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New Heights: Travis can’t recognize all 32 coaches

Travis can’t remember every coach/New Heights

Travis faces stiff challenge. 

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KANSAS CITY — In a recent episode of “New Heights,” Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was tasked with pairing all 32 head coaches with their respective NFL franchises, based solely on face recognition. The clip is hilarious. Travis’ brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, downloaded a group photo featuring all 32 coaches and the challenge was underway. “Who the f*ck is that guy?” Travis cracked, referring to Las Vegas Raiders skipper Josh McDaniels. “I’ve never seen that man in my f*cking life.” McDaniels wasn’t the only coach mired in obscurity. Travis couldn’t remember Zac Taylor’s name despite facing his Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC title game the past two seasons. To Trav, there’s nothin’ in Cincy but a bunch of jabronis. Social media reaction was priceless. One viewer wrote, “Travis started off hot then lost me when he said, ‘Who the f*ck is that guy?’😂😂😂”

Another chimed in with, “To be fair to Travis, without being able to zoom in it’s tough to recognize anybody. I’ve played the video over and over again and still can’t spot Nick Sirianni.” A third observer added, “Daaaaaamn the disrespect for Cincy SHOWS. Didn’t even know Coach’s name.😂”

Life is awfully good for the Kelce brothers.

They faced each other in Super Bowl LVII, Travis hosted Saturday Night Live and their “New Heights” podcast is kicking ass.

Watch the Kelce brothers do their thing.

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  1. THIS got me laughing FOR REAL!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    ….and I’m in the same boat, couldn’t recognize 90% of these head fuckin coaches man….. they just don’t look the same in that photo, I didn’t even recognize Mike f’n Tomlin!! assuming that’s even him, and not an assistant…. fuck me! 🤣🤣

  2. I know one of these guys is mike Vrabel but none of them look like mike vrabel

  3. As a bills fan, the most depressing part of this was when he was stuck on one of the coaches, and his brother said it’s your biggest rival, and he immediately said the Bengals.

  4. This is so damn funny..Travis does not care who the f the coaches are HAHAHAH I love the “god dammit” 🤣

  5. More proof that Travis Kelce is a raging pothead!

  6. I think it makes him seem like an unprofessional asshole, but okay…

  7. He’s a fucking idiot but I can’t blame him for not knowing who the HC of the division rival is. Hopefully by the 2nd time they play the #Raiders this coming season, Josh Mcdaniels is already gone.

  8. Given The Kelce Brothers love for their hometown, I’m SHOCKED Travis didn’t recognize Kevin Stefanski

  9. Travis did Cincy dirty on that one. 🤣 he knew damn well who it was, that’s why he circled back. Lmao

  10. Every week I’m like what shenanigans will the Kelce boys cook up this week to get me cracking up hahhahaha

  11. I am SHOCKED he didn’t know Stefanski was the Browns coach. These guys grew up in Cleveland.

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  13. But seriously the guy in between the Jets and the Colts, who is that man? He’s gotta be a new hire…

  14. He didn’t get the Eagles HC, DC, *or* OC, oh my fucking God hahahaha

  15. “There’s no way that guy coaches in the NFL”

    Kevin Stephanski looking at his COTY trophy::::

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