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Keke’s baby daddy drama

Keke Palmer shared images of abuse/YouTube

Keke Palmer is a DV victim. 

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LOS ANGELES — Dammit Usher! Look what you’ve done. Shocking details have emerged from Keke Palmer’s restraining order against her baby daddy — Darius Jackson — and they include an Ike & Tina-esque portfolio of abusive photos. Man, you can tell he whooped her ass. According to court docs filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Keke accused Darius of domestic violence and she’s seeking legal and physical custody of their 8-month-old son — Leodis Andrellton Jackson. If you recall, the 30-year-old actress and Darius hooked up in 2021. Keke claims she was abused “multiple times over the past 2+ years.” Scuttlebutt of a breakup first surfaced back in August after Darius, 29, shamed Keke for donning a seductive outfit at an Usher concert. Shortly thereafter, Keke starred in Usher’s “Boyfriend” music video and that really pissed Darius off.

They broke up “for good” in early October.

In the court filing, Keke said Darius “trespassed into my home without my knowledge or consent, threatened me, then physically attacked me — lunging for my neck, striking me, throwing me over the couch, and stealing my phone when I told him I was going to call the police.” Images obtained from security camera video footage offer visual corroboration. Keke also said Darius threatened to kill himself if she left him and he has been “unhinged, volatile and dangerous to both me and our son.”

Leodis witnessed most of the beatings.

Social media reaction was wild.

One commenter wrote, “Keke probably got herpes from Usher and gave ’em to Darius.”

Another chimed in with, “I already knew he was capable of something like this by the way he was talking about her at the Usher concert.”

A third person added, “Damn, Usher made dude lose it.”

Scuttlebutt has it Darius wants his family back because he’s tired of sleeping on his mama’s couch.

Should Keke give him another chance?

Watch disturbing images of assault.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She belongs to the streets… let this be a lesson who you have kids with

  2. They seemed like such a happy couple. I was rooting for them but now that I know that she’s being physically,mentally and emotionally abused– I hope that she runs for the hills. She’s too beautiful,sweet and talented to endure such abuse. She deserves far better than to be treated this way by any man.


  4. I’m not saying she wasn’t abused, but i do think it’s weird she didn’t put out video with audio…. After he leaked that conversation with her mom, I believe she was abusive to him as well, because an abused woman isn’t going to talk to him like she was and her mom talk to him like she did. Y’all have to use the context clues and common sense God gave ya!

  5. Unfortunately those stilled images don’t prove he abused her. Not one of the shows he struck her or choked her or threw her around as she said. These images could easily be spun as they had an argument, she lunged for him and he wrestled her off him. This is only because they never show the actual video but just pictures

  6. I’m scared for her and the baby and hope keeps a bodyguard close, you never know what he’ll do next, he’s dangerous.

  7. Darius is a No Body and this women has been holding it together for the baby like every woman. They say sorry , we forgive and take them back but a lot of my queens are 6 feet under because they keep forgiving the demon

  8. The double standards society has with men and women only prevents men like this from growing into a respectable man. Men are babied by society so a lot of men act like huge babies and sensitive. Red pill men just made this guy worse by emasculating him for Keke’s outfit at the Usher concert. Now I don’t think she should of wore the outfit knowing her man is jealous but this guy could of left her and moved on without the abuse.

  9. Ima be honest bruh I don’t condone Dv but we still don’t even know what she did to start it up cuz all we see is her getting pulled on but where’s the video of what started it

  10. They could’ve been tussling over the last piece of oxtail ya believe anything. No signs of abuse, no marks no scars, no police reports, not even a damn call. Straight cap, all a black girl gotta do is cry wolf and watch them come with pitch forks lol disgusting

  11. At the end of the day,she has to do what is best for her and her child. May God give KeKe Palmer the strength to leave this toxic and abusive relationship. Keke if you see this,You deserve better. Stay strong.🥰💖💅🙏

  12. this dude seems like a total dbag capable of seriously hurting her or worse. girl, RUN

