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Longhorns coach jailed for biting, choking his fiancée

Chris Beard busted for domestic violence/YouTube

Chris Beard assaults fiancée. 

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AUSTIN — Hook ‘Em Horns! This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to Texas Longhorns Men’s Basketball coach Chris Beard who was thrown in the slammer after he assaulted his fiancée — Randi Trew. The ass-whuppin’ transpired December 12th at Chris’ home in Austin, Texas. When police found Randi, she had abrasions and bite marks all over her body as if she was masticated by a zombie. Randi told investigators Chris choked her until she was near asphyxiation then tossed her off the bed like a rag doll. Instead of getting a misdemeanor, Chris was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence which indicates acute damage. He’s lookin’ at a maximum of 10 years in the penitentiary. Realizing Chris’ $5 million dollar salary was in jeopardy, Randi issued a statement through her attorney 11 days later claiming Chris didn’t strangle her. Instead, she egged him on by breaking his glasses. Even if there’s veracity in Randi reneging, it doesn’t elucidate the abrasions and bite marks.

“Chris did not strangle me, and I told that to law enforcement that evening,” Randi said.

“Chris has stated that he was acting in self-defense, and I do not refute that. I do not believe Chris was trying to intentionally harm me in any way. It was never my intent to have him arrested or prosecuted.”

Social media reaction was priceless. One reader wrote, “Oh look. It was a simple misunderstanding. Nothing happened – really. Chris is a sweetie. And he would like to resume being paid his $5 million a year. And since I live off him and don’t have a dime to my name, let’s forget this ever happened.” Another chimed in with, “She should be arrested for lying.” A third person added, “Forgot she had to be married to him first before she scammed him. Do NOT get married fellas.”

Not sure what’s in the water, but Chris ain’t the only sports figure in deep sh*t.

Quondam NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest was thrown behind bars after he and his entourage assaulted a man while he was manducating dinner at a Hollywood restaurant. Eyewitnesses said Willie was in zombie mode too.

Watch Chris’ court appearance.

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  1. If you never intended to get him arrested he wouldn’t have got arrested please SPARE us the BS

  2. @derrick niblack: You are just Dumb as Dirt. There are False Accusations EVERY DAY asswipe

  3. This is a woman that you do not need to marry sir! She has cost you your job and respect around the college basketball scene. Since she assaulted him by breaking his glasses, she should be the one on jail.

  4. @Lamar A: Agree,BUT! Texas will always be on the females side of things.
    His mistake was reacting to her assault on his glasses! He should have just turned around walked out the door drove to Whataburger,gotten a sweat tea to cool down.🤷🏽‍♂️ (easier said than done) they both lost in this, probably beard more than this fiancé. He will no longer be able to coach in a D1 school, and she will not have that easy life she WAS going to have.

  5. The only truth we know is she called the cops! Man build his way up and Eve always tries to give Man the apple

  6. @Mast3r Cod3x: We also know she had abrasions and bite marks. She must’ve bit herself. Smh

  7. if he stays with her another moment he is a straight fool. as soon as she released that statement i would break up with her

    females don’t realize that with each of these stories they are increasing the chances that their daughters and grand daughters will not experience matrimony

  8. Wow, this is crazy! So she can just lie and ruin his whole life. The double standard is bananas.

  9. Here we go…who didn’t see THIS coming?…A little too late now ‘honey’…you just ruined his reputation and your meal ticket

  10. @Orlando Rodriguez: She didn’t lie 😂! She’s being pressured to say that , Because she knows the pushback she’ll get from Longhorn fans

  11. Police arrested him, lost his reputation and now she makes a public statement that he didn’t strangle her and she doesn’t dispute he was acting in self defense. So many things wrong with this situation. Was she pressed into making this statement or did the police make a mistake? Toxic society has become a normal thing.

  12. Total bullshit a woman can do that. I also had false accusations for something I never did. Yet after all this the accuser who lied gets no punishment for lying to police and assaulting me. Now I make more money from a better job so the story has a happy ending….just not from her.

  13. Thug Life! He is acting like the true gangster he is. Time for a new coach and not another thug diversity hire like this.

  14. She got her butt kicked now she regrets him being caught up and charged with a felony. He will grease the right palms and beat it.

  15. Women can F up your life…..JUST LIKE THAT. Don’t be a Dope Boys.

  16. The Chris Beard situation has had minimal national coverage. Udoka’s consensual relationship scandal wth the celtics got massive coverage and it wasn’t DOMESTIC VIOLENCE . Chris Beard is being protected by the media after allegedly CHOKING his girlfriend. I believe in 2nd chances but the energy is much different than udoka’s. It seems like DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is taken serious depending on who’s involved. No Women outcry either! Pay close attention to how the media blast some and protect others. Another incident will happen involving a player or coach and depending on who it is will determine the amount of media coverage.

  17. She must have gotten “fly at the lip” and Beard put the smack down.

  18. He was just demonstrating to his fiance what his team will do to their opponents throughout the season…

  19. the biotch didnt put mayo on the sammich… in all honesty, if you have a woman in your life that don’t make a sammich when you want one without giving you lip, just get rid of her and go shopping for one that will. Go outside the country if you have any doubts. Just get rid of them.

  20. $35,000,000 contract, potentially void.
    I’m sure he demands discipline from his players.

  21. They both acted in anger and now they both realize what a huge mistake they have both made. Beard is now not drawing his multi-million dollar salary and that hurts both of them. He will have less money to pay her off and that is what is going to happen. She’s out with a cash settlement either way, but if she can remove the heat from him and he gets his job back, then that settlement can be bigger. Follow the money. They’ll both profit if he gets his job back.

  22. The minute that call was made to 911, his fiancee let us all know what type of man Chris was. He beat on her and choked her. That is why he was arrested. Then his future wife realized that what she had done to the meal ticket. And Texas did everything it could to keep Chris for all the wrong reasons.

  23. So she said he was acting in self defense. Unbelievable how a man thinks it’s ok to strangle his would-be wife, then she says it was her fault . Sounds like a familiar story. He’ll be lucky to get a highschool coaching job after this.

  24. As if men needed anymore evidence. Women are not worth it, no how no way. They don’t love you, they love your earning ability. Full stop. If you value your career, leave them the fu*k alone. Wake up!

  25. Domestic assault gets people fired but Good ol Brit Griner gets an award from a US state? I’m so confused. If you have a penis you lose a career but if you claim to be a female you get a freaking honor? 🙈

  26. His fiancé ruined his career. Don’t even think about marriage until you retire. You’ll thank me later.😎👍🏿

  27. Truthfully women love throwing the abuse allegation because they can and most people fall for it. She said he abused her and had him arrested…she quickly backtracked when she thought her rich life may be gone. Things aren’t always what they seem. He avoided her and she walked in trying to make drama by breaking his glasses…women like her are nothing but drama queens and then regret it once they destroy everyone around them….he avoided her and when she went in there to break his stuff she got a reaction

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