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Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt skydiving & more in Hawaii

Gracie Hunt went skydiving in Hawaii/YouTube

Chiefs heiress took leap of faith. 

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KANSAS CITY — A viral video shows Kansas City Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt skydiving in a sexy tank top and Nike sneakers while vacationing in Hawaii. The bikini queen also rode horses on the beach and she did a little rock climbing. But skydiving is what caught everybody off guard. High-altitude be damned… Gracie, 24, didn’t hesitate to take a jump 14,000 feet above sea level with picturesque views of land and water underneath her. The good news is Gracie’s parachute did its job to ensure a smooth landing. The prepossessing blonde shared the clip on Instagram to the sound of Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying.” The post contains the caption, “The best days start with a leap of faith.” Social media reaction was supportive. One commenter wrote, “Oh my gosh! You rockstar!!!!” Another chimed in with, “Gracie! I love this. I did the same thing when I was your age!!! My parents freaked out.😂 Go Gracie go, to new heights a new mindset … reach for the sky!” A third viewer added, “Wow, you don’t even look scared! Great video … and also … the fact that your scrunchie stayed in.😮”

Watch Miss Kansas do her thing.

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  1. Good stuff! Jumped at 10k a few years back. Free fall was approximately 120 mph for the first 40 seconds! Exhilarating!

  2. 👏 Awesome, but I was Scared for her! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️💯👊

  3. is it weird that I want her to have an affair with Patrick Mahomes?

  4. Does she want a 46 year old divorced dude who makes less than 100k a year? LoL, she is a very attractive young woman. In my next life, I am going to date her and maybe be her dad’s business partner. You know, share the press box and private jet. Am I having a fantasy? Is that what that is? LoL

  5. She’s an inspiration to all women. She’ll be the first female commissioner. Such a hard worker

  6. I wish Patrick married Gracie. Gracie needs him. And Patrick needs to learn business from the Hunts.

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