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Father and evil stepmother tortured & starved little girl

Cali starved to death/Anna Uncovered

Dad & stepmom behind bars.聽

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RENO — Here’s another reason to keep stepparents and significant others away from your children. Anna Uncovered released the murder documentary of 5-year-old Cali Anderson who was starved to death by her father, Tyler Anderson, and his wife, Averyauna Anderson. The heinous crime — masterminded by Averyauna — transpired May 2018 at an apartment complex in Reno, Nevada. Investigators said Cali was handcuffed to an animal crate for years until she finally passed away from malnourishment. Then Tyler and Averyauna stuffed her cadaver in a duffel bag and hid it inside a storage unit in Sacramento, California. Both were arrested and charged with murder. Averyauna even had the audacity to chortle during police interrogation, saying she was high on cocaine. When detectives found Cali’s emaciated corpse, she weighed a measly 16 pounds.

They also learned she was subjected to deplorable living conditions.

Cali’s comestibles were scattered on the floor and there was trash everywhere.

Tyler, like most simps, was blinded by coochie. So he stood idle as the evil stepmother tortured his child.

He said he noticed burns and bruises on Cali every time he left her alone with Averyauna.

Social media reaction was unforgiving. One viewer wrote, “I woulda choked her ass for putting my child in a damn cage.” Another chimed in with, “I’m a single father and this is why I chose to stay single and raise my child by myself. Modern women are not equipped to handle children they didn’t create. Any man who puts his child on the woman he’s dating is a fool, period. This story is horrifying to watch as a father.” A third observer added, Honestly, what鈥檚 the point of CPS?! Like what the f*ck?! That poor baby suffered all her life. May she finally rest in peace.馃尮”聽

Averyauna admitted she hates Cali’s biological mom.

The child abuser was also jealous of Tyler’s relationship with both.

Tyler and Averyauna have two boys together whom they treated very well.

The stepchild was the only one maltreated.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. He deserves everything he get how could a father let something happen like this smdh so sad 馃槥

  2. I鈥檓 so happy this baby is with Jesus in heaven. My heart breaks for this baby girl but it鈥檚 good knowing she is happy now. 馃檹馃徎

  3. I remember this case. I always wonder where was the real mom
    At? Rest in peace 鉂も潳

  4. I鈥檓 a little confused鈥hy didn鈥檛 the mother have custody?

  5. He鈥檚 really sitting there crying like he had no control of this. I hope they tear his asshole up in jail

  6. I hope that evil step mother go to sleep every night and has nightmares about that baby that she abused and tortured and wakes up and sees nothing but her face Here鈥檚 her voice crying for them to stop hurting her I hope it haunts her because this is so awful and uncalled for things are getting worse out here the justice system bill this little girl Dhr should have took that baby and gave it to a family member that would鈥檝e took care of her

  7. And the government decided to take her from her mother that loved her. Fuck the governments, they call it safeguarding but end up taking our kids from love and putting them in harms way and charging innocent people with crimes others get caught doing when it鈥檚 too late. What a fucked up life. Poor girl. Lived her whole life in torture 馃様馃懠

  8. How pathetic do you have to be if you’re jealous of a BABY? An INNOCENT BABY? Even MORE pathetic to KNOW your baby girl is being abused but you’re SO cucked, you’re willing to do EVERYTHING she says and stick your own baby in a barrel. These monsters are PURE EVIL, my god.

  9. Oh my this was so hard to watch. Who in the heck could do that to a sweet innocent child 馃槩that poor baby girl her whole life she lived an abusive tortured extreme starvation for over 3 years in a dog cage , omfg I hope they both rot in hellll pieces of crap 馃挬, cps failed her so many failed her . Family members knew it was going on tried to stop it but didn鈥檛 stop it , I would of got a lawyer and got her the helll out of there . Poor baby 馃槩my heart breaks for you sweet baby Cali fly high with the baby angels above 馃槩鉂oor baby 馃槩. God some people should never have children period , give them the death sentence and I sure hope they never see the other two boys . Sick people .

  10. Why does this broad keep saying 鈥淭BH鈥 instead of just saying 鈥渢o be honest鈥 like a normal person? That鈥檚 like someone saying 鈥淟OL鈥 out loud at something funny instead of just laughing鈥 she鈥檚 so cringey. Then again, this woman monster is FAR from normal. What an absolutely abhorrent, despicable waste of life, she is.

  11. What a weak man. If he was a b@#$% for the dumb woman then no doubt he will be a b@#$% for all the inmates. Put ur lipstick on buddy.

  12. The biological mother no longer has a Facebook profile. Wonder why?

  13. They are disgusting! I wish they could suffer like that poor little angel did! CPS is useless! So many people knew what was happening someone should have taken action!

  14. What I’ve seen so far it’s always black women who do the most cruel child abuses and kill their own children.

  15. There’s no way that the neighbors could not hear this kind of torture did no one smell something it’s not possible for them to not hear and smell this!馃暞馃А馃挏馃А

  16. Where was the family for this girl. The step mom,mom and dad are clearly awful disgusting excuses for human beings because as a mom how do u go so long without seeing ur kid that u don’t know she’s been starved for years. They found this girl and she was 16lbs at almost 5 years old. WHERE are the grandparents, the social workers asking y she wasn’t at school or going to the Dr!!!!!!! EVERYONE FAILED HER!!!! RIP SWEET BABY CALI . MAY YOU FIND PEACE AND COMFORT IN THE AFTER LIFE 馃挄 馃晩锔. IM SICKENED BY THIS.

