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Do courtesans offer better packages than girlfriends?

Western relationships are wild/YouTube

Are hookers a better option? 

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KANSAS CITY — Single ladies, step up ya game. ‘Cause there’s a lot of great dating options out there. Passport Bros my ass. Check this out: This weekend, yours truly was “Home Alone” in my draws, being Macaulay Culkin when a prepossessing popsy came across my social media feed. The voluptuous damsel proffered her pornographic services, saying she’ll give me two hours of fantasy for $200 and she’ll throw in a complimentary shower to boot. The hottie also makes housecalls. No hotels. And for a total of $400 she’ll spend the night. Babygirl said, “I’ll come to you. Give you pleasure. Satisfy your fetishes. Then leave so you can get back to your normal, professional life.” Dayuuummm! Telling you dawg, it’s every bachelor’s reverie come true. Not sure what’s going on with y’all, but I’ve been tempted lately even though I’m minding my own damn business.

First, the Illuminati invitation.

Now this.

Somebody is definitely f*cking with me.

Nevertheless… As soon as babygirl spoke, I started ruminating. See, before COVID, I normally paid $200 every time I took a chick out on a date or hit the club. And, can’t lie, I copulated with many of those women. So, in that sense, my love life is homogeneous to what the model proposed. The only variance is this: the popsy presented something money typically can’t buy. Peace. See, us real G’s realize you don’t pay a courtesan for sex. You pay her to leave. Zion Williamson is the exception to the rule.

With a wife or girlfriend, you get nooky (sometimes).

But you also inherit all the nagging, cantankerous, household-related stress that comes with it.

That’s why there’s no denying babygirl offers one helluva package.

Think about it.





It’s the American Dream, n*gga.

Again, same $200 you’d expend on a wife or girlfriend. But babygirl’s conglomeration is more enticing. Options like this elucidate why more high-value men have ‘flipped the bird’ at the dating scene. There’s simply sexier, mo’ feasible options available. Dissatisfied bachelors made their choice by purchasing passports and traveling overseas for vulva. Keep in mind, all women cost money. Doesn’t matter if she’s a wife, girlfriend or family member. Women cost.

But tranquility is what most men prefer and, thanks to popsies like babygirl, we can now put a price on it.

Is there a dating crisis?

What’s better? A traditional woman or a modern one?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’m a player and I don’t mind dating a hooker because I know I’m gonna have it my way

  2. Never fall in love with a whore, she will always return to her instincts no matter what she tells you.

  3. Why date girls who want a Disney version of a relationship when I can buy hookers?

  4. Simple answer you can’t date a prostitute. She is sleeping with dudes on a regular basis making thousands in 1 week so unless you got a shit load of money she ain’t going to waist her time on you.

  5. just curious what if a guy just wants to bust a nut and willing to pay 100 or 200 dollars for a hooker…is smart about it (disease free, safe location) …nothing more nothing less no love just pure pleasure…obv hooker just wants money so in the end its a win win for both sides

  6. Now I want to know if there has ever been a success story where marrying a prostitute worked out as a happily ever after for both husband and wife?

  7. I’ve been dating a whore for 6 years .In that time I’ve seen various nacissistic theatrical rants ,kick off ,demands and ridiculous expectations .The ,I love you, thing is used to keep you around .I’ve got totally bored with all of her rubbish I dumped her last night .It’s ok I’m over it now.Shallow soulless piece of shit .

  8. Fellas dont date single moms. Women can take you to court if you have dated long enough to be seen as a “father figure” to their child. If they can prove that you acted as a father you can be forced to pay child support though its not your DNA and you were never on the birth certificate.

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