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Black chick defends single mothers but dogs marriage

Kita appreciates single moms/YouTube

Kita defends single moms.

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DALLAS — A viral video shows YouTube vlogger Kita Rose elucidating her approbation of single motherhood, saying Western culture ain’t conducive to prolonging healthy marriages and relationships. Gotta agree, especially on behalf of eligible bachelors. After all, makes no sense for gainfully employed men to get seriously involved with American women because nothin’ can be gained. We can only lose what we’ve worked hard for. For instance, quondam Texas Longhorns Men’s Basketball coach Chris Beard threw $35 million in the toilet when his fiancée got him arrested and fired. Had Chris stayed single, he’d still have his million dollar gig plus vulva galore. Now he’ll be lucky to get a high school job. Again, there’s nothin’ to gain. We can only lose. That explains why the Passport Bros, Passport Brad and Men On The Move are traveling overseas to find wives. Western culture is simply too toxic.

Right now, it’s open season on single moms and Kita ain’t having it. “I was told that I’m what’s wrong with the black community because I support single motherhood,” she ranted. “Personally, I will never promote just being married. Being married doesn’t ensure that you won’t feel like a single mother. Being married doesn’t ensure that you won’t be abused mentally or physically. Being married doesn’t ensure that you’ll have financial freedom. If marriage was so great, divorce rates wouldn’t be so high.”

Damn, Kita makes excellent points.

Do you share her sentiment?

Can Western culture be ameliorated?

Watch the clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Imagine being a man in this woman’s ideal age range (so 30’s). You worked hard to get yourself to be a upper middle income kind of man. No kids, no major debts, no mess ups of any kind. Only to go out with a woman like this and hear her tell you why she’s actually a catch.

    All women have to do is come to the table with femininity, care about their physical appearance, pair bonding ability and no other man’s kids. It’s mind blowing how many fail the assignment.

  2. Any man that meets her, please run for the hills, she’s backwards as fuck!!!

  3. Single moms are wanted, for recreational purposes ONLY!

    These single moms get this attention confused for REAL romantic attention.

  4. Tell em Queen yesssssss

    I love her to death. The shit she speaks of is real. Keep it coming

  5. Single mother mean not having the right man in your life.. Men will marry you work with you and raise the kids with you.. Children need to see loving parents in a home and working together.. BS on single mother doing it all.. They need the man in the house and working to make a better life for themselves and for the family.. Men time to get back to being the man in the house and helping the wives and children to have a better life.. That is what men do.. My Dad it.. I did it and my children will do it.. that is just what men do.. We take care of the family… men no excuses!!

  6. It is what it is, and I didn’t want to be single, these males are doing what they want to do, and the fact that being divorced sucks. I divorced my first ex husband because of DV and he was controlling and manipulative. The second ex husband divorced me, because his mother told him to, hell I was single when I was married both times any way. I recently found out after thirty years that both ex husbands knew each other, by growing up in the same neighborhood. Apparently marriage isn’t for everyone and you can’t make a male, help raise the kids, but at least you don’t have to worry about being abused and mistreated.

  7. Totally delusional, trying to sell herself and justify her situation.

  8. PURE….UNFILTERED…TRUTH!!!! Keep it up sis. U are truly a light on dark days

  9. Single motherhood needs to be against the law… She doesn’t give too s** about derailing her kids… She’ll blame it on the father’s anyway

  10. The Problem Is WOMEN Don’t LISTEN.. Eve Was Deceived Not Adam!!
    She Didn’t LISTEN To The Father And Now The World Is Paying For The Price Of Her Decision!! 🤷


  12. You can’t turn a hoe in to a house wife. A hoe is a hoe for life.she belongs to the streets

  13. She’s that friend that keeps it honest and genuinely wants you happy. She’s a gem 💎

  14. Been married 2 times, will never be a stepfather again period. I won custody of my son from wife 2. I would marry a younger woman, from the old school and have more children. Toxic women are out.

  15. These modern black women have rewritten the term family and it’s just her and the child

  16. Men, avoid ALL single mothers and these loud mouth women.. .. PERIOD.

  17. I can only respect this woman’s opinion and position! She always makes strong points that you can’t deny!

  18. Thiiiiiis is why you don’t have kids outta wedlock and you have to love yourself before you jump into a relationship. You can’t expect someone else to respect you if you don’t respect yourself

  19. Men…don’t take single mothers seriously. You avoid all of these issues.

  20. These types you just take out to dinner, comedy shows and smash. Nothing more

  21. There’s nothing wrong with her situation.
    The simple truth is she CAN’T catch a high value man simple..
    You are entitled to believe ANYTHING you want, just know reality will tell you differ

  22. Here’s the issue with Dating nowadays…… Women are void of empathy and compassion and respect towards men…… Resulting into men treating women like bimbos and sluts resulting into men not knowing how to treat women…… What do women crave the most? Attention. So here’s the blueprint that guys have to take on… STOP GIVNG WOMEN ATTENTION ON THE INTERNET AND IRL YOU STUPID FUCKS and I guarantee you women would start being more feminine but we have thirsty ass simps out here giving them attention…… a movement needs to be started

    Rules for men:

    -Stop giving women likes and comments on social media .
    -Delete dating apps and your profile.
    -Stop subbing to OF “Models”
    -Stop subbing to women on twitch that show off their bodies
    -Exercise and EAT right. (At a caloric deficit)

    Follow these rules and I guarantee you that shit will change women will become more feminine . The guys at the top wont give af because they get women thrown at them.

  23. Do what works best for you!! I’m glad my husband helps with the household and helps with our baby. Being married means nothing! Being married to the RIGHT PERSON means EVERYTHING ❤

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