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‘Morbidly obese’ black lady accuses racism for obesity

Brittney says racism causes obesity/YouTube

Big mama explains weight gain.

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LOS ANGELES — A viral video shows Rutgers professor Brittney Cooper blaming racism for being morbidly obese. The audacious claim took place during Brittney’s appearance on one of Oprah Winfrey’s talk shows. The corpulent educator believes any stress that comes from racism automatically slows the metabolism. “Black women, when we do the same diets as white women — we lose less weight and we lose it slower,” Brittney explained to the studio audience. “And what public health practitioners think is that our stress responses in the body change our metabolism. It’s literally that the racism that you’re experiencing, and the struggle to make ends meet, actually means the diet don’t work for you the same.” Social media reaction was cutthroat. One viewer wrote, “On behalf of the Black Community, we do not condone or promote this BS, because some of us are way smarter than this. It’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.” Another chimed in with, “I’m ashamed, sisters we gotta do better. SMH”

A third observer added, “She wasn’t hollering racism when she was eating all them chicken nuggets though.”

Me personally, I like women with a little meat on their bones.

It’s mo’ cushion fo’ the pushing.

Besides, nobody wants a bone but a dog.

Watch Brittney keep it 💯.

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  1. It’s not because you’re eating too many calories……no, it’s because of “RaCiSm” 🤦🏿🤡🌎

  2. She should limit what goes in her mouth, as much as what comes out of it…. What an idiot….

  3. It most be hard for black women to see most black Athletes and celebrities married to white women,, so you can hate white people all you want, but the black will keep dating white women, maybe that’s why you hate white people.

  4. Put down the fucking fork this is the type of woman to stuff her stinky ass mouth with 50$ crab legs every night and then blame society for health and weight problems

  5. Laquisha stops at the Fried chicken outlet on the way home and gets 3 buckets and some black eyed peas.

  6. Her diet doesn’t work because she probably doesn’t work out and eat healthy at the same time.

  7. she went home with 5 XL menus on every fast food chain and still blames racism as she devours that shit

  8. People will use any excuse to sit and pig out, I swear. You can’t power walk down the street for five minutes?

    “Well, my back hurts-”

    Because you’re FAT. That’s why we’re out here, to trim all that slop you attached to your fuckin’ torso. If it hurts, that’s ENTIRELY your fault. Suck it up, stop being a pussy.

    And quit blaming everything on white people, it’s fuckin’ dumb. Being black sucks when you see shit like this.

  9. Crowd full of fat black women nodding in agreement like “preach that truth sista!”

  10. Do some laps fatso. It’s as simple as that, nothing to do with your melanin.

  11. You didn’t have to eat McDonalds every meal of your life. Who should want to learn from this lard ass?

  12. I’m a white man… From age of 20 to 25 I let myself go… I would buy two Double Whoppers for breakfast… I would eat a Tripple Sandwich at Wendy’s… I gained like 100lbs of extra weight in just 2 years… I would spend about $15-20 per day on food each day. Then I started taking care of myself. I was able to reduce it to $10 per day on average… I started saving money on food by reducing my calory intake… going down from 4000 calories to 2000-2500. If I continued, I would be just like her.
    It is the choice. We all make it, but not all of us blame others for our personal choices.

  13. The audience nodding, clapping and cosigning that bs is the most disturbing part.

  14. Even some of the thinner healthier looking women in the audience agreed to the foolishness that she said. They should have checked her. That’s proof enough that what she was saying is garbage.

  15. Go on a diet, stop eating fast food and stop being so damn STUPID and making a damn fool of yourself. Stupid is as stupid does.

  16. Well if obesity is racist get your ass on a treadmill and nullify that racism lol

  17. “I” eat too much. “I” eat too many bad foods. “I” don’t exercise. “I” get fat…
    It’s not rocket science. She’s on Oprah, she can do Weight Watchers with Oprah. I went to Weight Watchers a few years ago & lost 57 lbs. without exercise. I followed the plan & parked further out in the parking lot. My class was mixed culturally & different age groups. Most did well. The ones that didn’t lose a lot if weight, didn’t follow the plan & had too many excuses for not losing weight like the others.

  18. The United States is the only country on planet earth where the poor people are fat

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