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Wiggins should call Maury

Wiggins has baby mama drama/YouTube

Wiggins takes leave of absence. 

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SAN FRANCISCO — Mama’s baby, Daddy’s maybe? Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins had everybody concerned when he took an emergency leave of absence without giving an explanation. Now we know why. That’s because Andrew allegedly found out he’s raising a kid that ain’t his and he didn’t need Maury’s DNA test for veracity. Andrew, who played college hoops at Kansas University, is supposed to have two daughters: Amyah and Alayah. But scuttlebutt has it, Andrew’s baby mama — Mychal Johnson — copulated with his best friend; raising serious paternity questions. Mychal tried to debunk the rumors via social media. “The internet is really a sick place,” she wrote alongside a vomiting emoji. “Don’t believe everything you read on social media!!!” Andrew’s teammate, Draymond Green, voiced a homogeneous sentiment.

“I want to let you all know about how absolutely ridiculous most of you people are at life,” Draymond said during an appearance on Volume Sports. “The fact that a rumor about Andrew Wiggins — I don’t know if it’s true. I’m not here whether to say it’s true or false. I don’t know — not my business. But point being, it’s not yours either. Sometimes people disgust me. We live in a disgusting world. People’s kids have to live with that… It’s cringeworthy… It actually makes me lose more and more hope for humanity.”

Social media reaction was wild. One fan wrote, “He should have demanded a DNA test.😒” Another chimed in with, “Get a DNA test. If it’s false, cool. However, if this turns out to be true? Get the machete out for the snakes 🐍 in the grass and throw the ho of Babylon out on her ass! Don’t treat the kids any different because it’s got ZERO to do with them. They’re kids and they’re not privy to the deceitful behavior of grown ups. That ‘best friend’ though? My SO CALLED wife? Aww yeah, it’s hammer time homie. Y’all bout to get it.”

A third person added, “Wow! That’s f*cked up! He needs to kick her ass to the curb! Back to the streets from whence you came.🤨”

Andrew hasn’t played since February 13th which means he had a crappy Valentine’s Day.

What’s sad is Mychal and Draymond lambasted fans.

But they didn’t say it wasn’t true.

Watch Draymond defend Andrew.

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  1. Paternity fraud should be punished. These women are not being held accountable.

  2. THATS what you get messing with these SACK CHASER…….if you didnt have money she wouldnt look your way

  3. Just imagine before these dna tests were available how many men raised kids that weren’t theirs.

  4. Bro listen to me, my daughter came out looking EXACTLY like me, but even STILL I had to have a DNA test no matter what. It’s not untill I got that piece of paper in my hands that’s when I FULLY gave my heart to my child but I refuse to do so before then….and this right here is EXACTLY why!!! Dudes don’t understand this can feel like a death to a man, you tell him that a child he gave his whole heart to is not his? BUT I will say this, I wish that when brothers finally get some money, they would STOP running to white women and Latin women then crying because you thought shit would be better on the other side


  6. Being stabbed in the back is not the part that hurts, it’s turning around and seeing who’s holding the knife.

  7. The man who commits adultery with another man’s wife,he who commits adultery with his neighbor’s wife,the adulterer and the adultress shall surely be put to death.Leviticus 20:10.

  8. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. This is a life crisis for him. This woman looks like a Jezebel 1000%, it is very hard for NBA players to find true love. Checked out her IG and she definitely looks like she belongs to the streets.

  9. This is disgusting,his children looks just like him just let it go ,Rumors !🙏🙏🙏

  10. Typical shit women do. DNA testing should be recommended and provided the day the child is born. But oh well…

  11. The world is so wicked now that if a woman is in the secret societies of the world that the people thats in charge of the results will lie about the results of the testing to keep there secret. This is threw the courts. Men be careful who u are sleeping with. America is in a dark evil place right now and it dont look like its going to get anybetter any time soon. I know sounds crazy but its true! Men are under attack right now Especially in America. WE all need to find our lord and savior JESUS CHRIST be blessed

  12. Look, no matter what the case is, if your girl or wife is dressing in revealing clothes, it’s only for one of two reasons:

    A. You’re forcing her to do it.

    B. She’s still in the market and she knows it even if you don’t.

  13. I’d rather she f**k my best man than my enemy 🤝

  14. There exists a 30% statistic of paternity fraud in the U.S. That means, roughly 3/10 men who test for paternity are found not to be the biological father. Unfortunately, these men’s names are still legally on the birth certificates.
    It’s a shame that this reality isn’t commonly reported… For if this fact were to be?, it would change the narrative.
    What man, great or small, enjoys being cuckold?👨🏾‍⚖

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