  13. Keke don’t deserve this. She is literally the sweetest thing. What doesn’t he get about what a good woman he had? And that baby. It is just so unfair to Leo. He endured all forms of abuse from his father as well. And he’s just an infant. 🤦🏿‍♂️

  14. These men have narcissist written all over them and of course they would trash her to make themselves look good cause that’s what they all do glad she had proof of how this man truly is cause now hopefully no female will want his narcissistic psycho self smh 🤦‍♀️glad keke palmer is safe and away from him no good female deserves this

  15. Yall are so easily manipulated! Get out of your emotions and recognize how THEY ALREADY PLAYED YALL for clout over the Usher incident. These Hollywood puppets distract so easily while they bombing countries. Videos are easily manipulated for perspective and you never see what happened that led up to the incident.Police records PROOVE that DV is split 50/50 between men and women and the TRUTH is that most cases of men who physically abuse their women was brought out by prior emotional or physical abuse to him from her. It is an unfortunate TRUTH but the only way to fix problems is by being dealing with it in TRUTH. WAKE UP SISTERS and stop allowing these celebrities to steal your energy and attention.

  16. Yeah, two things can be true at once. The truth is that a man who publicly shamed the woman he is with instead of privately confronting her and choosing to leave quietly if she doesn’t change has the making of a controlling and manipulative partner. If you want a partner who is conservative with their dress you need to date someone who displays that characteristic from the outset. The fact that he wanted to CHANGE her by shaming her IS abusive. When will conservatives admit this????? Shaming people into doing something moral is IMMORAL. Conversion by the sword is wrong.


  18. We can all pray she doesnt take him back. Unfortunately the majority do i hope she chooses herself and the baby and leaves him in the dust

  19. He just wants her back to finish what his punk ass started. DONT DO IT KEKE ❤

  20. Khloe Kardashian needs to take notes from Keke. It’s ok that you fell in love and kept wanting to make things work with the father of your child but some men relationships don’t have to last. I know the cheater isn’t the same as the abuser but the concept is the same.

  21. Keke let him play with her head now she gonna look foolish & he really is a narc. Don’t drop that restraining order. It won’t benefit Leo at all. She is tripping. Do she know how hard it is for ppl to take a black girl seriously when abused?

  22. Have any of you read Keke’s book where she admits to being physically abusive towards past bfs and also intentionally antagonizing them to get a rise out of them. Keke may not have been abused. They are in a toxic relationship and they were fighting one another, which is also terrible. I wish her the best and also wish the baby the best and hope they can do better for the baby—-even if separate is best.

  23. Guys please pray for this young lady, I don’t think she realizes it’s a honeymoon cycle right now, and the cycle repeats itself, next time she’s going to be too embarrassed to tell anyone what’s going on, she can’t fix him, he needs professional help, He’s going to continue to blame her for his actions, I pray to God that she make it out safely this time, I Am A Survivor!!! Amen 🙏🏾

  24. Man we in the times where fellas u better KEEP THEM RECEIPTS!! Take pix, record they crazy asses the same way they try to do us!! Darius was tweaking for having a baby wit her ass after she embarrassed u at the party.. Ain’t no pussy 🐱 worth the time n hassle that could put u up in JAIL!!

  25. I think they were mutually abusive toward each other, maybe moreso Darius than Keke, but both played a part.

  26. @yvonne tengen: We really gotta stop acting like a woman hitting a man is the same as a man hitting a woman…..

  27. @yvonne tengen: Kiki did not provide proof only still shots and false claims of abuse. The video will show that she was actually grabbing him and would not allow him to leave but you guys will love spinning bs just because we’re females.🥴

  28. And this is why I will always be against having children out of wedlock, because of situations like this. Their son isn’t even 1 and he’s going through so much because of his parents and it’s sad. Folks need to stop being so quick to pop out a human child for everyone and not look into how it’ll affect them in the long run. It’s not fair to their son. 🤦🏾‍♀️

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