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Corey believes women are addicted to men who cheat

Corey says cheating saves relationships/YouTube

Corey Holcomb slams monogamy. 

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LOS ANGELES — Love’s a bitch! A viral video shows comedian Corey Holcomb elucidating how monogamy typically leads to moroseness for both men and women. It’s his assertion everybody’s much happier when a dude copulates with more than one 304. That probably explains why Pookie & Ray Ray are so desired in the dating market. Women know they cheat. Yet, they give ’em derrière anyway. “Who happier? The man who got a woman? Or, a man who got [multiple] bitches?” Corey said. “Who do you know that got a woman and they fine? If you are around one woman, it is my opinion that bitch is gonna work you ’til you die. She ain’t gonna never be happy about sh*t. She’s gonna always find a way to act like what you didn’t do. But when you got a lot of bitches, and they know they are one of the bitches, them bitches don’t sweat you. Cuz they got some other sh*t going on. So you don’t be going through the drama; except for when you pick the bitch up and you gotta explain to her why she ain’t number one…”

Social media reaction was Icy Hot. One commenter wrote, “Straight cap. The happiest man in the world is a man that chose the right woman. His ass just can’t find a woman that truly loves him. So sad!” Another chimed in with, “All my married friends tell me to stay single.” A third viewer added, “Well, in my experience he’s right. I was happiest with less drama and stress when I had multiple women. When I settled down and tried to be with one, that’s when my hair started falling out.”

Do you share Corey’s sentiment on polygamy?

Are men and women happier when there’s an entanglement involved?

Watch Corey make his case.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. I’m in what I consider a happy relationship and I tell my niggas stay single for the while because I know they aren’t ready for the stress I went through.

  2. I’d rather have drama with one woman that’s down with/for u than drama with multiple women that may not have ur best interest.

  3. Thats a lie. Cause them bitches gonna be fighting for the #1 spot. And when i say fighting i don’t mean they gonna be fighting each other they gonna be fighting the nigga to cut the other hoes off. So yes if they yo bitches they def gonna sweat you.

  4. Based on Cory’s perspective of women, I’m convinced his mom was a 304.

  5. This is why the youth is lost. They have broken, lazy men like this trying to guide them! 🤦‍♀️ Shout out to the men that know better.

  6. My question to him is do you got bitches?…that sounds like some lonely, single man shit.

  7. Nah I can’t agree with Corey on this one I’ve seen very happy couples still to this day

  8. The difference is the other women have other things going on so they mess with other men that can cause other problems and other diseases with one good woman thats very independent you don’t have to go throw that. Aint nothing like a down good ass woman.

  9. He’s speaking from an ignorant place… I had more problems with women (not calling no one’s daughter a b*tch) than one woman. Been happily married for 10yrs! Don’t see myself leaving my marriage!

  10. I don’t know what type of low lives he surround his self with, but it’s not real quality women I can be sure the women he deal with McDonald’s Hennessy and a blunt is a wonderful date for them

  11. Life is about suffering. Have you seen what animals go through to have a family. Once you have kids it’s not about you anymore.

  12. That’s real bad advice, he speaking based on his own experience you don’t need none but one woman a good one and you’ll be just fine for the rest of your life

  13. True True True, so phuk’n True.
    That one woman who is no good is still a bitch. So the choice is yours at the end deal with one bitch that wears you down or a bunch of bitches and let them all know about each other and they handle that like a woman.

  14. Thats a damn lie. Married 11 years, my black wife is everything. Best thing to happen to me in my life.

  15. Everyone in these comments are speaking for themselves. Truth is it’s different for everyone!!! Just have to find out what works for you

  16. “I ain’t sweatin’-U, biotch.!.”. ~ Happily-married, for, 26yrs; Mikey😮😊😠🤬🤣❤❤❤😘😘😘

  17. This man is poisonous. I really hope young men don’t take any relationship advice from this guy 🤦🏽‍♀️


  19. Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled but God will judge Whoremongers and Adulterers Hebrew 13:4

  20. Facts they definitely act right and be willing to do anything to get that number 1 spot

  21. He a old ass YOUNG BUL… The bitches don’t like him and probably never did🤦🤣

  22. Aw this nigga tripping. I’m straight with mine. That life of shuffling bitches is not all that special

  23. Different strokes for different folks. Personally, I could not deal with only one woman for the rest of my natural life. And it doesn’t even have to be about sex, I just love being around beautiful fine ass women(and I don’t discriminate). I couldn’t deal with just one constantly asking me, why you’re looking at her?! I’d rather be single and free to check out a fine ass broad when I C1.

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