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Chiefs win Super Bowl LVIII

Mahomes leads Chiefs to world title/YouTube

Chiefs establish new dynasty.

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GLENDALE — If you descry statistics across the board (time of possession, total yards of offense, etc.), you would’ve thought the Kansas City Chiefs lost the football game. But, fortunately for Chiefs Kingdom, the final score is the only stat that matters. Playing on a bad ankle, quarterback Patrick Mahomes tossed 3 touchdown passes. Tight end Travis Kelce chipped in 81 yards receiving and a TD, and placekicker Harrison Butker drilled a 27-yard field goal with 8 seconds left to give the Chiefs a nail-biting 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. It’s KC’s second world title in 4 years. Many believe it’s the best Super Bowl ever, and that includes ESPN senior writer Seth Wickersham who wrote: “If you’re a Giants fan, you think Super Bowl XLII was the greatest ever. If you’re a Niners fan, Super Bowl XXIII. If you love the Broncos, it’s XXXII. If you’re a Patriots fan, it’s Super Bowl XXXVI. Or XXXVIII. Or XXXIX. Or XLIX. Or LI. Or LIII. It could go on for a fan of any winner, with a legitimate argument. But sorry. This one, Super Bowl LVII — Chiefs 38, Eagles 35 — is the greatest ever.”

In helping KC overcome a 10-point halftime deficit, Magic Mahomes earned his second Super Bowl Most Valuable Player award just 3 days after being crowned league MVP. Conversely, the Eagles became the second franchise in league history to blow a double-digit lead on Super Bowl Sunday. “I thought guys just embraced the moment,” Mahomes told reporters as red and yellow confetti bestrewed the field. “In that first half, we were playing and doing some good stuff, but I felt like the guys were getting consumed by everything around us.”

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who failed to win a world championship during his 14 years in Philly, became the third skipper all-time to beat his former team in the Super Bowl. “We wanted to get this so bad for him,” Kelce said. “His legacy in Philly lives on forever. … There’s a lot of pride in knowing that he’s had success in two different organizations, but this was the better one.”

In what was billed as the first Super Bowl featuring two black quarterbacks, neither disappointed. Eagles signal-caller Jalen Hurts played his ass off — throwing for 304 yards and a TD. He also rushed for 70 yards and 3 TDs (tying an NFL record). His lone blemish was a 2nd quarter fumble that Chiefs linebacker Nick Bolton scooped up and returned 36 yards to pay dirt.

The Eagles dominated time of possession 35 to 25 and they ran 20 more offensive plays than KC.

But, again, the final score is all that matters.

The Chiefs are once again world champs.

“It feels amazing just to see the confetti,” said Butker, who pissed everybody off when he missed a 42-yarder in the first quarter. “I just tried to focus on one kick and focusing on the process.”

Prior to Butker’s game-winning boot, Eagles defensive back James Bradberry was called for defensive holding on Chiefs wideout JuJu Smith-Schuster. But Bradberry said it was the correct call. “It was a holding,” he admitted. But players around the league ain’t buying it. Many of ’em accused the referees of rigging the game.

Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Pat Ricard tweeted, “Wait… is the NFL really scripted?”

Denver Broncos running back Chase Edmonds tweeted, “Them dam refs everytime I tell ya.”

Quondam San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman tweeted, “They ruined it again.”

Former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark tweeted, “Looks like the official read the script.”

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Eli Apple tweeted, “Refs win the bowl again.”

Chicago Bears running back Darrynton Evans tweeted, “I told y’all this script is wild.”

And Deflategate cheater Tom Brady had the audacity to tweet, “The Script.”

Here’s some Freemason 3, 6, 9 info you should know about the aforementioned pivotal plays: If you add Smith-Schuster’s jersey number (9) to Bradberry’s jersey number (24) you get Freemason number 33. And, if you add Bolton’s jersey number (32) to Hurts’ jersey number (1) you get 33 again. That’s significant because 3 times two is 6. Six hundred threescore is 666.

Moving on…

There was speculation Coach Reid, 64, would retire if KC won the game.

That scuttlebutt was debunked during postgame festivities.

“If they’ll have me, I’ll stick around,” Reid said.

Of course they’ll have you Big Red, because there’s a dynasty established in KC.

