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Did Coach Prime sell out?

Coach Prime joins Club Shay Shay/YouTube

Coach Prime explains decision. 

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BOULDER — Deion Sanders, head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, appeared on episode 65 of Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast to confabulate his controversial exit from Jackson State and what lies ahead in the Pac-12. The opening sequence shows Deion — aka Coach Prime — gettin’ a foot massage from his physical therapist. The hoof has undergone multiple surgeries and he had two toes amputated. “Man, where the big toe?” Shannon asked. “Turf Toe is what started it,” Deion replied. “They told me my foot has been dislocated for 18 years. I can make it through three quarters of a game and after that I’m limping like crazy. It’s my new normal.” Speaking of dislocated… Deion, 55, suffered a savage beating from fans and media when he egressed HBCU Jackson State for Colorado which is whiter than mountain snow. CNN reporters called him a sellout. “Fearless” host Jason Whitlock lambasted Deion for abandoning a black platform to ride the coattails of a white institution.

Deion credited the athletic director.

“Rick George is the reason I’m here,” he explained.

“He was the difference. The honesty, his heart and passion for this University. He’s about winning.”

He’s also about the money.

Deion got a big raise.

Speaking of raise… Deion claimed he’s using his new gig as an apparatus to succor other African American coaches so that they’ll land promotions and more remuneration. “This was a chance to help [black coaches] with their resources, and even the guys who stayed at Jackson State, we made sure they got an increase in salaries as well,” he boasted.

Deion was a great recruiter at Jackson State so he shouldn’t have a problem reeling in enough talent to compete in a Power 5 conference. But he ain’t kissing nobody’s ass for a letter of intent. As a matter of fact, he’s making no promises.

“I’m not gone give you nothin,” Deion said. “I’m not gone promise you nothin. I don’t know what these other schools are doing but this is who I am. I’m not even gone promise you no number or no position, and I definitely ain’t promising you will start. You’re gonna have to come here and earn every darn thing you get. Then you’ll appreciate it more.”

“It’s not a sales pitch,” he added.

Deion spent two and a half seasons at Jackson State.

Do you consider him a sellout?

Did Massa make an offer he couldn’t refuse?

Watch Deion keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Like Tupac said he’ll naw I ain’t madd at cha….handle your business coach prime……

  2. niggas always sellin out…….. quick to raise whiteys platform and for what? them crackers still dont respect you

  3. This is LITERALLY a nothing burger. The MAN did a lot for the two years he was there. Stop bitching about it.

  4. Why didn’t he go to a predominantly White school from the jump? Because he couldn’t cause no one wanted him. So he used the HBCU to get to another level.

  5. Deion Sanders deserves praise not negativity. JSU and the city of Jackson and the state of Mississippi have NO room to criticize Coach Prime. Coach Prime did more than he was expected to achieve. JSU football conditions were deplorable and the football program was”Underfunded” Thanks to Coach Prlme , he brought in over $33 million to the school. He brought in a lot of “Positive”national attention for all of the HBCU’s

  6. Why didn’t he go to a predominantly White school from the jump? Because he couldn’t cause no one wanted him. So he used the HBCU to get to another level.

  7. Deion Sanders is bigger than JSU. The recruits only came to be coached by prime. With the new NIL and transfer rules schools like JSU just can’t compete financially.

    Elite HBCUs don’t have these problems. For example Howard, NCA&T, Grambling, and FAMU can recruit off the strength of their history and alumni.

  8. He used JSU to build his resume to only work for a white institution..tru sellout!

  9. JSU made Coach Prime Relevant…I don’t recall College Game Day even considering JSU before CP. I don’t recall HBCU football being as mainstream as it has been in the last 3 yrs., I don’t recall JSU ever landing the #1 recruit in the nation before CP. Y’all sound like that ungrateful family member…you let them stay in your house rent free for 6 months and then you ask them to leave and you’re a**hole for kickin them out.

  10. Hbcus are joke anyway he made them relevant he did everything possible to change that program they were not even noticed until he came not to mention he got robbed at Jackson State and his son’s truck got broken into so y’all be wanting black folks to stay in the black community but then black folks don’t take care of their own like they supposed to so what is he supposed to work for less money I’m glad he’s going what he will be appreciated

  11. Deion is fake. He needs adulation, and he wants it from white folks. Black people make America what it is. The culture of JSU existed before Deion, he just brought it to white folks attention. The culture ain’t gonna follow him to Colorado. We need to be proud of who we are and stop running to white people for validation.

