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Female police officer was fatally shot by baby daddy

Chatéri Payne killed by baby daddy/Twisted Crimes

Rookie cop killed by Pookie. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

SHREVEPORT — “Officer down!” The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Twisted Crimes released the murder documentary of rookie police officer Chatéri Payne who was shot dead by her unemployed baby daddy, Tra’veon Anderson, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired January 9, 2019 in Shreveport, Louisiana as Chatéri was preparing to work the night shift. The 22-year-old cop was in full dress uniform when Tra’veon emptied the clip then lied to police, saying he saw two assailants do it. The homunculus even pretended to fire his weapon at ’em. Turns out, Tra’veon and the two actors worked in cahoots. All three were arrested and charged. Tra’veon, 29, and Lawrence Pierre II got life for second-degree murder. Glenn Frierson was exonerated after he snitched, claiming he had nothin’ to do with the plot. Investigators learned Chatéri kicked Tra’veon to the curb for being a pugnacious simp. She also found a new apartment and paid the deposit.

Chatéri was ready to leave his midget ass.

But a jealous Tra’veon determined if he can’t have her nobody can.

Their young daughter is now an orphan.

Social media reaction was venomous. One viewer wrote, “How does a cop get murdered by her boyfriend?😢😢” Another chimed in with, “Ladies, these men are jealous of us! This is a new world now where men wanna be us instead of lead and protect. Move in complete silence! As soon as you realize you’re sleeping with a snake, run and leave no trace and let the goofy bastard off himself since he likes taking lives so bad.”  A third observer added, “He was short, broke and unemployed. What else did she need to know?”

Watch the documentary.

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  1. Another black woman police officer in Montgomery, AL, named Tanisha Pughsley was “Un-Alived” by her ex boyfriend, a month after geting a restraining order on him. He shot her in the head while she was holding their 5 month old baby ! 😡

  2. Be careful who you take into your life… some people are worthless….

  3. Sad! Men stop being weak and hurting females. A real man will never hit a woman, no matter what she say or do. Move the fuck on when a woman tell you it is over, just walk away. Only weak, insecure cowards harm women.

  4. That little man killed this beautiful woman for no reason at all. It should have been first degree.She was so beautiful and lived a meaningful life. The guy was envious and nasty. May she rest in peace💔

  5. How could he killed this beautiful woman and mother of his child… So sad

  6. Coward smh mad cause she was gonna leave your broke too short to reach the cookies in the cabinet ass. Dude was a hater

  7. Lil bum couldn’t handle being left behind to fend for himself. Smh sad for that baby. RIP chateri

  8. You better watch who’s sleeping next to you cuz that person can take your life you don’t know what’s in somebody’s head

  9. No one is more jealous of you than these black thugs, they kill women, children, other black men and any other race they can kill.

  10. Black are criminals,
    Cops and black don’t mix. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that.

  11. As usual, low IQ blacks unable to carefully weigh the consequences of their dastardly acts before carrying them out. Dude got life for hiding the gun used in the murder. Why put your life on the line for a jobless parasite?

  12. She had no business even messing around with him but hey they love those type

  13. Dang all that snitching and Pierre still got life 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. The choices a lot of women make astounds me hears a police officer choosing to be with some ignorant thug . It’s sad I have a beautiful daughter just like this I guess they like the bad boys what does that say about them. I bet if I talked to this guy for 15 minutes I could tell hes not fit to be around decent people. But there blinded by love very sad .


  16. This proves that Blackwomen only choose mates based off their emotions and with zero logic.

  17. females think they can just Up and take someones kid like they are the ONLY PARENT..i dont have any sympathy for her

  18. For all the sh*t police do, you can’t forget they WILL find anyone who shoots at or kills one of “their own”…. Fuck was he thinking/?!?!?! Nig dumb AF! And he’s selfish as hell, cuz now the poor baby lost BOTH of her parents. SMH!!

  19. He looks like a lil Bum and she was an accomplished police officer!!! He was probably jealous of her and maybe she was ready to find a man on her level😥

  20. Nothing is sadder then to see this young women who did something with her life for the better good of humanity die like this. By her own thuggish boyfriend/baby daddy to come put her light out! What a shame! Her own love took her life! Over everything else that could’ve took her life like a criminal she was chasing are a stranger! It was someone in her own corner! 😔 Her child is in my thoughts. 😔

  21. I feel for the poor kid. She lost HER MOM AND DAD WITHIN ONE WEEK.

  22. What in the entire Hell is going on here? Now how did they think that they would get away with it.

  23. So it didn’t bother him that he was going to take the life of the mother of his child. Okay.

  24. Ladies . . Listen to me. . .And im not gonna sugarcoat shit ! Yall don’t see that this is an epidemic?
    Women that date these typa guys have to start carrying guns. You have to k!ll them first before they kill you. Bcz the cops don’t do anything. They can only do something about it after you are dead ! . . The sooner you women understand that the better off you will be. So if you are dating a guy like that. I suggest carry a gun and learn to load it . .shoot it. .clean it take etc. Go right behind his back and learn the weapon inside out.

    Bcz this shit is out of control ! . . You see all the shit he did prior? And was still walking around free? . . See?? Nothing got done about it til after she was dead. So if u are in a situation like this you already know what he’s capable of. Please get a gun or if you got a crazy ass cousin that bangs. .etc. . . Look you need put him down first. I promise he will never see it coming . . . . And if you dont I promise YOU WILL DIE !
    So start plotting in your head how you are gonna carry it out . Or YOU WILL DIE !

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