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Pookie deletes baby mama during shift at Home Depot

Brooklyn was killed at work/Leah Gordone

Single mom killed at work. 

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PENSACOLA — The adventures of Pookie & Ray Ray continue. Eric Agee, 20, was thrown in the slammer after he murdered his baby mama, Brooklyn ‘Dior’ Sims, because she broke up with him. Eric also claimed she gave him an STD. The femicide transpired at Brooklyn’s job around 1:30 p.m. on August 11, 2023 in Pensacola, Florida. To compound matters, Eric’s mom — Sheila Agee — helped coordinate the murder by driving Brooklyn to work then giving out her location. The 18-year-old single mom was busy working her shift at Home Depot when Eric barged in with a gun and opened fire — striking Brooklyn multiple times. She was pronounced dead in Aisle 52. Two co-workers were also shot but suffered minor injuries. After turning himself in, Eric was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery. Authorities later learned he worked in cahoots with Sheila, 50, and they released a series of damning text messages as corroboration.

“Investigators discovered that the mother of the suspect, Keith Agee, knew and even helped him coordinate the murder,” the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “Additionally, text messages between mother and son highlight the mother’s involvement in helping locate the victim.”

Instead of talking Eric out of it, Sheila told him if he didn’t “come kill her” he’s a “bitch.”

She also told Eric to “erase” the text messages “cause I don’t want nobody to know I was texting your stupid ass.”

Sheila was arrested and charged as an accomplice.

Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “The mom is an unhinged idiot who raised an unhinged, evil idiot. All of this instead of simply moving on with your life and leaving that lady alone.” Another person added, “You can’t just procreate with anybody. Sad story, my condolences but please ladies get a boring mate. Leave these fun boys alone.”

Prior to the shooting, Eric was arrested twice for domestic violence. Brooklyn filed a restraining order and pursued a parenting plan. “She took him to court, did the steps she had to take to make sure he was out of her way, and somehow this ended up being the result,” Brooklyn’s brother, Breland Carter, told reporters. “I feel like it was ‘if I can’t have you, no one can have you.'”

Eric and Brooklyn share a 2-year-old daughter who’s now an orphan.

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. America is done! Welcome to the New World of Skull n Bones..
    I am not joking!

  2. Did they not know that deleted texts are really not deleted from the server/carrier 😶🤔Two Dummies going right where they belong! Keep them off the streets!

  3. I have never seen such stupidity between a Mother supporting her son to murder someone. Her support gave him the motivation to take a Mother from her baby. All she wanted to do was come to a happy medium and co parent since there was no relationship. Now the baby will be forever without any parents. She deserved to have her Mom who cared and loved her. Justice for Brooklyn Sims. Condolences to the baby and family. Sad😪😪😪

  4. These negroes DO NOT like us!! Black women, when are y’all gonna divest!! Check out the stats on which group is the MOST abused!! It’s us!!

  5. So he got a call while at work from a medical clinic and then left work to go kill her. In the text he said “she ain’t doing nothing but costing me money and she gave me #&@*+”. Was that blanked out part supposed to be STD? If so was that his so called breaking point? Ugh…I hope him and his Mama get life without parole. Naw he needs the death sentence.

  6. STOP EXTORTing[[Child Support]] & this won’t happen…. until then stop wondering why females end up dead ⚰️

  7. I can’t imagine what that young man went through being raised by a woman like that .

  8. How many Black Women have to be murdered by black men before we start taking it to the street, This is genocide!!

  9. The most trifling mother ever. Mother and son about to go to prison. Sheila gone catch hell in prison. I heard women prisons are worse than men’s.

  10. We really have to teach our daughters and sons but mostly young ladies about vetting and dating these males. It’s sad that she even linked up with this kind of guy. Praying for her daughter, family and her soul.🙏 Sometimes getting help really doesn’t help.. How about avoiding this types of guys in the first place.. The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.. Vet the family, friends and their mental history before even giving a kiss… We have to stop leading with our emotions and start leading from logic. She was a baby herself 😢

  11. Pretty momma’s boy. They gone pass him around like a blunt in prison.

  12. These are the type of women i cant stand… they baby and coddle their sons and never teach them how to be accountable and they’ll cosign all their BS instead of teaching them anything valuable
    I hope she ROTS in jail

  13. 🗣Not only Did the Moms help plan this killing She drove Brooklyn to work to Ensure she be there🕵 and told the Son if you don’t Do It you’re Pussy 😱 Da Fuq Going On In AMERICA Yo

  14. Wow wow wow!! WTH is going on in the community! How you are a mother encouraging your child to kill someone! Ma’am your going straight to jail! So now the mom is dead, the dad going to prison, and grandma going to hell!

