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China McClain illuminated Hollywood’s Satanic secret

China is struggling spiritually/YouTube

China McClain is confused. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

HOLLYWOOD — One minute she’s lambasting the industry. Next minute, she’s extolling it. Culture Spill released the documentary of actress China Anne McClain who quit Hollywood because of the Illuminati, then changed her mind and went back. Yep. Two years ago, the Disney starlet disseminated a TikTok video claiming everything Hollywood represents is “Satanic” and not “Godlike” and she felt obligated to warn aspiring artists about the industry. She also accused Illuminati bigwigs of shoving Satanic imagery down people’s throats. For instance, Lil Nas X portrayed himself as the devil in his “Montero” video. Then upped the ante by selling Satan shoes for $666. “It’s about influence,” China said. “There is a reason why you see people dressed up as Satan. Full-on visuals of Satan. Dressed as a demon. Got upside-down crosses all on their clothes or pentagrams on their clothes.”

“People think that this stuff is just a game,” China continued. “No, there’s a reason why the entertainment industry is doing that. They know good and doggone well that God exists. They also know that Satan exists. They’re just counting on the fact that y’all don’t know that. The things that you take in, that they’re feeding you, those things affect you whether you realize it in the moment or not.”

“That’s why they do it,” she added

Shortly after disseminating that message, China did a complete 180 and sold out. First, the “Black Lightning” luvvie released a remake of her Halloween video “Calling All the Monsters” that shows her portraying a witch. Then she shared a pair of party clips on social media that shows her gyrating her derrière (à la Megan Thee Stallion). Can’t lie, I enjoyed “Calling All the Monsters”.

Me and daughter performed to it on Xbox’s “Dance Dance Revolution” when she was little.

That said… China, 24, is obviously mixed-up and confused.

If you go to her Twitter page, you’ll descry scantily clad images of her.

There’s also a crucifix in China’s Twitter handle.

Lord have mercy.

Give China credit.

What she said about the Illuminati is 100 percent true.

Global elites are running outta time and they’ve grown desperate.

The Illuminati recruited yours truly, a negro blogger in the Midwest.

Not the east coast.

Not the west.

The Midwest.

If that doesn’t reek desperation, what does?

Do you feel sorry for China?

Was she murdered and cloned?

Watch the documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. They groomed her as a kid. She can have fun and still be in God. But it might be too late for her.

  2. She is just like the others in Hollywood, they’re leaving something out.

  3. I think China is struggling mentally although I might be wrong. The entertainment biz is brutal n savage. I wish her God speed.

  4. 😂😂😂 She needs a shrink not a social media platform 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. I have no sympathy for millionaires 🤷‍♀️. She made her money and now she wants to talk.

  6. China Anne McClain was my childhood celebrity crush , and watching this video explains why I haven’t seen her on tv for a while

  7. @Justinee Bourgeois: She Was a child for godsakes its called groomin

  8. the industry is so evil it scared her away, turned her 100% to god. that’s powerful.

  9. She’s been there, done that and doing no more. She knows what she is talking about

  10. im with her on this yall can keep lil nas x and all them devilish people.

  11. Hollywood has never been good. It’s been evil from the start. Created by the Babylonians for witchcraft and Luciferianism. What is a witches wand made of? It’s made of wood, from the holly tree.

  12. She better be careful Hollywood’s also good at getting rid of people that expose them.

  13. People have no idea… I had an experience back 2 years ago…. Jesus is real… and so is the devil. I was in denial a few times… but no doubt what I went through was something spiritual… and we are at a war. Watch that movie Nepharious to get an idea. Which eternity are you gonna choose? You only get one shot. Heaven or hell. Pick.

  14. Damn, the dark side got her back. Look at her Twitter feed now. 😔

  15. Something is off here… she back in Hollywood..or she never left…or is this NOT HER…

  16. I always did love her vibe . As a evangelical Christian I get what she’s talking about I seen dark stuff to and done bad things I’m glad God is in her life

  17. We should not be afraid of spreading God’s kingdom and message be blessed China 🙏

  18. God isn’t real.
    These people are just disgusting humans who have taken advantage of a religion and it’s beliefs to control a society.

    They are playing with you. They hide behind fear and use it to separate us. Stay calm. There is no hell.
    We are one people from the universe. We control the narrative. Not them or the news.

    May the stars watch over you.


  20. This girl is talking trash cause she’s not getting more work. People only talk shit when they are not relevant or willing to be more ratchet on television. And her coworkers are way more pretty. Friggin hater.

  21. She’s so fricking strong after everything, she’s brave for speaking what’s on her mind

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