medical Center where she died from her injuries. Medical examiners said she was shot 15 times in the back. Carlos, 23, turned himself in later that morning at the behest of his mother. He and Sha’Dayla were in a relationship for 5 months until she recently broke up with him.

When Sha’Dayla didn’t respond to his text messages, Carlos took matters into his own hands. He showed zero contrition and told investigators he would kill her again if given the opportunity. Carlos was charged with first-degree murder. He’s facing life in prison and don’t give two f*cks. Social media reaction was vicious. One reader wrote, “Women love thugs like him. Maybe he’ll find a boyfriend in prison who will return his texts.” Another added, “You can’t even leave a person without being killed. Ugh! So sick of y’all.” 

Watch the sad report and interviews.

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  1. These guys are really hurt out here and need to sit on somebody’s couch. All parents need to raise their sons and daughters better. Who raises a son to be that emotionally unstable? Stop ignoring your son’s mental shortcomings and get them some help. Stop thinking it’s cute to have your sons thinking they are entitled to women. Learn how to take rejection and hear the word NO. Learn how to actually treat a woman. Guys like him need to be eliminated. They are dysfunctional and delusional but want somebody’s daughter to put up with that mess. It’s a NO for me

  2. All these Back Males that are doing this are just EVIL, and are Itching to go to Prison. I bet the White Correction Officers be Laughing at them, I know I would.

  3. Every time I watch one of these stories I cry so hard because this could have been me. My ex tried to kill me 18 years ago and every day I pray to God and thank him that I got away just in time! He shot his best friend in frustration and rage when he couldn’t find me and of course went to prison that day for shooting his best friend. He was looking for me for days with a gun and after shooting his friend they hauled him off to prison and I was finally safe. He has been there ever since. I moved out of state just in case he got out on parole but he hasn’t made parole yet but I know I’m safe. I heard some poor girl married him in prison so hopefully he has moved on and will leave me alone forever but I will never let my guard down to find out if he gets out. I feel sorry for his best friend but if he didn’t go to prison then Idk how he would have been stopped. I just thank God everyday! 🙏

  4. Broke up with my ex after 5 yrs there was no love lost nor hatred gained! These young dudes going out sad behind flings! I could never understand the mindset of a guy that kills his ex… The epitome of a coward…On top of that you shoot the lady in her back… These new wave nigglets are to emotional under no circumstance you kill the woman without them there’s no us! Sad times were living in!

  5. This is my perspective, this is an unfortunate situation for the beautiful Sister & I have a daughter the same age. Women must realize that they can’t sample men like they sample food.

  6. Alot of Men Out There These Days With That Mindset..Be Careful Ladies More Devils Than Not. It’s White Men As Well It’s Really All Men With Twisted Minds So Please Don’t Blame It On One Race 🙏💔 It’s The Twisted Ones That Are Crazy ! Better To Be Alone Than Be Dealing With A Fool !! White or Black or Whatever Race They Are Twisted Men Out There Looking For Easy Marks !! Get Yourself A Gun So When Crazy Comes Your Ready !!

  7. Damn. She was beautiful too. You know she had that 💦 💦 and he couldn’t help himself. Cold POS

  8. This is not her fault. But you BW need to stop dating pookies and start getting with men of truth. You are too afraid to take responsibillities and to submit to a righteous man.

  9. So as a grown man, he listened to his mom and turned himself in to face life in prison but refused to listen to his girlfriend when she said leave me alone?

  10. @Jozef: A bad man doesn’t have KILLER tattooed on his damn forehead so it’s not always easy to spot a Ninga

  11. When GOD created the 🌎 “HIM”did never made up a rule saying women suppose to stay at 🏡 and just make children,it’s men and the devil that came up with such NONSENSE 👈BLACK WOMEN RISE UP AND LIVE,WE WILL RISE UP MAKE A CHANGE FOR THE GOOD,KEEP THE FAITH ,AND PRAY BC PATIENCE IS THE 🔑 WE MUST WAIT UPON “HIM”FOR THE TIME WILL COME🙏💪💪🤲💜👆

  12. Black women y’all need to stop taking care of bum ass black dudes!!!! Like, why? Beauty and brains and y’all continue to get with dusties. There are other races of men in the world!!!! Stop with this, “ I just have to have a black man”, shit. It’s literally killing y’all!

