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Anti-LGBT gunman shoots woman over her pride flag

Travis killed Laura over gay flag/YouTube

Laura shot dead at her store. 

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SAN BERNARDINO — Laura Ann Carleton, a married mother of 9 children, was gunned down at her clothing store on Friday because she had an LGBT gay pride flag flying outside her business. The murder transpired in San Bernardino County, California — near Lake Arrowhead. The gunman — Travis Ikeguchi — confronted Laura, spewed a bunch of disparaging remarks about homosexuals and lesbians, then pulled out a gun and opened fire. Laura, 66, was pronounced dead at the scene. Ikeguchi, 27, fled like a lil bitch. But Sheriff deputies chased him down. A shootout ensued and Ikeguchi got smoked. “When deputies attempted to contact the suspect, a lethal force encounter occurred and the suspect was pronounced deceased,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “I’m telling you, your average American citizen with morals, respect and accountability has had enough of the gay agenda being pushed on CHILDREN. Leave our kids alone or I’m afraid we will see more of the same. “

Another person added, “THIS is exactly WHY I don’t fly flags, I don’t wear hats or shirts with messages pushing AGENDAS, and I won’t put ANY bumper stickers on my car. NOR do I allow ANYONE to put political signs in my yard… and I NEVER attend parades that PUSH agendas. People are crazy and they’ll do bad things to you IF THEY don’t agree with your message. Don’t advertise what you believe in. It just MAY end your life.” Laura, a heterosexual white woman, was a staunch supporter of the LGBT community.

She owned the Mag Pi clothing store in Cedar Glen.

Ikeguchi appears to be Asian.

California Governor Gavin Newsom — a Democrat — condemned the hate crime, calling it “absolutely horrific.

“This disgusting hate has no place in CA,” he wrote on X.

Watch the disturbing report.

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  1. To be honest! I am sick and tired of that flag. I am not hanging flags because heterosexuality. However, I totally disagree with killing , mistreating, or persecuting any individual from the LGBTQ community

  2. Getting upset over colored cloth is a sign of mental illness, killing over it is pure evil.

  3. Sad that a person can’t fly a flag for something they believe in. Gotta be a coward to take a mom away from her children

  4. this unfortunately happens when you support debauchery and brazen conduct…not fair to normal good people

  5. The Pride flag is protected by the 1st amendment. Don’t like it…LEAVE!

  6. Lame. Personally, I don’t care about the “Pride” movement. I don’t care what you do in your personal life, if it’s with consenting adults. But, this is absolutely disgusting. Nobody should be killed for their support of the movement.

  7. Anti-LGBT+ acts of violence are significantly on the increase in the U.S.; but, what can be expected after major presidential politicians on the extreme-right ( DeSantis, Haley, Pence, & Scott) and Supreme Court justices (Thomas,Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh & Barrett) publicly promote these hateful views. These leaders are responsible!!!!

  8. Trump supporting republican terrorists are to blame for the hate and violence.

  9. Too bad the cops killed that brave man who stood up to the pride nonsense.

  10. Well think of it like this. She was STRAIGHT WOMAN PROMOTING THE GAY AGENDA? Some extremists would consider that a suicide mission. If you’re n9t gay why promote it? It makes no sense to me. She lost her life FOR NOTHING 😮


  12. Sick. We need this right-wing Christian Nationalist movement to be declared a domestic terrorist movement no better than ISIS or Al Qaeda. Even federal law enforcement has said that these groups are a bigger threat to American democracy than any other at this time..

  13. I don’t want to hear ANY bull crap from my liberal colleagues when I see dozens of elderly people be assaulted for simply wearing a MAGA hat. 😅

  14. 110% opposed to this but I knew it would happen. The alphabet klan draws way too much negative attention due to its own radicalism. They don’t know how to mind their business and leave people alone either. Everybody needs to chill tf out. Yes, this is a “both sides” issue, even though this lady in particular did not deserve any of it.

  15. I have only an american flag on my house but I have a strong feeling I could be killed for that one day… Should I remove it now before it’s late?

  16. Even though I don’t like these pride flags 🏳️‍🌈 🤔it’s still not right to just KiLL SOMEONE OVER Hanging A FlaG on there store and it’s her private property store …. I don’t stand with murdering someone just because I don’t like the way the pride flag people push the agenda and genitilliA on are kids is wrong but she didn’t deserve to get shot and killed just for having a flag uP I don’t think anyone again shoukd be murdered just for having a flag UP she didn’t threatens the guy with a weapon so this is wrong I will say that much and that much only .

  17. Domestic right-wing misogynist terrorist.

    A Trump supporter. Of course. They are such toxic people.

  18. She had nine children????
    She adopts and then transitions children is that how it works?

  19. It is sad the LGBTQ+ community suffered from this loss. I understand there are strong feelings, strong feelings on BOTH sides of the issue. Here you have a business owner who chose to support a cause. Unfortunely, there are people in that same community who are forcing their beliefs and life style on those who are not interested. Maybe the LGBTQ+ community would benefit if they addressed the ones who are antagonizing those outside the community and causing upsets. Don’t PUSH your beliefs on me or I WILL push back.

  20. Put up stupid flags, win stupid prizes. Stop grooming and this will stop!🤔

  21. Here’s what’s happening and it was started by Obama. A while back, a gay dude tried to ask me out, but I told him that I’m not gay and to keep the crap to himself. The police were called and they threatened to arrest me. They claimed that what I said to him was a border line hate crime. I was later terminated from that job for supposedly no reason. I have feelings and rights too. If choose not to be gay, and I do, then that is my prerogative! I also have a right to call it crap. Non gay people have rights too. Go back to don’t ask don’t tell. Keep it to yourself. I don’t hate anyone, but I have rights too. If law enforcement don’t protect the my 1rst Amendment right then I will protect them. Later, it was ruled that my rights were violated. Stop forcing it on people! Keep it to yourselves! The guy went about it the wrong way, and I can see more of this happeniing in the future. She probably messed with the wrong dude..

  22. MAGA Republican no doubt. MAGA hate preachers do nothing but incite violence and call for executions of LGBTQ people, then cry ‘cHrIsTiAnItY iS bEiNg aTtAcKeD, meanwhile the REAL victim is being buried. I guarantee none of them know the REAL victim’s name

  23. People not wanting kids to be sexed in school by drag queens are not homophobic they are good parents. GAYS AGAINST GROMERS are the original gay men that fought for our rights, you coward types that did nothing but betray your own now you hunger for Christian blood to.

  24. Another day, another hate act commited by a Christian. They are so loving, just like Jesus wanted.

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