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Teacher has her students rapping Sexyy Red’s song

A viral video shows a black elementary school teacher remixing Sexyy Red’s “SkeeYee” lyrics with her kindergarteners. It’s one of the most disturbing things you’ll ever see. “SkeeYee,” by the way, is a slang term used to describe the baddest bitch in the club. It also means orgasm. The lyrics go: “If you see me and you tryna see what’s up (skee-yee). He wanna f*ck with me, then I’ma have him stuck (skee-yee). Bitch lookin’ bad, and got a stupid butt (skee-yee). Jewelry on yo’ wrist, f*ck it, hold it up (skee-yee).” Social media reaction was venomous. One commenter wrote, “Wasting time rapping when they should be learning. Some of these teachers suck. We don’t have to support every black person😭.” Another chimed in with, “Let my child come home talkin’ about some f*cking SKEEYEE because the teacher is saying it at school. OMG! I’ll be mad as f*ck🤣😭😭😭.” A third viewer added, “The next generation is cooked.”

Sexyy Red is unattractive, looks like a dude, and can’t rap.

Yet, young people celebrate her.

Definitely a marionette for the Illuminati.

Watch the ghetto conception.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I wonder what the teacher gonna say during recess 🤔… my bootyhole brown 🤷🏿‍♂️???

  2. I don’t only blame the teachers, I blame the parents who let their kids listen to this trash! I understand wanting to relate to the students, but this ain’t it! We have to do better in our society.

  3. We cannot further enable, HOODRAT, Ratchet, Slutty, Dusty, Ray Ray, Pookie, Gutter Slime behaviors to be a Norm in Foundational Black American Culture, Identify the OFF CODE Rodents, expose them, and Pack their Azzes up” if our folks wants to be willing Tools, and Fools for White Supremacist Agendas, Fly them up out of our Community!

  4. 😏😏😏 typical Black Kween behavior I’m not surprised…they are the single women who raise these felon kids

  5. WEEEELLLL!!!!! These kids hear this stuff just about everywhere they go!!! As someone who spent several years in a classroom it is Very hard to get kids Attention!! Jr. High and High School kids will not and feel like they don’t need to listen to NOBODY!!!! Respect Has Been LOST!!!! In My Opinion, Once Jerry Springer came on T.V. High School students and their Siblings was watching him before thier parents got home; It WAS ON from THERE!!!!! So it’s not just music but T.V. as well!!!! I think this teacher was trying to get them to pay attention to her!!! Yes they have to be creative. I don’t like Rap music or any other music Cussing people out, setting bad examples ……. I don’t compute and when it’s before!!! 😅😅😄😃 I Don’t blame her for trying to be creative, but her choice of music is where she went wrong.

  6. Bro those kids listen to red all summer long. Red got 1.8 on IG. One reel has 3 million views. Those kids mothers sisters uncles and brothers be playing red. The teacher did her job. The song is innovative and it got the kids attention.

  7. Not mad at her do what you gotta do.. she def got that attention 👏🏽 🤣

  8. Back then, teachers would just walk in the room or give us the look😳 and we all stfu. We didn’t want that phone call home or a paddling.

  9. These disrespectful, hard headed kids already know that song. I see nothing wrong. It’s not the old days anymore. You say sit down or go to the principal office you’re getting beat up.

  10. This is disturbing!!! Kids never forget & the song sounds sexual, she should either be given a notice or fired

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