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Bookstore owner killed by employee she once dated

Erica killed by jealous ex/Black Girl Unlost

Bookstore owner killed by ex.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

ATLANTA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Romero Johnson, 38, was thrown in the slammer after he kidnapped and murdered 42-year-old Erica Atkins because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired Sunday in Locust Grove, Georgia — just south of Atlanta. According to multiple reports, Romero begged Erica to take him back. When she declined, the Shrek look-alike killed her. Romero tried to delude police. But his actions were caught on camera. Investigators reviewed surveillance footage that shows Romero grabbing a sheet of plastic lining from Erica’s garage to cover her body. Then he drove several miles to Cedar Creek and dumped her in the water. A fisherman found Erica’s corpse the ensuing Monday. Romero was arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping. Erica, a single mom of two, was the owner of Birdsong Books. Romero was one of her employees. Yep. Erica gave the n*gga a job, some good p*ssy and he killed her anyway. Ungrateful sumbitch.

“We’re hurting,” Erica’s daughter, Jasmine Atkins, told reporters.

“She kept everyone together.”

Social media reaction was melancholic. One reader wrote, “Wow! If a female doesn’t want you, move on — get over it. Like the old saying goes: ‘There’s plenty of fish in the sea.’ Don’t go killing the person you broke up with. You go your way and she’ll go her way. This doesn’t make any sense at all.” Another chimed in with, “He envied her. He couldn’t handle her ambition, ideas, self-confidence, creativity, so he took her life and still won’t be worth sh*t. He hid his envy, evilness for quite some time. Be careful ladies!”

A third person added, “These ugly ass men are losing their f*cking minds.”  

Watch the sad report.

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  1. She was a beautiful Queen inside and out.. Yet another female gone because another man is in his feelings. We are all God’s children but I believe she had a special calling on this earth. He’s going to prison but after he takes his last breath he’ll get the ultimate punishment…Hell is hot and eternity is a long long time…Rest in Power Queen.

  2. Sadly so many women are being murdered by their boyfriends and husbands…. homicide is the the number one cause of death for women, It’s those you know. But now he will go where he belongs…. In a cage.

  3. Women being deleted left and right by MEN they’re helping. It looks like we need to stop helping these so-called kangs. Let them figure life out themselves. 🛑👷🏽‍♀️

  4. This is why you don’t “help a brotha out”. Don’t let our sista’s tragedy’s be in vain please learn from them. I bet that trash was jealous of her!

  5. They always think they can take in a stray and house break them. 🙄🙄Foolishness

  6. Killed by her own. Smh. She should have hired a white person instead. She would still be alive.

  7. It’s never ok to kill anyone my goodness but this does have me questioning what kind of Manager she was to her employees. There’s literally people out here that are put into managerial roles that are literally pieces of shit scum out to destroy peoples lives deliberately. I’m just honestly saying that’s all.

  8. Gotta set boundaries and stick with them. Stop trying to fix broken individuals. They cannot be repaired.

  9. This is what happens when you don’t pay an employee the proper wage

  10. Men stop getting lead by a woman’s vagina. Stop being addicted to porn and sex. God made sex for love. Satan took it and made it evil and disgusting. Stop porn stop masturbating stop your fantasy that this girl or that girl is better. Pray to God and ask for discernment ask for wisdom ask for a sound mind. If you see a sexy woman who is NOT your wife look away. The bible says resist the devil and he will flee from you. But when it comes to lust it says Flee from it, you the man needs to flee from it, meaning run away don’t look back. So if you resist the devil, he is the one who flees from you, but when it comes to lust and immorality it says you the man MUST flee, don’t fight the temptation don’t fight the urge, run away from it. One day i was at the market and i saw a woman who was wearing a singlet top and it was loose and i noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. I thought if she moved a certain way i would see her nipples, right then i had a choice. I can look and lust and have all sexual imagination and hurt my spirit and soul and hurt God or i can flee. So i started running through the market. I was giggling like an idiot thinking, if people knew why i was running right now they would think I’m insane. But you know what when i stopped running i felt a total peace and a strength because i did exactly what God told me to do, Flee. Men keep a pure heart and a pure mind and you will always have peace. Don’t listen to the devil and his lies. It’s NOT cool or manly how many woman you have had sex with. What is manly and what is strength, is having self control or your thoughts mastering the way you think. Respecting yourself and woman. But most of all following what God says it right.

  11. Another BW taken out by a Kanggg 😐. BW leave this dustmites alone. RIP.

  12. Many black men are jealous of successful black women. I’m not surprised.

  13. This is such a shame…Look at this POS in the mugshot who has nothing to offer to this world but hurt and pain. May she rest in peace as her legacy and positive impact on this world continues.

  14. Another jealous hateful “Dusty” murdering a bw and this is why i would never hire or do business with a dusty

  15. Doing just what the white man wants you do

    Slave for the state free labor !!!! Damm fool 😕

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