  12. All these negative comments. I bet 99% of y’all have never given a DIME to a black cause in your lives. JSU won’t get another good coach because they’re gonna see all this hate and say “fuck that, is this how I’ll get treated if I try to leave too?”

  13. I think his son has a lot to do with this move. He wants to maximize his sons ability to flourish the next few years as in win a Heisman Trophy and eventually head to the nfl. I hate it for the kids left behind especially if they came to the school to play for him.

  14. Deion couldn’t even walk his ass through the door without his master he says he loves cut the music off right in his face! He bobbed his head about 3 times and master said ah ahh let me turn that shit off! Deion said that’s the way we walk in and his master said I’m just learning that and moved on quick like he never saw anything about Deion at Jackson State.. Deion had energy as he walked down the hall with excitement saying that’s my music and the big brother in the back saluting him as walked in with master to have it cut off like that sent that subliminal message to his black ass real quick.. He had to tell master in his way he was sorry by telling him he loved him.. Damn shame.. That was a subliminal n wake up call.. He tried to coach for these colleges and nobody wanted him, but we left the door open for his ass and look what he did! He used black backs to get the next level.. He didn’t even fulfill his contract! Now if he would have came into Jackson State and just wanted to coach and fulfill his contract cool, but this cat put on the Pastor outfit and preached like there was no tomorrow using God brought him here to sell to the people is some sucka shit.. He should have just kept his mouth shut and coached, fulfilled his contract, and left… A lot of brothers came their and could have pulled a Prime and went to a Penn State, Alabama, or some shit, but no he talked their asses into coming to make him shine which helped get him his 5 million dollar job.. He need to use that money and pay all those brothers a percentage because they helped him land that job!

  15. I dont fault Prime for leaving I get it. However, peoples issue is he made it seem like we didn’t need to go to PWIs anymore and our young talent should be going to HBCUs. They sentiment feels disingenuous now that he left a HBCU for a PWI. That particular messaging is inconsistent. Overall he did a lot for Jackson State no doubt. He just made it seem like we were about to enter a HBCU resurgence when it came to athletics.

  16. Sold out of what? The man has done more for young black men then any other celebrity that I can think of.

    AND YOU SHOULD STILL WANT TO GO TO A BLACK COLLEGE. Deion isn’t Jesus. Someone else needs to step up! That’s our problem. We always wanna ride someone else’s success. Deion is one man. The man has already spearheaded a trail. Instead of crying & bitching- go help an HBC. I’m never gonna cry & complain about what another man does.

  17. Deion will reap what he sow. He used the Kids. He said himself must be Money.

  18. I’m done with this black pride bs. Dudes only want black support when whites won’t accept them but they jump ship first chance they get. Clearly being a white persons employee is more prestigious than being a black king.

  19. this was the best interview from two of my favorite NFL players ever. they are truly friends and you can tell. I was happy for Coach Prime when it came out that he was going to Colorado, he truly deserved it and as a JSU fan i knew he wasn’t going to be in Jackson forever and he did what he said and more at JSU and did way more in 3 years than many have done in decades and i am forever grateful for him for doing what he did. i will be a fan of Colorado and watch.

  20. He left because another college team publicly threatened him, his office was broken into, his truck was broken into, his sons vehicles were broken into and finally a running back prospect (that Deon was talking to) was killed on campus. If I’m Coach Prime, and my vision is not being reciprocated by the staff and my kids lives are in danger…..
    I’m bouncing the he’ll outta there and not looking back. Besides, they were like hey your Deon, use your own money you don’t need a salary from us really now. Just remember, Deon likes challenges…
    And Colorado is a challenge.

  21. Coach Prime is FAR from a sellout. He attended Florida State and did more for JSU than the alumni/staff did. It just proves that the old saying is true: No good deed goes unpunished.

