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Kita Rose shares advice on avoiding Pookie & Ray Ray

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  1. People ALWAYS tell you who they are if you just let them run they mouth… believe them

  2. This is a whole mouth full of truth!!!

    My ex narc husband use to ask me periodically, why are you with me? Are you just doing charity work? Why are you slumming?

    I will NEVER AGAIN be with a man who ask such questions. A lesson of pain learned the hard way!!

  3. When people tell you who they are believe them… “im a bad friend” “im selfish” “I have a hard time committing”

  4. Or his self esteem is so low and he’s so beaten into the ground that he feels like he’s the worst you can do and needs to be boosted.

  5. This hits hard because I am going through the aftermath of finally believing. Took me too damn long.

  6. Oh Wheew! She’s on to something! I had to live it to learn it. That was the desperation in me! At this moment now I’m still healing from the heartbreak I walked into. He told me everything she said, I wouldn’t accept it.

  7. So true. I have also noticed when they say you are a good woman they really mean they ain’t ready to be a good man to you.

  8. It’s also a form of manipulation as he is waiting for you to defend him and reaffirm his status in the relationship.

  9. I had that to happen to me in a past relationship, and I walked 90 days later… THANK YOU!

  10. I always figure they are either looking for reassurance or fishing for compliments

  11. “When people show you who they really are, believe them the first time.” Maya Angelou

  12. Could be a break up tactic, some people cant just openly say they’re done because they fear a messy break up or hurtful break up. Self esteem is also factor. Or looking for reassurance from their partner. People are different 🤷‍♂️

  13. I swear to God she ain’t lyin. And when you agree with them and say “ok cool” watch them be stunned then get mad. They’re use to women being like “Oh no you’re not” and wanting to fix them. Chile not me. If you tell me you’re a loser Ima say ok 👍🏾.

  14. She ain’t lyin. And that goes for women too. Had a girl tell me she wasn’t shit & I stayed around like, “Don’t say that about yourself. You’re so smart.” Nah. Flaming highly educated garbage. Shoulda listened.

  15. “I’m shit(loser,etc…)”

    “I’m shit AND I’m not willing to do anything about it”

  16. My boyfriend had such low self esteem before we got together. He is amazing, he just can’t see it the way I do. He didn’t think he was good enough for me. 3 yrs in, he is still the love of my life, he supports me in ways no one else ever has.

  17. My ex used to say this to me for years. He would say “I did it because I’m so stupid”. I would put on my cape and say no you’re not baby. Finally when I decided to leave he said that same stupid line…Baby I did it because I’m stupid. I agreed with him and said yes you are! He got mad and said I’m not gonna let you keep calling me stupid because I aint stupid. 😂😂😂

  18. I had a guy randomly shout, “I’m fucked up!” Lmao I was like, “okay…..” hahah

  19. It’s the same as when a woman tells you she’s “crazy.” When I hear that, I pack my shit and dip. I don’t need that in my life.

  20. Girl I wish I knew this. I thought it was a weird way to complement me. We were doing our thing and he kept repeating “I don’t deserve you” … it was weird and I ignored it and was like aweee. But it was really a confession! Months later turns out he was playing me. Wish my good sis was with me during that time

  21. Yes ma’am! When they tell you, or show you who they are, act accordingly! 👏🏾 And I’d rather anyone tell me the deal than lie and I have to see for myself later!

  22. EXACTLY! I always think of a potential partner as being qualified for the position because a successful relationship takes hard work to go well just like a real job!!☝️☝️

  23. Or you could just learn on the job. I was wholey unqualified when I got hired but I figured my shit out and now I’m one of the best techs they got

  24. My bf used to tell me things like that and I took it as a compliment. As the years passed.. I realized.. . He was actually right. I should’ve listened and maybe I wouldn’t be where I am today lol stuck in misery

  25. My man at the moment keeps calling himself a loser (he’s definitely not) but hes in a bad depression right now and I’m just trying to be there for him.

  26. Men say that when they no longer want to be in a relationship with a woman but instead of saying it they say the woman is too good for him!

  27. My Ex told Me that and said that I was a better person than he is. My response was, Did You Try Being A Beter Person? He then says, Hm..I’m Not Sure. 😩 I should’ve RAAANNN!

  28. My man of now 12 years told me he was a loser too, but you know why, because he had depression and he was always dumped on growing up. Fact is, he’s not a loser, he’s hard working, honest, kind, and caring. But, ngl, that is rare for a guy who actually isn’t a loser to say he’s a loser.

  29. I was in this situation with my current boyfriend when we started dating. He has incredibly low self esteem at times and very bad anxiety, and when we first started dating around our 1 year anniversary (for reference we’ve been together for about 3 years) he started saying some of this stuff. Prior to us getting together he used to really get down in himself for not getting good enough grades.

    The difference between his low self esteem and someone who tells the truth was shown through the actions. He tried, and still tries to put his best foot forward every time and he succeeds a lot of the time. Watch those people’s actions if you can’t tell.

  30. Adults who suffered abuse as children tend to undervalue themselves severely. Sometimes you need to help your partner get therapy rather than jumping straight to rehoming them. But other times you gotta drive em miles away and leave them by the side of the road and hope they can’t find their way back. It’s hard af to tell.

  31. I lie about being being a broke loser all the time😂😂😂
    Keeps the vultures away

  32. Big Fucking Facts “I don’t deserve you” “Why are you with me” “You deserve someone to treat you right” just run it’s a warning not flattery

  33. Or they just want to dump you without making it look like it’s your fault.

  34. Back when my self esteem was ass I would say dumb shit like this knowing I wasn’t a loser but my brain had me thinking I was

  35. I didn’t listen and it took 3 years of my life from me. He’s still trying to come back after I kicked him out.

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