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Russell Wilson got Hackett terminated during 1st year

Wilson got Hackett fired/YouTube

Nathaniel Hackett gets the boot.

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DENVER — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to quondam Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett who was fired Monday after the donkeys got their asses kicked by the Los Angeles Rams 51-14 on Christmas Day, on national television in front of millions of viewers. In addition to the pummeling, cameras showed Broncos players fighting each other on the sideline — one of ’em threatened to body-slam Russell Wilson. And Broncos defensive end Randy Gregory punched Rams offensive lineman Oday Aboushi after the game — drawing a one game suspension. The ownership group determined Hackett couldn’t hack it and showed him the door. “On behalf of our ownership and organization, I want to thank Nathaniel Hackett for his dedication as head coach of the Denver Broncos,” said co-owner Greg Penner.

“We sincerely appreciate Nathaniel’s efforts and wish him and his family all the best in the future. Following extensive conversations with George and our ownership group, we determined a new direction would ultimately be in the best interest of the Broncos. This change was made now out of respect for everyone involved and allows us to immediately begin the search for a new head coach. We recognize and appreciate this organization’s championship history, and we understand we have not met that standard. Our fans deserve much better, and I can’t say enough about their loyalty during such a challenging stretch for our team.”

The last place jackasses will have a tough time hiring an accomplished head coach because it’s by far the worst job in the NFL. Wilson is a sh*tty quarterback. General manager George Paton traded away a handful of premium draft picks for Wilson so the roster lacks depth. And, thanks to Wilson’s exorbitant contract extension, the Broncos are in salary cap hell for another 5 years.

Hackett, 43, becomes just the fourth coach in league history to get a pink slip during his first season.

The Broncos, once a proud franchise, have become the NFL’s laughingstock.

Pat Bowlen must be rolling over in his grave.

Scuttlebutt has it, Wilson got Hackett canned.

Do you agree?

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  1. The broncos suck it’s not all Russell Wilson. The offensive line is trash & his WR are hurt and RB

  2. There’s not much any coach can do when Wilson kept throwing interceptions.

  3. I love the Broncos, but Russell is not the man! They should have taken Aaron Rodgers!!

  4. Russell Wilson is RICH ! ! ! 💪🤑👍
    The Denver Broncos are DOOMED ! ! ! 🕳️🐎👋

  5. Ciara’s career is taking precedence over Wilson’s career no doubt about it

  6. I’m sorry but Russell Wilson needs to either be let go or benched, he has failed this season.

  7. Fire the GM he hired Hackett, he made that terrible trade for Wilson, HE extended Wilson’s contract before he played a down. Fire his ass too!

  8. Firing Hackett is the right call. He’s average at best, but Russ did him no favors. The result in Denver is what happens when you mortgage everything for a QB that doesn’t come and settle on a guy that wasn’t your first choice.

    Russ is getting exposed as a system QB.

  9. Russ is the worst NFL QB I think I’ve ever seen in my whole life as a fan. I mean he’s like practice squad bad

  10. Russ has been super arrogant for a long time and a terrible teammate. Sad to see his career implode but it’s over

  11. Damn, I thought Hackett deserved an extension. I love what he did this year. Also, I’m a chiefs fan 😂

  12. Paton & Hackett found Melvin Gordon as a scapegoat to cover their management & coaching mediocrity. Then Paton found the blame in Hackett to cover his management mess. Let’s see who Paton will blame next year in 2023? George Paton needs to be fired.

  13. Hackett isn’t missing reads and overthrowing receivers. Hes not a head coach but its not just him. Lets not forget Wilson been through 3 offensive coordinators also in his time in Seattle. He’s a coach killer.

  14. The reports now out of Denver are that the players are pretty upset at Wilson because he always places himself first. The other report out of Seattle is that behind all that nice guy persona in front of the camrera, is a guy who is mean to people. Everything that was said about him cominig out of Seattle is now coming to light, one by one. The man is delusional but he quotes all those mantras to convince himself otherwise, which is the illusion he creates about himself as a great HOF pocket passer. I feel for the players that see it day after day and can do absolutely nothing about it other than ask to be traded at the end of the season. Denver has bigger culture problems than they know.

  15. Imagine if Eric Bieniemy were the Broncos first year head coach and went 4 and 11 with Russell Wilson as QB. There’s no way in hell that they’d fire him after only one season because they’d be called the most racist organization in the NFL. This is one reason that NFL owners don’t want to hire black head coaches. You can literally fire a white coach with no explanation at all but if you fire a black coach, you better cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s. And even then, you’re probably going to get accused of racism.

  16. If not for the huge cap hit, the Broncos would probably consider firing Russell Wilson. Due to the inability to build a roster with a 9-figure amount of dead cap money (would shatter the NFL record for the most dead money for a player), the Broncos are stuck with him for another year or 2.

  17. Why is the hirer who hired the bad hire not also fired? That management is pathetic and just spews catchprases like “It’s on me”. If it’s on you, you suck. Quit. You’re neither qualified nor competent.

  18. Russell Wilson now has the unique opportunity to be the first player in history to get two coaches fired in two seasons. He’s already completed the first task. All he has to do is keep playing the way he has, on the same trajectory, and the next guy will be blamed and toast too.

  19. Russ has always sucked. In Seattle, the defense, his WRs, his RBs, always, ALWAYS, covered his ass. Pete always covered his ass. Russ doesn’t have vision. His teammates and coaches put him in situations to succeed. Russ has always and will always SUCK

  20. Russell played horribly because Denver system is STUPID, his offensive line SUCKS and the Head Coach is unqualified. I am sure other coaches should be fired. Russell will redeem himself next season.

  21. Broncos are stuck with Wilson because of the dipshit gm who traded the farm and gave him big$ contract. Good that they fired Hackett but for the love of god, why didn’t they get rid of the gm?!

  22. The Bronco’s are as screwed as the Browns, actually WORSE IMO. They made a HORRIBLE deal and Seattle KNEW it, they raked them for a Jimmy Johnson type haul for a player that is completely SPENT, whose legs are gone and who caused so many problems for the team they were HAPPY to see him go. Talk about poker face. Wilson’s skills are falling off a cliff, his ‘RB/QB’ style has a limit, once the legs are gone and he has to be a QB…he can’t, like all those style guys, their shell is LOW and NONE of them are in the league in their mid 30’s. Denver can’t cut the guy, the cap hit would be brutal, they can’t trade him as the word is out that he’s a back up at best. NO COACH worth a damn is gonna float his barge into that sewer. Denver is gonna have to ride this dumpster fire out for a few years.

  23. I’m sick n tired of coaching been the escape go when QB mess up this 100% Russell fault he stinks the coach isn’t out there reading coverages n throwing the ball Russell is a veteran hackett shouldn’t have to do much at all Russell is not a rookie that he has to help mode. Sadly the coach got to take the fall but I blame Russell not hackett

  24. a good guy put in a bad situation…and the terrible and expensive signing of an under-performing and overpaid diva QB, did him in. Giving up 51 points to a Rams team in disarray was the last straw.

  25. Nathaniel Hackett couldn’t hack it
    But Im a broncos fan so IM SO GLAD HE GOT FIRED.

  26. I’m not familiar with the Broncos ownership group. But,it sounds like a bunch of accountants and trust fund brats. If that’s the case, the team is screwed.

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