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Feral catfight inside Target following customer dispute

A viral video shows a pair of impatient black chicks engaged in a bout of fisticuffs at Target following a dispute over who was in line first. Ass and titties were on full display as the women took turns landing haymakers. A store manager and female customer eventually rushed in to intervene. “Somebody help me,” the patron pleaded as she held on for dear life. “Break it up. Break it up. Relax,” the manager added. The catfight would’ve reached its cessation much sooner but the ladies grabbed each other’s tresses and wouldn’t let go. “Bro, she has my f*ckin’ hair!” one of the fighters said. Social media reaction was insane. One viewer wrote, “This is why I shop online.” Another chimed in with, “Don’t y’all bring that ghetto Walmart sh*t to Target.” A third observer added, “Why they gotta fight in the produce section? Go to automotives like a normal person.”

Watch the scuffle.

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  1. Would anyone expect anything different from this culture of people. I wouldn’t.

  2. This is so embarrassing and in public as well. Let’s stop the violence and ridiculous beef.

  3. I’m finna go fill out a app cause I wanna get paid not to do shyt.

  4. This is the first time I see somebody asking for help, and even more surprisingly, help came. (The person recording never tried to help, so that’s a constant)

  5. This is why I go to a local and smaller grocery stores. I only go to Walmart or target if I need something not food-related.

  6. I want my next relationship to be as strong as that grip to that hair almost nothing could break us up

  7. I use to work at pet store, if we had a dog fight we were trained to grab the dogs hind legs and lift, being off balance the dogs let go and easier to separate them. Just once I want to see someone grab them by the ankles and pull, when both face plant the ground……fights done

  8. PLEASE keep your bad vibes and physical altercations away from Target. Those are Walmart activities.

  9. How she’s gonna say where is my phone at the end and assume it was the girl when they’ve been in a fight the whole time that phone was on the floor and the phone been gone

  10. My Target doesn’t have titties. I feel like I’m missing out.

    How can I get this policy changed?

  11. Why do these people feel like they have the right to act this way in a private business? They have no respect for the rest of society. They should be exiled to Burkina Faso or somewhere.

  12. Why are the comments sections under fight videos always racist 😭 y’all need to find God

  13. wait a min!!! I just know they not spitting in target and tearing shit up by the fruit lmfaoooo

  14. Plz keep this at Walmart no need for this in our lovely Target 😂😂😂

  15. Oh hell no, I pay good money to leave that mess at Wally World! Y’all better not be doing Target like that!

  16. Why didn’t they do this when K-Mart was around? It could’ve been the Blue Light Special!

  17. they couldn’t do this at my target, they have armed security guards.

  18. When they first started fighting, there’s a guy standing there wearing jeans & a black hoodie. A few seconds into the clip u see him casually walk by without even looking over at them fighting he took their phones b/c the phones were on the floor when they first started fighting.

  19. I’m sorry but I’m that mom that would have been getting hits in if my kid was getting beat up 🤣

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