  15. The young lady made the right decision to stop their relationship because of DV. May she rest in peace. On the other hand….may that woman and her son rot in hell.

  16. She must of been sleeping with her own son and wanted her out of the picture to keep the baby 🤷 I don’t know just saying smh!!

  17. not condoning in any way shape or form. just trying to understand. what was their motivation? what made them say yeah we need to take this persons life? the mother of your child? even if you hate her guts the child still needs its mom. at least love your kid enough to make better decisions smh

  18. As terrible as this situation is, it makes me wonder how bad that girl was to make them decide to go this far.

    I’m not one to think that just because you died that makes you innocent, not that she deserved to die but she was doing something to make them think this action was deserved…so I’m curious about the full details

    Murder is horrible, but I’m not naive enough to believe that with all the support they were giving her to only decide to kill her later…there’s a reason behind this development and they clearly felt disrespected/ betrayed.

    Just saying, dying isn’t enough to convince me that someone is a victim..the unconnected people who were affect are victims, but that girl had to be doing something to get this reaction from her own extended family 🤷🏾‍♂️

  19. This is just insane… My oldest son’s ex GF tried to accuse him of r*pe and hitting her when he was only 15!! He’s now 16. Of course, I was mad af and wanted to go off on her, but I would NEVER do that and would NEVER tell my son to either!! She eventually admitted that she lied about all of it and has continued to try to talk to my son, but he won’t in any way. Ppl killing ppl is beyond me!!! Unless it’s a ‘kill or be killed’ kinda situation. Evil is running rampant.

  20. She wanted her grand baby to herself. Her stupidity is what got her caught. She trained her son to kill that girl. She’s the murderer she just used her son to pull the trigger and knew he would get caught and thought she would be with her grand baby and live a happy life. Her kind of nasty will get what she deserves in prison. The women will punish her every day all day.

  21. The mother and son should get life in prison.. Brooklyn must have asked for child support. God bless the family and friend’s. Just awful ❤

  22. Women should not raise boys, Women only look out for themselves, if women couldnt control children or get benefits from them they would not want them

  23. THATS WHAT BIT@#$ DO ,ACT LIKE THEY YOUR FRIEND but REALLY YOUR ENEMY. This is another reason why we need Fathers in the home.

  24. Don’t trust those Mommas. My ex husband’s mother knew my ex husband was buying a house behind my back and cheating. She didn’t tell me what was going on. She laughed in my face and I was taking care of her. Thankful God showed me what was being done behind my back.

  25. Did his mom plan to collect support for the baby? Was this a case of incest?

  26. Got her the job!! Drove her to work!!set her up to be killed and showed up to the vigil holding her daughter!!!???

  27. Sad example of a mother instead of teaching her son how to treat and respect women she taught him to kill the mother of his own child they deserve what they both get and later down the road that’s going to eat them up they will be so sorry for what they did my prayers goes out to the family

  28. It wasn’t over an std . He couldn’t stand to see her move on with her life and find someone else to love her and treat her in ways he couldn’t . These men are morbidly jealous and can’t seem to take rejection well without wanting to kill .

  29. The communication between the mother and son was oddly strange. It’s almost as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend in a toxic relationship. I wouldn’t have been surprised if his Mom secretly wanted him for herself. People like this are disgusting. I was once involved with a guy who had a weird relationship with his Mom and she would always be under every one of his posts and pictures on Facebook talking about “I love you baby son” and he’d say ” I love you more” and she’d say ” I love you most”. She was a druggy in an abusive relationship. Her son hated her husband because she basically chose her husband over him. His Mom was a huge enabler too. She had a soft voice that she’d use to manipulate people into thinking she was kind, but she was a liar and a thief. I’m not surprised her two sons turned out to be “ain’t sh*t” men. Child or not, I wouldn’t have him anywhere near me.

  30. These young men today are jealous of the young ladies. The young girls today have degrees and few streams of revenue. The young dusty is jealous. Sad but don’t ignore the red flags. They let you know bc they don’t support you or show up to your events.

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