  17. How sick do you have to be to put your hands on a CHILD , some people are just so messed up and sick in the head and it breaks my heart that there are actual people that will do this to children .馃槩鉂

  18. I have 2 bio kids with my ex husband and he had 2 older boys, 5 and 7 at the time, I didn’t have kids when we met.
    Parenting is hard, frustrating and the best thing in life, but I’ll say this, being a step parent is even harder especially when the bio mom is a drug addict. They would be really shitty to me and tell lies like I beat them. I rarely ever spanked my own kids, even tho I was more in the mother roll than their own Mom I don’t believe it’s the step parents place to spank someone else’s child.
    As hard and tough as it was I would still do it over again.

  19. Calis pos father said 鈥渟he didn鈥檛 look like a skeleton鈥 Really? At 5/6 years old and 16 lbs she HAD to look like a skeleton. My youngest son is 3.5 years old and 30lbs and he looks very thin to me. If he lost 1/2 that weight and was twice his age?? OMG poor baby girl馃挄 馃懠馃徑馃尋鉁

  20. I Do Not Have Children…The LOVE That I Have For My Nephew’s And Niece’s Is As Much As If They Were My Own Children! If Something Like This Was To Happen I Would Go To Prison For PREMEDITATED MURDER! HOW CAN YOU HURT A LITTLE CHILD?! People Allow Emotions Take Over Their Mental State…. Jealousy, Envy, Hate. How Could You Even Feel Emotions Like These Towards Anyone Especially A Child.

  21. Damn. This make me so mad! I wanna beat the step mom ass 馃が how evil can you be to do such a thing to an innocent and helpless child? I’m so sorry this happened to Cali, may you rest in peace now sweet angel 馃挅 any parent who decides to let anyone physically hurt they child should not be labelled a parent, period. This shouldn’t have happened and people should be held accountable, including CPS!!

  22. obviously tyler wasnt innocent bc it’s your job as a parent to take your kids out of situations that are unsafe… but my god averyauna is on a whole other level. as a childcare provider & overall human being.. i just cant even wrap my head around this!!! that poor poor sweet girl. may her soul rest in peace. it’s so scary that you never know what evil is lurking around us 馃様 everything about this case is beyond heartbreaking

  23. Omg lil Cali was a Beautiful 馃槏 child. How in tf could these animals called parents do those horrific things to her. They should’ve dropped her off at the hospital, police dept or somebody’s doorsteps. Both deserves life Without parole or death. Sooo Sad 馃様馃槶

  24. I don鈥檛 know how anyone can allow their child to be abused by someone they are with. Then do nothing to stop it. Makes me sick knowing that children go through such things.

  25. i think she hated the baby mother so bad she knew if she had full custody she could hurt the little girl . From what her husband said 鈥 averyauna wanted me to have HER first child鈥 something clicked that she had to get rid of this child one way or another 鈥 ugh so sad 馃槩馃槩馃槩

  26. WHAT DID SHE DO TO DESERVE THIS? You starved a child to death for 3 years you evil psychotic sad excuse for a human. I pray she never has peace, and gets harassed every single day in jail. Burn in hell bitch. 20 years is not long enough. People should never let her get parole!!!

  27. Ill be damned that my daughter has injuries over and over with bullshit excuses! Wife or not that is unexceptable and she would have been explaining those stupid excuses to the fucking police.

  28. I feel like at some point Tyler really did love his daughter but averyauna talked Tyler into something different. Just like averyauna trapped tyler with 2 more children. i feel like averyauna and tyler plan was to get rid of tyler鈥檚 daughter for good so that Tyler & AveryAuna + the two children they already have together can live happily. But unfortunately for Tyler & Averyauna鈥. That wasn鈥檛 the case ! Thank god they are both locked away 馃槩

  29. I watched the hour long interrogation and it was hard to watch and listen to. She is a nut case. He knew she was an unmedicated nut case, but chose to leave his child alone with her. He came from work and she came out the room with the unalive child. She seemed annoyed, when she said he was so happy to get his cpr certificate, so he did the cpr. She burned the babies hand, put vaseline and wrapped it. She told him to take the blame because his family didn’t like her and he did. A person with a heart, and the caring and loving parent of a child would have cut her loose and get a restraining order. You are not going to sit up here, abuse and murder my child. She did so much to that baby and he didn’t do not one thing to stop it. Let me take that back, he stopped her that one time, she tried to beat the baby.
    He wasn’t mad or upset, while getting questioned at all. She is a monster and he is her retarded puppet. One of his family members called CPS about the abuse and them not feeding her. CPS went there looked at the situation, left it unconfirmed and closed the case. She would kick him and the baby out and call the baby names, but he steady keep going back. They both need to stay in jail. I hope someone puts a broomstick to their holes and keep pushing, until the entire broom disappears.

  30. I hope the inmates find out what they’ve done. They don’t take shit like this lightly…

  31. Them sentences are wrong. They should never be allowed out. That poor little girl did nothing wrong & they starved her & kept her in a cage!! 馃が馃が b#*tards!

  32. This woman is disgusting for what she did to that beautiful, innocent little baby girl. I’m literally disgusted. How could you treat anyone like this let alone a baby!馃槰馃挃馃槨

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