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President Joe Biden hints nuclear war on the horizon

Putin has his finger on the button/YouTube

Biden warns nuclear war close. 

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WASHINGTON — Uh-oh! President Joe Biden raised eyebrows Thursday night when he disseminated a FEMA map of the United States that shows which areas will be most targeted for nuclear war. In other words… if you live in Kansas, Nebraska or South Dakota, you’re in decent shape. But if you reside anywhere on the east or west coast, you better stock up on sustenance and find underground shelter ’cause your ass is grass. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal. But when you take into account how much we’re despised by rival nations who — thanks to our homosexual notoriety — refer to the United States as the “Great Satan,” not to mention the abhorrence and vitriol geared towards American women, we’re suddenly a prime target for nuclear warheads. We’re basically Sodom & Gomorrah the sequel. Also, Russia President Vladimir Putin is on record saying he’s prepared to launch a nuclear strike against Western nations any day now — and that includes the United States.

“To defend Russia and our people, we doubtlessly will use all weapons resources at our disposal,” Putin said. “This is not a bluff.” President Biden told reporters Putin ain’t bullsh*ttin.’ North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un said he’s ready to nuke the United States too. Regardless of where you live, you’d be sagacious to at least load up on bottled water and canned goods. In the event of a nuclear war, we’ll lose electricity and crops will be frozen and contaminated — causing a famine. It’ll be a full-blown zombie apocalypse.

Biden and the elites have luxury underground bunkers equipped with reservoirs and a 5-year supply of comestibles.

They’ll be fine.

Hate to say it, but a lot of people want us 6-feet under.

I say let’s kick ass.

But, in the meantime, take precaution.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This pootin keep threatening the western world. When are they going to teach the dictator a lesson. He’s been allowed to get away too long with his sick communist rules

  2. Putin alluding to nukes is like the guy in Office Space muttering about burning the building down when someone takes his red swingline stapler, or moving his desk again.

  3. How many times has Putin mentioned nukes in the last twelve months why because he knows it will make the west wobble and back track he knows no one wins a nuclear war especially Russia the first sign of nuclear rockets leaving Russia and Moscow will end up like a bit of burnt toast .fact 🇬🇧

  4. Who cares what Putin says anymore. He is a Nobody. He lies ALL the time. His whole world is built on lies. It’s all he knows. We don’t care about what Putin thinks anymore. He lost the right to be heard and respected when he invaded another sovereign nation in his evil war of imperialism


  6. When the west says the very same thing its called a warning…… But when Russia says it….. Suddenly its called a threat.

  7. Its time for America and Russia to go to war once and for all so we can see who the ultimate champion is

  8. 99% chance those nukes don’t even work like most of their junk equipment

  9. God bless president Putin and the great Russian people! We need president Putin to liberate the USA of the Nazi regime government that stole our election and took over!

  10. This should happen … and no playing games of proxy between them…
    US vs Russia period..

  11. All I’ve got to say is if your gonna do it, do it. Get it over with so that the species may disintegrate in peace.

  12. Please people, listen to me – A nuclear war would wipe out the face of human civilization. It would cause an ice age that would starve and kill every single living thing on the planet. We talk about nuclear war like it’s this far fetched thing. It’s not.

  13. Well if I die by nuclear war at least I won’t have to pay off the rest of my student loans

  14. Who even cares at this rate? Russia has always threatened us all before, they’ll do it again and again, it is nuclear blackmail. It is fear mongering. I merely use my sheer mental power alone. I need not bend to the daft threats of one puny old man.

  15. What on earth were those fools thinking of when they placed Joe Biden on the pedestal of the Presidency. Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are definitely the enemies within: Not Russia nor China combined could have done as much damage to America as Joe Biden and the Democrat Part

  16. Please, give me a Fn break! This is no war time CIC by any stretch of the imagination. See Kabul and his inability to secure safe passage despite the might of the USA at his disposal, his slow to react on a CCP spy balloon after it had already gotten what it needed and alllll the weakness he and Obama displayed as in Benghazi, Yemen, Syria, Iran when they embarrassed our sailors and Iraq ROE. Stop messing around, he is gonna get more troops killed and not do a damn thing about it. This is a joke, its weak and not good at all!

  17. Yeah Right, like anyone takes Biden seriously , for God’s sake the man doesn’t know what month of the year it is or if people he’s talking about are alive or dead , he recently was talking about Jan 6th and thought it was July 6th ,,,,, let’s get rid of Biden and let Putin run America , I know I’d feel safer with Putin than Biden

  18. It’s simple. If Putin used nukes, Russia would cease to be a country. It comes down to geography. If the US gets nuked, most of the US have habitable areas and people can always rebuild. Russia doesn’t have a lot of habitable geography, if the few of their habitable places get nuked there are literally nowhere to rebuild. And population centers which can’t be rebuilt become wasteland. And once a land becomes an indefensible uninhabitable wasteland it ceases to be a country.

  19. Russia does have the best missile delivery system in the world. Brandon should just move into an old folks home and retire

  20. Nuclear war is inevitable. We keep giving out nukes. 1st Pakistan then Iran, Nth Korea who next. Give some to Lebanon so Hezbollah has a few. Give the Yemeni’s a few & send a few with the Blueprints to Al Qaeda. It’s only fair if we all share & care.

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