Other items of note… The Woke Bowl featured the first all-female U.S. Navy flyover. Donning a devilish red ensemble, Rihanna put on one helluva halftime show despite being pregnant. Sheryl Lee Ralph performed the Black National Anthem “Lift Every Voice & Sing.” Babyface delivered a stunning rendition of “America the Beautiful.” Chris Stapleton nailed the “Star-Spangled Banner,” causing Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni to cry like a lil bitch. Kadarius Toney’s 65-yard punt return is the longest in Super Bowl history. The Eagles boasted the NFL’s top pass rush yet KC’s offensive line didn’t yield a single sack. Mahomes became the first black QB to win multiple Super Bowls. Backup QB Chad Henne, 37, announced his retirement after the game. The playing surface at State Farm Stadium was terrible as players from both teams slipped and fell all night. Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin wore a Satanic jacket (above) that contains grotesque images that mock Jesus. And referee Carl Cheffers finally showed the Chiefs some love.

Watch highlights, interviews, etc.

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  1. Patrick mahomes used some sort of drug for the 2nd half of the Super Bowl the dude couldn’t even walk going into the locker room for halftime it’s so damn obvious how can anyone not understand this

  2. I hate that I actually believe the NFL is rigged, but it is. I was pretty sure in 2001 with the tuck rule. The Patriots had to win that year, we were at war.
    I don’t think it’s worked perfectly every year, but almost every year since 01’ the teams with the best narrative get in and the best narrative team wins.


  4. With Brady retired they wanted the new face of the NFL to win! Let’s face it…if Mahomo lost this game everyone would be talking about Mahomo’s losses! He lost to Brady in the AFC Championship, he lost Brady in the Super Bowl and badly, he lost to a Joe Burrow 3 co sectioned times including last years AFC championship, and if he were to have lost to Burrow again Burrow would now have been the face of the league so they made sure to call a bs penalty to see to it that that wouldn’t happen. Now they had to see to it that he didn’t lose the Super Bowl again! And this was even more blatant with an excellent defense couldn’t get one defensive stop! And the most blatant bs holding call to prevent the Eagles from getting the ball with not only a chance to tie but to win outright! What you saw was THE NATIONAL FIXED LEAGUE!!

  5. If you are a statefarm star they make sure you win. its the biggest contributor in the NFL . go back and look at every game Mahomes played this year there were just to many bad calls that swung KC’s way TO MANY

  6. If you think the whole NFL isn’t fixed idk what to say. Simply too much money on the table for the owners to not manipulate it. Tickets, merch. Draft kings & related gambling, as well as “fanfoms” and online purchases, subscription services, and obviously ads. The fix has been in probably longer than I’ve been alive.

  7. If the NFL wanted to stop all of the rig conspiracy theories then it would legally stop classifying itself as an entertainment product like the WWE does they don’t classify themselves legally as a sport because they don’t want to be sued if they are proven to have rigged the game or an outcome there’s only one reason a gazillion dollar organization would classify itself differently than its other competitor leagues if anyone out there can explain why they are classified like this and it’s completely benign please answer my comment

  8. Watching how the nfl works now with the officiating and the amount of money Vegas has coming in for the nfl, especially the super bowl, much like boxing, they have ruined football for true fans. FUCK!

  9. Nfl was brought to court for fixing game’s. Nfl told the court the game’s are for entertainment only, so the charges were dropped.

  10. The NFL didnt screw the eagles when they overturned the fumble for the touchdown, erasing 7 points for the Chiefs and allowing the eagles to make 7 points on that drive. The eagles were certain their owned refs would keep them ahead no matter how poorly they played.

  11. Recent generations have no coping skills. These generations are the ones that got participation trophies in sports when they were young. Never had to face being told no, or how to deal with losing. So now, if you dont win, you just claim cheating or the sport is rigged. Funny thing is, the same teams that play well throughout the year and gloat on how good they are, are the same ones who cry foul when they lose in the end. So i guess they were not as good as they thought, since its rigged for them. Cant have it both ways. Were the Eagles that good, or was it rigged to make them look good?

  12. Millions of dollars are bet on every NFL game. Of course it’s rigged! It’s starting to have storylines similar to WWE.

  13. Obvious rigged Superbowls were the Saints winning conveniently after Hurricane Katrina. To give them some sort of feel good story. The Seahawks/Patriots Superbowl. Seahawks had plenty of downs and timeouts remaining and yet they chose to throw a pass on the 2 yard line. Falcons/Patriots Superbowl with the “miraculous” 28-3 Patriots comeback. These past few years it has become obvious that the league is practically like the WWE. Just scripted entertainment.

