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Foxy claims Jay-Z took her virginity then gave her STD

Jay-Z took Foxy’s virginity/YouTube

Foxy drops Jay-Z bombshell.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

BROOKLYN — Foxy Brown (né Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand) set the hip-hop world ablaze when she claimed Jay-Z gave her Gonorrhea and never apologized for it. The “I’ll Be” rapper also accused the Roc Nation honcho of purloining her virginity when she was 15 years old which would make him a pedophile. Jay, 53, is nine years older than Foxy, 44. “I was 15 when Jay-Z took my virginity,” she said during a radio appearance on Power 107.5 in Columbus, Ohio. “He was 27.” Foxy got his age wrong. Jay-Z was 24 at the time. But it’s still statutory rape nonetheless. Social media reaction was wild. One fan wrote, “When you sell your soul eventually you have to pay the devil his due.” Another chimed in with, “They need to lock Jay-Z up.” A third person added, “FOXY PLEEZ, don’t even front. You wanted to give dat azz up! That’s how you bought your rap ticket!”

In addition to spewing rape allegations, Foxy said there’s a sex tape that shows her having a Ménage à trois with Jay and Jamie Foxx. After the Brooklyn rapstress signed a gag order, the tape was subsequently robbed from her home to prevent a leak. Foxy also called Jay a tranny-chasing homosexual, claiming he and former NBA player Larry “Grandmama” Johnson were “f*ck buddies.”

That’s certainly within the realm of possibility given the fact Jay and Larry once shared an apartment.

Not to mention, the quondam New York Knicks star repped Jay’s Rocawear.

Larry also dressed in drag to film his “Grandmama” television commercials.

Jay ain’t the only billionaire mogul suspected of fudge-packin.’

Social media star Jay Versace said Diddy had him “bent over” on a bed.

Do you believe Foxy?

Has your perception of Jay-Z changed?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. But the world been knew this. And still nothing with happen to him, because he got all the money to pay judges lawyers DA, Feds etc… to make these allegations go away.

  2. Jay z along with birdman and Mannie fresh are some of the ugliest rappers. If they didn’t have money, they’d have no women at all.

  3. This is none of our business,if foxy ain’t making a fuss about it,what ya’ll yeaping about trying ruin people’s names for what? bloggers need to get a life and a real job.

  4. Whelp Nas said it on ether. He said Jayz kept his face in her puss and said he think he getting girls cause of his looks lml😂


  6. Foxy was born 78 jay z was born 69 so 15 and 27 is not efficient math

  7. It’s sad how we are so quick to tear down each other to get clicks and likes. Even though Foxxy herself said all this is bullshit.

  8. Yes, I think there are a lot of entertainers who have sexual relations with underage girls
    I believe JayS was having a sexual relationship with Beyonce when She was a minor….

  9. Jay Z, Dame Dash all of them turnt blind eyes to the underage girls. Damon Dash is a hypocrite due to only being mad that r.kelly and jigga were working together after the Aaliyah situation. However when it was foxy brown everyone was kool with it. Smdh

  10. I knew Jay z was hitting foxy brown when she was under age , and he has the nerve to talk crap about r kelly, so i expect a surviving Jay-Z documentary to come out and expose jay z , and we won’t forget Aaliyah.

  11. She said “fucked wit”, as in affiliation. She didn’t say “fucked”. U tripping fam

  12. U fuckin bloggers making money and a name on bullshit, do some real work reporter ass niggas!!! In da hood we call y’all snitches shut da fuck up and create your own life, and stop making money off of somebody else.

  13. So who’s the real pedophile R Kelly or Jay Z why ain’t Jay Z in prison for statutory rape foxy Brown was only 15 years old.

  14. Rihanna was also recruited by Jayz at a 15 just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

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