  13. We as women need to get out of any type of relationship that brings harm our way. We are worth so much more than being abused by a man or a woman. Ladies just take it slow before even get into a relationship. I am 61yrs. old and I had to get out of a marriage that wasn’t for me. It wasn’t a easy thing to do , because my husband will follow me and hunt me down in unknown cars. I didn’t even know that I was being followed. I believe that he was trying to kill me , but ALMIGHTY GOD INTERSEEDED ON MY BEHALF…this is why I am still alive. This is know. Get out ladies while you can and protect yourself while getting out. Don’t allow that man to get close up on you. Do what you have to do ladies to protect you , by all means…

  14. I find it quite interesting how a lot of black men are constantly pushing and shoving this “Passport bro’s movement” down people’s throats everywhere they go due to them not wanting to be with anymore “modernized women” BUT how come you NEVER EVER ONCE hear them talk about these constant domestic violence homicides that they are constantly committing in addition to so many other crimes?? 🤔🤨
    They are making it seem as if they are perfect with absolutely no faults, no accountabilities, responsibilities, etc in regards to THIS type of God forsaken behavior! Maybe it’s time for single young black women to flip the script and start a “Passport sis” movement instead because finding real men outside of AMERIKKKA who’s mature enough to amicably separate and move on just in case a relationship doesn’t work out is much better than putting your life in danger and then losing it to someone who’s got much more going on with themselves other than mental illness, which is that most people love to blame every single thing on these days. I hate that this very beautiful, intelligent, very gifted and very young lady was taken out like this ONLY because of someone else’s bad decision making! We need to do something about this because enough is enough! I’m extremely nervous about 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ y’all!👸🏽🥲🙏🏾💔🕊️

  15. Stay away from the Ratchets and the Dusty real simple. Don’t feel like you gotta get with everybody that comes your way

  16. I have dated Lawyers and Doctors who have displayed terrible characteristic controlling traits. I advise Women and Men to do a background check on potential dates. If he/she not willing to reveal their Drivers License then No. If you can afford it hire a Private Investigator . They will provide a detailed report on the individual, it’s worth it. They must introduce you more than once to their family for dinner or just a gathering. During those family socials, this is a very clear observation of how they interact with each other. Since I have a high functioning Autistic son, his observation of people is usually precise. His father was a Medical Doctor (RIP). He definitely will not tolerate Controlling Narcisism Men!

  17. Dusty ninjas be killing some pretty azz women. She knew he was krazy but he was cool b4.

  18. this happen on a daily bases. Weak guys cant stand rejection. I been rejected so many times i couldnt count. Im not hurting someone who does want me. And i still say Hello to the ones who rejected me when i see them out and about and keep walking.

  19. How are people supposed to know when you meet someone crazy 🤔

  20. This what I don’t get why do yal meet ppl and be so quick to move them in and give them access to everything like they got ya house keys ya car keys and all that if u don’t have ya own place car and all that we good I’m fine being single and alive

  21. This isn’t a black or white issue! This Shit happens everyday with every race…. Only difference is social media and the news only wanna tell the stories about the Black men committing these horrible crimes!!!! Open your eyes people they trying to turn us against our Black men!!! All women need to utilize their right to bear arms. I don’t never leave home without my good friend, Smith and Wesson ever!

  22. Young ladies like this experience low self esteem. Often they are very pretty ladies and resourceful, but are unaware of their beauty because of the lack of their self worth which stems from childhood. Something happened in their homes, possibly abuse that attributes to them leaning towards men who abuse them. If you see your mother being verbally, mentally, physically abused then you are probe to believe that is a healthy relationship. By the time they have figured out that this behavior by their man is very controlling and unhealthy and they did not seek professional therapy; it’s usually too late for them.
    They chose those type of men because that is probably how they lived. Violence in the home. The Psychopathoc Narcissistic men who dominate, control and kill their women, probably were mentally challenged unstable children who were never diagnosed and treated. These are the little boys in the neighborhood who kill cats, trap roaches in a jar, set rooms on fire, smother their baby sisters, etc. Untreated they become monsters! One of my careers is in Counseling. Psychiatric Assessments on people like this reveals the inner deep thinking and attributing factors. I have dealt with people who literally have no Soul. I have experience situations that my Master’s Degree and my Doctorate Degree never prepared me for!!!

  23. This is exactly why bw need to leave these thugs/drug dealers and no good hood loser bums alone it’s nothing but playing russian roulette with your life and sometimes your family’s life as well, rip to this beautiful young woman and as for this piece of sh*t who murdered her I hope they beat his ugly ass in jail and shove a fucking broom stick up his ass 😡😡😡😡

  24. Carlos is a punk kill that girl you shot her in the back coward ass she didn’t ever see it coming you need to get the death penalty rest in peace Queen

  25. Black women love thugs.. They believe they are the “Exception to the Rule”.. No matter what you tell them.. Utter Delusion..

  26. Black men have been beating BW since they got off the plantation. They hate their own skin color which is why they hate BW because we birth them . They Chase whiteness and obsess about creating mixed babies because they are trying to get rid of black

  27. That was pure Evil 😈 15 times he shot her that was extremely over kill ………smh

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