  14. Game was completely rigged.
    How do you slow down one of the best pass rushes of all time? Soaked turf. How long did they have to get that field ready to play, weeks?
    0 holding or pass interference until the game could be won? Lol

  15. It is big business. Everything that is done is for the bottom line including keeping teams above water if they are failing. That would most likely include rigging games. After all, the better the season, the more people flock to the games, and the more money the failing team gets to keep it afloat. WWE does it and the fans don’t mind. As they say with pride in Nascar – “if ya ain’t cheatin ya ain’t tryin'”

  16. Still hurts to watch as a eagles fan but no bitchin no complaints good game we will be BACK!!

  17. Coach Reid and his staff did an amazing job of adjusting at the half. Chiefs O-line gave up ZERO … I repeat … ZERO sacks to the vaunted Philly defense. Mahomes gutted it out and did what he had to do, even if it meant scrambling. Kadarius Toney stepped up and contributed BIG TIME, especially with that punt return. Buttkicker came through in the clutch. Juju, Skyy … so many played their part. And yes, it WAS a holding penalty … so many angles and Bradberry admitted he held. It happened at the worst possible time. This was a classic … other Super Bowls will be compared to this game for years to come.

  18. Why is Patrick considered black when his mom is white? Why is his black side more important than his white side?

  19. @MARVELTRUTH: Because if y’all do a APB on him y’all won’t say “white male” …..

  20. Pat just separated himself even more from Allen, Burrow. Those boys gotta alot of catching up to do. Hurt ankle and everything still champ! Crazy Andy a legend.

  21. There’s no better time to be a Chief’s fan and I’m going to soak up every minute.

  22. As a lifelong 49ers fan this puts a big fat smile to my face 😂 this happened to us in the Super Bowl few years ago against the Chiefs… Bye Eagles Bye 👋🏽

  23. Rigged and rigged. 49ers got robbed too in 2019. Chiefs are getting away with way too many penalties in big games for this not to be rigged.

  24. I knew the Eagles were going to lose; during the National Anthem. When I saw the coach crying… “L”

  25. If he dont hold juju that’s a TD & if that was kc holding eagles WR and wasnt call, they’ll be complaining about the ref didn’t call for the eagles

  26. Again, no one complained when the review took away the second fumble recovery by KC for a TD, that call was a by the book call where he did not have posession of the ball long enough to be a catch? No one fought the rule call then….but when it’s a clear hold ( the reverse angle of the play is the most telling) now they want to say don’t call it by the book?

  27. Chiefs fan my whole life. It wasn’t always easy to be a chiefs fan but so glad I stayed loyal. I had over 100 people in my house for this game. Right before butker kicked that field goal you could hear a pin drop. No one was even breathing. When it went in people went wild it was crazy. At the end we were ecstatic. Fireworks went on for about 30 minutes. It was crazy but what a great game.

  28. What a depressing, limp, enemic hail Mary pass that was at the end. Wow. I understand it was a snowball’s chance in hell, but that was a weak throw.


  30. #32 had two fumble recovery touchdowns….that second one was definitely a catch that the call was reversed on

  31. As an eagles fan there is nothing to say other than the chiefs put it on our defense. Their oline deserves a ton of credit. It was close but it didn’t happen for us. On to next year. Congrats chief fans.

  32. @Brian McIntyre: I appreciate a fan that realizes what happened and doesn’t think that there is a scripted rigged schedule or game. As a site hard Chiefs fan I thank you for being real. Honestly I love the Kelce Bros and I was rooting for both of them. If it was any other team I wouldn’t have been okay with an L… Only with Jason as the center for the Eagles would make me smile if they won. I’m sure we’ll meet up again in the future. Can’t deny it was one hell of a game! Good luck next season 💯

  33. There are too many Eagles fans that know little of real football rules.
    Referee Carl Cheffers told pool reporter Lindsay Jones afterwards that there was “no debate” whether or not there was a penalty.
    “The receiver went to the inside, and he was attempting to release to the outside,” Cheffers said. “The defender grabbed the jersey with his right hand and restricted him from releasing to the outside. So, therefore, we called defensive holding.”

    So it WASN’T the innocent left hand on Schuster’s back as the moronic announcer on TV stated-it was a clearly defined hold.

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