  22. Jackson State didn’t even have clean water 🥴 he made a decision that is best for him and his sons.

  23. He built up jackson st now he trying to go to the next level I have no problem with this man

  24. Blacks have crabs in a basket mentality. Always have. Always will. That’s why they don’t succeed.

  25. Keep in mind the Bible’s says that it is hard for a rich man to get o to the kingdom of God. This was compared to a camel going the through the eye of a needle. In other words quit chasing money and riches

  26. I went to an hbcu after a pwi. I will never go to one again. The amount of SCAMMING, SHADY CHARGES, lack of SUPPORT from the school admin/president was astounding! My pwi made sure my loans were released ON TIME, the HBCU waited 1-2 months into the semester to give us our money! My classmates were freaking out because they couldn’t afford rent(and this school had just received billion-dollar funding). During covid, they refused to give us money back for parking and a gym that we were banned from using for the last 2 years, yet they (without our consent) signed us up for a ymca membership and charged us more money! Even during covid when the GOVERNMENT gave us relief money, the president of the school tried to scam us and not give us our money- the PWIs gave their students the full amount ASAP. Meanwhile, we only got our money after an anonymous student went to the press since the school paid online news outlets to say how they were so altruistic and were giving us covid relief. This school owes me a good 10k and we’re looking into suing. In addition , we lost so many staff members and professors because the SCHOOL REFUSED TO PAY THEM ON TIME(meanwhile they had enough money to build a stupid ass fountain in the name of the president???). They didnt even pay student tutors on time but demanded they take time away from studying and self-care to work! DO NOT go to an hbcu. The BS guise of “family” and people’s fear of racism at a PWI(which btw not all are racist and 9 times out of 10, colleges are full of liberals who at least call out outwardly racist behavior) convince you to go to an HBCU. It really is your own people who scam you!

  27. I mean at least he has black children.

    You always should do for your FAMILY FIRST, then worry about others. It’s called generational wealth not community wealth. This is why it’s important to do for yourself THEN DO FOR YOUR COMMUNITY.

    Biden cut the funding that trump signed for. Trump gave 45.3 billion to HBCU but Biden cut funding to 2.3b 🤷🏾‍♀️

  28. This whole debacle just shows why HBCU’s will always be bottom-tier schools in sports. They might as well move down to Division II with the CIAA and SIAC. You have a guy trying to build the program and even use part of his salary to help with funding other things. What happens? Money get mismanaged per usual at HBCUs, the administration is crap, the fans talk a big game about JSU moving up and doing big things, but don’t contribute or do anything all. The area is predominately black and crime ridden. It’s just one big poverty-minded crap show.

  29. We have HBCU’s because at one point white colleges wouldn’t except us. The moment they found out we can run and jump better they opened the doors like crazy and we bolted to help them make all this money while sitting back watching the institutions that gave us a chance close due to lack of funding. Imagine all the black athletes going to HBCU only and all the white athletes going where they go. I think it would be safe to say FAMU would destroy Alabama and they know that. Blacks are too individualized to dominate smh

  30. Him helping a black college for black players didn’t last very long huh? All that BS was for publicity. Peoples word mean nothing to them anymore. This sleaze ball has zero integrity.

  31. I feel bad for the kids and parents he recruited who bought that crap about building hbcu and him not leaving. They could’ve went where they were gonna go in the first place. Worse thing is he using THE MOST HIGH to try and justify him selling out.

  32. N**** are so ignorant they can’t see he’s Paving a path forward and took black coaches with him after he gave Jackson State his all and gave them a coaching staff they would have never been able to dream of he gave them Championship blueprints why would Jackson State expect somebody of Dion Sanders caliber to continue staying there and coaching them for hardly any money putting up with the thievery of the ticket sales the mismanagement of funds and the poor treatment of the players he donated half of his salary to the school and they pay him back by stealing from him and not dealing with their issues.

  33. Black ppl need to stop thinking it’s a celebrities job to help us smh it’s embarrassing no other race does this shit smh 😩.

  34. It’s all about getting ahead in life! I hope one day Coach Prime is coaching in the NFL!? Rather have someone who’s actually played ball coaching than just more of the same (white people) 💯 Player or Coach either way he’s a WINNER

  35. Coach Deion is inheriting a ‘true challenge’ like no other he’s had before trying to win at the University of Colorado. I don’t know if they will give him ‘enough time’ to get things right over there? Coach Deion needs more than 2 years possibly 3 years to get things respectable over at a sorry program like Colorado. Colorado isn’t a ‘talent rich’ H.S. football state either, but in the past recruited CA, and TX well.

  36. I wish he would have stayed with JSU and kept doing the good work there. Doing more for HBCUs and not just chasing the bag but fuck it I guess.

  37. @Qui-Gon Jinn: We got upset cause he sold us a few lies and we got behind him and bought those lies . He was our Muhammad Ali , your dumb ass just don’t get it . If he had just come in and coach and not preach to us we’d be good wit it

  38. Stop making freaking excuses for Deon! He talked the talk, but couldn’t walk the walk!!

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