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Zero animosity between da Kelce Bros ova Super Bowl

Travis and Jason still tight/New Heights

Kelce Bros have no animosity. 

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KANSAS CITY — After the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII, fans wondered if Travis and Jason Kelce would continue their “New Heights” podcast. After all, somebody had to lose. Welp, we got our answer on Wednesday. That’s when the brotherly duo released episode 28 to confabulate their Super Bowl reactions. KC won 38-35. After the game, Jason didn’t say much. He was obviously pissed. But Jason let fans know there’s no animosity between him and Travis. “I was misquoted by saying that I said, ‘F*ck you, congratulations,’ after the game when we saw each other which is not what I said,” Jason recalled. “You didn’t really say much. But I know you didn’t say, ‘F*ck you,'” Travis replied. Jason said he made the decision to head back to the locker room because he didn’t want to spoil the moment for Travis. “I didn’t say much because I wanted you to go celebrate with your team,” Jason explained. “I knew that you were going to feel bad for me and I didn’t want that to be how you remembered that. So I just kinda made an emphasis to go hug ya, tell ya I love ya, congratulations, and go be with your teammates… ’cause I didn’t want to be the guy that was gonna bring down that moment for ya.”

It’s been one helluva week for Travis. Four days after winning the Super Bowl, the star tight end appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and announced he’ll be hosting “Saturday Night Live” next month. Damn, it’s great being a Chiefs fan. “Growing up, I was a huge [Chris] Farley, [Will] Ferrell, [Jimmy] Fallon kind of guy,” Kelce told the audience.

“I used to watch ‘Saturday Night Live’ with my mother, and it’s an absolute honor and privilege to be hosting SNL March 4th.”

Travis and Jimmy also teamed up to sing the Beastie Boys’ classic “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party).”

Watch Super Bowl reactions and karaoke.

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  1. No loving good hearted brother like Jason or Travis would ever tell his brother f you. Fuck mainstream media for even putting that out there. Jason and Travis both have hearts of gold and I wish them both blessed lives full of joy and happiness.

  2. I’m glad Travis & Jason get to do this podcast! I like to chuckle at these two brothers! Keep it up!

  3. WHY TRAVIS ON SNL AND NOT MAHOMES? This Dude Is A NOBODY Without Mahomes??? Mahomes Was The MVP??? I Dont Get This At All, Is Mahomes A Republican??? That Would Be The ONLY Reason I Can Think Of SNL Refusing To Let Him On???

  4. Not a fan of either team, but the biggest fan of these men. I can’t imagine the feelings they had following that game, but making a podcast and sharing with the rest of us is awesome. Go team Kelce!

  5. I love the Eagles more than anything but I can’t help but love patty, Andy, and Travis. This loss will hurt for awhile but it hurts less losing to KC

  6. Dude pleaseeee trade J Kelce to the chiefs before retirement!! Let em win one together!!

  7. OH MY GOD HE IS HOSTING SNL AND HE WON !! CHIEFS, BABY!! awww his friendship with Patrick! So cute !!💞

  8. That’s so sweet and heartwarming to have so much love for a sibling how Travis explained it. And it’s a good feeling to know they have your back.

  9. Seeing the rest of the country love Travis the way Kansas City does sure is amazing. This guy is one of a kind and I know all of KC is so proud of him.

  10. Life long Chiefs Fan. Love this!! TK is the shit… can’t mess with this guy!!!

  11. F- you congratulations I feel is an appropriate response between brothers

  12. WWE need to bring Trav to Wrestlemania 39 or headline SummerSlam in KC this man is Stone Cold, Rock, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels all in one

  13. I’m a chiefs fan first and last till I leave this earth!!!!! I bleed red!!!

  14. Travis is so very talented on the football field and off. Very rare to see a football player that can bring the same kind of energy not only to football but everything he does. Love Jason and the New Heights podcast too. As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, I hope Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes and Chris Jones are Chiefs their entire careers. So much LOVE for them in KC. ❤💛❤❤💛❤💛

  15. Travis always playing the underdog victim has gotten old quick… but besides that he’s great w the mic.

  16. I have discussed this with the city of Cincinnati and we ALL agree that both Kelce brothers 💖🙏 need to come back to the state of Ohio and play for the Cincinnati Bengals 💯🎤🔥🍝🏈🏆🌱👣🎉💖🙏🥳🥰💝👍🍕💈👌💕

  17. Jason ! Keep your head up man. I know it’s not the ending you wanted. But it’s a win win for your family man !

    …Atleast you can say your team beat Tom Brady in the superbowl and Travis’ team didn’t man ! Lol that’s a pretty good feat ! You got that leg up on him ! 😂

  18. Funny how mahomes goes into half limping can barely move to coming out start of the 3rd running around no problem no telling what kind of sh*t they shot into his leg then start of following week they report he failed his P.E.D test after half lol but now it’s reported as false yea okkk….

  19. Jason go play with trav and the chiefs before you retire!!! It would be the perfect end to a career!

  20. As much as I’m a Cowboys fan, I’m sooooo in love with these bothers. They are funny as heck and loving. Congratulations to them both. Continue to ride for each other. 🫶🏾♥️

  21. These two are the shit. Love them forever. As a Cincinnati fan I think the chiefs are the new most hated, still love em.

  22. I hate the shit outta both teams,eagles and chiefs suck assholes but as normal humans and not NFL players these guys are the shit,I could listen to this podcast all day every day,these guys are awesome

  23. He slipped and said it was a script. I called it. I knew this podcast’s hype would take them to the Super Bowl. And with an anti-climatic end of Super Bowl re-Union on the field, they may be fucked.

  24. Whatever their parents did to raise them to not be jealous of each other is great That is sometimes so prevalent amongst siblings. You can see the love and admiration they have for have other is priceless.

  25. I wish Travis would answer my instagram messages and take me on a date lol. 😐

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