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Black chick admits being a “Good Man” is not enough

Black chick disses nice guys/YouTube

Black chick hates good men.

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LOS ANGELES — Damn, guess nice guys really do finish last. A viral video shows an insatiable black chick saying she’s never satisfied with a good man. No sir. Too boring. If you recall, Eve said the same about Adam before giving Lucifer some ass. The loquacious redbone said it’s imperative her simp make her chortle, provide impromptu entertainment, and possess an array of Pookie & Ray Ray characteristics. Babygirl spewed such balderdash during a group confabulation on the Concur Network Podcast. “I’m gonna say something and this might ruffle a little feathers,” she said. “I don’t think just being a good man is enough to be in a relationship with them.” Ouch, that hurt. A vlogger with Men On The Move blew a gasket then exhorted bachelors to purchase passports and travel overseas to find wives. “These modern women today still believe that these fairy tales – align the stars and planets – to match my zodiac sign – is the way to make a relationship successful,” he vented.

“So for the many of you that still believe and… still have faith in dating in the United States, I want you to know this is your warning. For those of you that are actually looking for peace… a sensible woman… femininity… and you want to escape the twisted behavior of the American woman, understand the answers that you want can be found in the pages of your passport.”

Never one to mince words, the Shuler King gave his two cents. “Some of y’all, you know, like really just find good people and just find something wrong with ’em,” he said. “Because you’re broken and you got to find something wrong with this perfectly good player. Maybe you don’t feel like you deserve a good person. Why do you need him to tell a joke? You a booking agent? Is you a casting director? What the hell you need him to be able to be funny for?”

Are Western women too fastidious?

Should good men channel their inner roughneck?

Watch babygirl elucidate her relationship preferences.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. @Fresh Anointing Faith: Yes, it reference how 💡THE LORD💡 asked Eve what did she do in The Holy Scriptures and Eve answered by saying The devil beguiled her. It actually was a Holy Seduction. Meaning the devil had sex with Eve and produced Caine.

  2. There’s a 10000% chance she will never be taken seriously by a man of any value.

  3. Modern women will ensure a man dies far sooner than he would otherwise!!! STRESS

  4. All these men they don’t want to marry are becoming passport bros and i will tell you what, those Thai women and Philippine women are taking these men because girls in those countries dream of having a loving provider and good husband.

  5. How about the fact that these incredibly flawed, imperfect, traumatized, dysfunctional, horrible-personality-having, can’t hardly spell or do simple arithmetic a$$, obese, imbalanced PhD having, usually single a mother, tonsil stone having, probably took the jab a$$ women have the nerve to be looking for “perfect” men 😂😂😂. Go ‘head with that BS. As if they’re not highly likely to divorce you, steal your children with aid of the family courts, and have you hemmed up paying them a monthly ransom until your youngest child turns 18. And the biggest “sin” they have to accuse us of is: “He’s a cheater!” Funny how Christian feminists totally ignore how the patriarchs had multiple wives and sometimes concubines.

  6. this is why i absolutely love my gf and intend on marrying her. she is constantly telling me that i am a good guy, i’m sweet and thoughtful, and that i make her happy. she supported me in my dream of becoming a professional artist, and i did it. she does as much for me as i do for her.

    maybe it’s because she’s not an American woman…

  7. The ONLY reason you wouldnt be compatable with a good man is if there is something wrong with you. Relationships are like jobs. Most have the same benefits package. Others were just place holders. But if you cant make a 250k a year job and a great benefits package, and a moderate work load. The problem isnt the job. The problem is you. The problem is women want to BE the job.instead of work it. They want good men to prove that shitty female behavior is acceptable and ok. Thry want to have a Waffle house mentality with a front office pay structure. Again. Two reasonable people can vohsbitate and get along. But two many women want to play the victim of cooperation. While drmanding to be treated like a pampered princess.

  8. You know what gets a woman’s attention is when you act like you don’t give a f#@k. Sad but true.

  9. Think about this, being a good man isn’t enough but being a bad man is.

  10. SO IF A WOMAN …


  11. Let’s just face it lemon in today’s time especially black women American women are the most dumbest people on the planet they find something about a good man and use it against him as if it was contagious me for example I’ve heard he smile too much I do nice I take it these so-called women have low self-esteem or just used to it a life full of miserable but I ain’t gonna complain I’m not hurt them overall us but as for good men ain’t nothing wrong with being good just as long as you be good or stay goodYou’re gonna always read the benefits a good rewards in today’s time being good is bad and being bad is good so that being said you know the better you keep doing people go and keep looking at you like you’re stupid once again both of my so-called brothers have kids and they’re bad and I’m not only get one order supposedly got one so I don’t have anybody and nice guys finish last because women are foolish

  12. The women who say they’ll never settle are the ones who will never be happy no matter who they get. We all settle at some point otherwise we’d be dating infinitely. There will always be something you don’t like about every single person you interact with. These chicks have definitely had good men before but wrote them off for whatever reason.

  13. So his humor is far more important than him being a provider n a protector?

    I’ve tried not to believe this conspiracy theory, but I am force to consider it. The weaves n wigs black women constantly wear is terribly interfering with their brain function.

    Or is it the birth control pills?

  14. Wait!! Dudes still out here trying to be in a relationship/married today’s women? Nah! ya’ll wilding out here. Stick and move fellows! Stick and move.

  15. I bet you that a bad one is good enough for her and is probably just what turns her on

  16. I’m just glad she was honest. At least a man knows to stay away from her.

  17. On the show Martin pam was single she was always hating on Gina and Martin relationship Martin never cheated he was a good man 🤷🏾‍♂️ see Pam was miserable and she wanted Gina to leave Martin 🤦🏾‍♂️ and she supposed to be Gina best friend she was never Gina friend

  18. Black chicks are too MASCULINE for me, I teach my daughters to be nothing like these 304s. PATHETIC

  19. She probably didn’t have a Good Father figure in her life 🤔….. Bitter

  20. This is part of the problem with our current culture. Too much knowledge causes confusion. She doesn’t realize that as a woman ages, her pool of options also decreases. Some women will completely deny this as a immutable fact, but it is one. And that is not to say that there are bad choices in a mate, but this over pickiness is a thing we need to consider. Tracy Ellis Ross is feeling it now at 50.

  21. That’s why these women are out here wondering why they can’t find a man!

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