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Lonely lady rips bachelors, calling ’em weak cowards

Men no longer approaching women/YouTube

Lonely lady calls men cowards. 

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LOS ANGELES — A viral video shows a middle-aged white woman lambasting bachelors for not approaching American women, calling ’em craven. She also excoriated the Passport Bros and Passport Brad for traveling overseas to get their phalluses wet. “I just want to say that when men say they’re afraid to ask women out because it’s harassment, I think they’re cowards,” she said. “I don’t respect men like that. What makes a man attractive is… his confidence, his courage, his honor.” Social media reaction was hilarious. One viewer wrote, “When this lady was born the doctor slapped her mother.” Another added, “No wonder this woman is single. Just look at her. If she was a fish, the health department wouldn’t let you sell it. We all get old, but we all don’t have to embrace it. Stringy hair, no makeup, and clothes that look like something right off the $2.00 rack at Goodwill. Any fisherman can tell you that it’s a waste of time to go fishing with no bait. It takes a VERY hungry fish to bite a bare hook.”

In our defense, flirting with women can be construed as sexual harassment and that could cost us our métier and pecuniary resources. That said, I agree with her in the sense that Western women are good for dating only in lieu of marriage mainly because there’s nothing a hard-working man can gain — he can only lose everything he’s worked hard for. For instance, quondam Texas Longhorns Men’s Basketball coach Chris Beard threw $35 million in the toilet after his fiancée got him arrested and fired.

Had Chris remained single, he’d still have his million dollar job and coochie galore.

Now he’ll be lucky to get a high school job.

Watch the quondam courtesan keep it 💯.

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  1. I grew up listening to women complaining about mens advances
    I listened..

  2. This is what we call a woman child, her insults to men are compliments. She’s saying: avoiding her is doing you good, and i don’t like it one bit.

    Keep on avoiding her!

  3. This is bittersweet I feel sad and happy at the same time. I’ve received you are a “Nice guy” too often I just stop trying . I ask over 100 girls to go on date or be involved with me they weren’t interested they liked the fuck boys ok . Here’s a quater put it in your ass cause you played yourself

  4. Dammmnnn. She has some serious ADHD. It’s all in her eyes. A prequel to her potential dementia. Stop girl, while you’re ahead. 🤭

  5. Past 3 dates…had sex on the first date. Don’t be afraid to take risks and kiss them on the date. Don’t be afraid to pursue over text as long as you keep it fun, flirty, with the right amount of calculated sexual ennuendos. You send a text, wait for them to text back no matter what unless you’re double texting to break up different points of the conversation so it doesn’t come out a giant paragraph. If you have sex on date 1, don’t try to be cool guy and wait 3 days. Just keep it casual like nothing happened, but now it’s easier to reference and get her excited for the next date especially if you clapped them cheeks good

  6. Men are not cowards; they have woken up and realized that American women are not worth their efforts.
    American women have been taught to be narcistic. and only want material things to fill their empty souls!
    The truth hurts don’t it!?

  7. She only proves the point that men and women aren’t equal. If we were, women would ask men out at the same rate. Women actually are the real cowards- liking a certain man but waiting for HIM to make a move on her.

  8. Women are cowards, for using the children as a weapon.. during divorce cases…💔🤔😂🥴😝😜🤪😡😫🤒

  9. Women do NOT get approached. Especially the really good looking ones. That’s because most men today are pussies

  10. How can you bash men when your bottom of the barrel in the looks category. I find it weird when these ugly women have terrible entitled attitudes like you could be sweet to try to offset the fact that your a 3 at best but you choose to be mean it baffles my mind

  11. Some women: “Men need to approach women more! They’re cowards!!”
    Other women: “Oooh! He’s looking at me! Gawd I hope he doesn’t try to approach me!! POLICE!!!”
    Men: “Enjoy your cats!”

  12. Usa is screwed up, Uk is screwed up, I’ll only date asian women, cos they’re not f’d up with western stupidity, brainwashing. Who wants a beautiful western woman when their thoughts are contaminated.

  13. Here’s the deal, gentlemen…. OLD women want things differently than YOUNG women.. Nobody approaches the old lady anymore, she WANTS you to hit on her, flirt with her, pay her ANY attention… The YOUNG women are hit on by everyone and their grandpa. You best be impressive if you approach a younger woman. Or, plan on a harsh rejection. The old lady will let anyone hit on her, she misses it soooooo much!

  14. Women are not women today. They are monsters who take advantage of their imaginary level of feminism.

  15. I mean the laziness of women knows no limits. I mean the idea that she should have to put any level of work into getting a man is one big red flag why she is unfit for marriage. Instead of blaming men for being cowards, maybe she should admit she is just lazy, and doesn’t want to approach men herself.

  16. They just don’t f*ckin get it. If you don’t shop, clean, cook, mother or grandmother effectively, do laundry and have sex with us….we don’t need or want you. You provide no value to the quality of our lives. You can never compliment our masculinity playing the current role. You only serve to weaken us. You are an obstruction. A mental physical , psychological and emotional burden. If you replace these things with income? Still…no! They lied to you Ladies…this new thing that you have become is simply unnecessary and unwanted. Duh. What even is this thing? I wouldn’t want this woman any where near me. Poisonous mentally ill trash.

  17. Maybe when women revert to a time where saying “hi” wasn’t tantamount to rape in their eyes then maybe men will start approaching women again.

  18. Honey, they’re not approaching you because you are beginning to look like a man

  19. Growing old together, after you spent your youth together as well is nice. I’m all in for that.
    But settling down with a women in her elder days, when she spent her prime jumping from cock to cock, is disturbing. Even the thought is repulsive.

  20. Men like peace and lots of it. Feminism has made many women unapproachable, undateable, marriageable, insufferable, disagreeable, unpleasant, and disrespectable to the point that men find them losing propositions in dating and marriage and choose to live single lives in male purpose. Many modern women are just horrid to be around and men are walking away, not approaching, not conversing, and not interacting. There is nothing cowardly about avoiding unpleasant women. 45% of American women are projected to be single, childless and partnerless by 2030. Why? Many of these women are just not good to be around. What man wants to be shamed on social media for approaching a woman to just ask for directions? What man wants to be called a creep for attempting to engage in conversation with a woman? What man wants to be falsely accused of sexual harassment just for taking a simple interest in a woman? That is just in the dating scene. Stay single guys and away from the feminist rigged playing field of dating and marriage and don’t bother to even play. It is not worth it. Many woman just are not the prize they think they are but the pariahs of dating and marriage and men are giving up on women because they have lost their value to men. Let them chase Chads who will never commit to them.

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