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Kanye West & NFL players believe Super Bowl rigged

Brady & Mahomes in cahoots/Black & White Sports

Players say league rigged.

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TAMPA — A viral video shows maligned rapper Kanye West claiming the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV was rigged in Tom Brady’s favor to ensure the Deflategate/Spygate cheater collected a 7th ring before retirement. Ain’t that a bitch? “I seen [Patrick] Mahomes throw that game,” Kanye recalled. “I knew the conversation. The conversation was like, ‘You got a long career ahead of you. We need our boy to get 7 rings. You ain’t gone be moonwalking today, Mahomes.'” Receiver Antonio Brown — who played in the game for the Bucs — agrees with Kanye, saying Mahomes delivered his best Paul Crewe impersonation to guarantee Brady egresses the sport as a 7-time world champion and, as payback, the NFL made sure the Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. If true, that would insinuate Brady (the GOAT) and Mahomes (the KIDD) worked in cahoots. Kanye and AB ain’t the only ones crying foul.

Ex-Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey did some whistleblowing of his own, saying the NFL told his team at halftime to let Brady win the 2017 AFC title game because it’s best for the league. Former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson proclaimed outcomes are predetermined. Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor said this year’s AFC title game was rigged.

KC defeated Cincy 23-20.

Quodam Dallas Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant chimed in via Instagram shortly after KC’s 38-35 victory over the Eagles, insinuating Illuminati cult members also had a hand in Sunday’s outcome. Freemason 3, 6, 9 numerology was visibly evident throughout the game. “I gotta keep it G. I’ll be lying if I didn’t say something similar…” Dez wrote. “That was an obvious fixed game… truthfully some of the things we all love can be corrupt… ain’t no such thing as a fair game… You gotta find your cult because this world shares so many dishonest perspectives…”

Find our cult?

Hmm… interesting.

In the NFL’s defense, commissioner Roger Goodell is on record hinting the league officials script games to boost television ratings which is 100% legal — thanks to their sports entertainment license. Not to mention the NFL and Vegas oddsmakers are in bed together and they’re copulating doggystyle with no condom. The league has lucrative sponsorship deals with several sports gambling entities such as DraftKings, BetMGM and FanDuel.

Social media reaction was mostly congruent.

One viewer wrote, “NFL is most definitely rigged.”

Another added, “Didn’t FanDuel sponsor a few WWE pay-per-views back in the day? You could even place bets on matches if I remember correctly.”

Television ratings don’t lie. More than 113 million viewers descried Super Bowl LVII coupled with the fact 50 million gamblers placed $16 billion in wagers and those goofy-ass TV commercials cost advertisers $7 million per 30 seconds. That would explain why the NFL scripts more close games than blowouts. It’s imperative to keep our eyes glued to the television.

It should be noted Kanye is bipolar and Antonio suffers from CTE.

Prior to kickoff, CBS football analyst Nate Burleson predicted KC would win by the score 38-35.

Also, at the Super Bowl parade, Mahomes wore a WWE championship belt.

Are you ok with the scripted nature of NFL games?

Watch Kanye’s explosive video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The NFL is rigged to make sure the player never gets too big and the league never loses

  2. NFL is rigged Nate Burleson leaked the score of the Super Bowl and it was the exact 38-35 score

  3. KC definitely got bailed out again. They want to see Mahome Boy in the Super Bowl Every year

  4. Damn right it’s rigged. See that bs holding penalty at the end of the 4th that gave the Chiefs the 1st down and basically won the game for them!? and I’m not even biased…. I don’t like the Chiefs or the Eagles. I’m a Bears fan.
    1w91 likesReply

  5. I don’t mean to disrespect AB, but is he high? Like pain pills or heavy weed? Because if not, his CTE is advancing and it’s incredibly sad.

  6. Rigged before we was born. They just making it plain as day in your face now…..🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ Old heads told me about this one: 👉🏽Baltimore Colts and New York Jets. Johnny Unites and Joe Nathan…..🏉🏆🏈

  7. @qua_nero: Well said I’m a chiefs fan born and raised in Kansas City one thing I don’t get y’all don’t come out when the chiefs get treated unfairly but when the chiefs win it’s a problem. Where was this argument when AB and Tom Brady’s Super Bowl was rigged??? Y’all didnt say nothin then so why now????

  8. Just so all of you know, Dez likes to talk about how good he his. I was a fan of him back when he was at Okla State but once I found out what he’s like in real life, the dude is a chump. Probably the worst “famous” person I’ve ever met! He don’t give a rip about you or anyone for that matter. It’s all about what you can do for him, that’s it! Talk is cheap Dez, no body wants you bro!!!

  9. damn even the NFL script writers don’t want the Cowboys and Jerry Jones in the Super Bowl 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. NFL aint rigged. Mahomes kickin everybody’s ass fair n square.

    Haters can suck this KC dick

  11. Kanye is a mentally sick person that has no one around him to help him…not making light of it, I truly hope someone in his circular steps up. Hope y’all don’t join him in the circle of insanity.

  12. @ghost_glass_official: bs holding call? It was a holding even the corner after the game said he held juju and he was hoping ref would’ve missed the call now if he don’t make that call witch was the right call and cheifs end up losing the game u gonna sit here and say it’s rigged with Jalen hurts holding up that trophy or u gonna say he deserves it? Like fr you mfs weird bro or what abt the missed PI that led to the cheifs punting that was a clear missed call that led to eagles scoring so why not bitch and complain abt that one?

  13. 1000000% rigged bro. Dez one of my fav players not even mad you don’t play anymore. Keeping it real for our generation. No way in hell every big name player that says they will retire goes and wins a ring that same year ! Peyton manning, ray lewis, Brady …… smh

  14. @i want a fish sammich: The truth often comes from “nutty” characters so people like yourself can say this very thing..

    Truth is limited to no one

  15. We have the power as fans to prevent the rigging of NFL Games stop watching stop betting on games protest when we see things that are obvious call people out on them interview older players get some famous people to back this and get rid of Roger goodell.

  16. Its rigged even college football, how you think NIL deal got started. I’m 34 back then we wasn’t allowed any deals or money from recruiters and now they can? It’s all entertaining sorry to say we all been fooled and became NFL, NCAA, NBA, MBL cash cows. Game was suppose to be 37-34 but it was 38-35 close, very close

  17. Y’all do know the NFL is registered as sports entertainment like WWE and not an actual sport. So they can script the games like the WWE scripts everything.

  18. yeah not gone lie … i was one of those that knew the shit was rigged but thought it was just the refs .. I was only half right the whole damn league is in on it … the fact they make millions is not bc how “good” they are its stfu and play money .. otherwise they wouldn’t be making anymore than a general manager … if that

  19. You can’t rig it. Only influence it. But look at the names ur using. Nobody believes Kanye dez or Antonio brown. You need better sources

  20. The most cheating and undeserving team is the patriots. This team was fined at least twice for cheating in the playoffs. For some reason they had to crown Brady as the greatest of all time and the all American man.

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