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Will Smith’s homo dalliance with Duane Martin exposed

Will Smith & Duane Martin were lovers/YouTube

Will & Duane enjoyed gay sex.

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LOS ANGELES — Uh-oh! Will Smith’s quondam assistant and close friend Brother Bilaal set the internet ablaze when he put the Fresh Prince’s gay affair with Duane Martin on blast. The clout-chaser also accused Will of having a nanoscopic penis. Bilaal spewed the startling allegations during a recent appearance on Tasha K’s “Unwine” podcast. Bilaal said Will’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, was used as his beard to conceal his homosexuality. That’s why Will couldn’t satisfy her bed. Jada had grown accustomed to copulating with roughneck rappers like Tupac Shakur. Will’s phallus was diminutive by comparison. “I am saying to you if a woman is used to something the size of a baby leg and you come in with a pinky toe, there’s nothing you going to do to please her,” Bilaal explained, referring to Jada’s appetite for big wieners. “You can buy her 80 cars, you can get her 80 private jets… [if] she’s itching for that baby leg, she want that baby leg.”

Later in the interview, Bilaal claimed he walked in on Will and Duane having anal sex. The sodomy was so violent, he thought somebody was about to die. “I saw sexual acts that I walked in on,” Bilaal told Tasha. “Who you walk in on?” she inquired. “Him and Duane,” Bilaal replied. “I opened the door to Duane’s dressing room and that’s when I seen Duane having anal sex with Will. There was a couch and Will was bent over on the couch and Duane was standing up, killin’ him, murdering, like murder. It was murder in there.”


That’s disgusting!

Social media reaction was explosive.

One commenter wrote, “Whew Chilllllle! Did Tisha Campbell not try to warn us? She said Will Smith ruined their marriage!”

Another chimed in with, “Will Smith about to get Epsteined.”

A third viewer added, “With friends like Bilaal, who needs enemies?”

It should be noted a trustee overseeing Duane and Tisha Campbell-Martin’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2016 insinuated Duane and Will were indeed f*cking the sh*t outta each other. The trustee also hinted Duane’s personal laptop contained a portfolio of nude photos coupled with pornographic videos that he didn’t want the world to see. Will and Duane claim they’re just friends.

Jada recently revealed she and Will have been separated since 2016.

That means they’ve been f*ckin’ all kinds of people.

Do you believe Bilaal?

Is he wrong for airing Will’s dirty laundry?

Watch the explosive Q&A.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. He said Will wasnt his friend he was will friend which is saying there was a fall out. He didnt get money from the book. He gonna talk about everyone he once hung out with. This isnt his story to tell.

  2. Dude was NEVER a friend… and Tasha K deserves what’s coming for airing this

  3. As an older millennial who grew up with Will. Seeing him in his prime in Bad Boys 1. There was always something off about him. He was attractive but I never felt overly enamored by him.

  4. He was playing hardcore booonks with will smith. 🤭
    He took above the rim to a whole other level😂😂

  5. They all homosexual. If they got mainstream success, they submissive to another man.

  6. This guy will reap what he has sown the Universe will repay whether truth or fiction nothing or everything to lose he thinks he’s spilling all the tea but in essence spilling his own.

  7. For the sake of argument, even if this was true, why would you disclose someone’s private life to the world? What is your intention here? And if this is the hill this lady wants to meet her demise on, so be it. Providing a platform for nonsense is shameful.


  9. I am 47 years old and We knew about Duane and Will rumor yes, however I didnt know that Will was getting KILLED by the BACKSHOT?? MURDER IN THE ROOM BTW

  10. Yikes!!! He think he’s making Will Smith look bad but he’s making himself look bad. It’s unlikely that another celebrity will want him as a close friend.

    Also, I’m starting to wonder what kind of man Will Smith is behind close doors. Why is everyone betraying him? I’m praying for his mental health 😢

  11. I believe him. Lisa Raye, Tisha Campbell and Jaguar Wright all have been saying this. At this point, Jada & Will both need to come out as bisexuals and be honest about their open marriage.

  12. This is what comes with fame and fortune! You have to sale your soul! That world is wicked with nothing but freaks and perverts! And it’s a generational curse! Though they may not be related! They turn out everyone! This is why you see the wealthy stars unhappy! At the end of the day! Who cares what anyone has to say about Will or Jada! No one has the right to judge! We have all done some dumb embarrassing stuff! Prayers going up! Stay strong 💪🏾

  13. So he stood there and watched them? Balil can forget going back to Hollywood now.

  14. There’s a clip of Will getting a massage from some guy. And he said”no one does it like a man”! The face Jada gave after he made that statement said it all!

  15. Idk I’m confused as to why everybody doing this to will after the slap. It could be out of jealousy or maybe will might’ve wronged some people in some way because all this doesn’t make sense, but they definitely waited for when his career was jeopardized

  16. Where is the proof, Tasha? I’m holding you accountable not this enemy of the Smith family. Whether it’s true or not it’s WILL SMITH!!! He is our Denzel, Sidney, Samuel. This is so sad.

  17. “Duane was standing up KILLIN him” 😂🤣😂🤣😂 “MURDER” 💀💀

  18. When did grown men start gossiping like bi****? What ever happened to “bro code”? Smfh I’ll never understand, or be able to relate to this type of betrayal!

  19. Will: I’m blowin’ YOU up. I’m blowin’ YOU up.
    Bilal: It was murder in there.

  20. 😂😂 he said he was murdering him 😂😂😂😂😂 lol on the couch it was murder in there 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 foh lmaoooo 🫵🏿🤡

  21. Why is everyone upset with the truth? Now it makes sense, why he stayed with Jada even when she was mistreating him. She knew his secrets. There has been rumors before. If you go public about your life, and lying to the public, something like this is to be expected.

  22. Everything done in darkness will be brought to light… but damn… not like this Will… smh

  23. This still don’t change my insight on Will! Just shows me the people closest to him never cared for him just used him for money and fame and now throwing him under the bus for their own personal agenda.

  24. What kind of man is this? Gossiping right along with a female SMH.
    “They don’t make ni***s like they used too.”
    -Craig Mac

  25. sounds very bitter that he got cut off the payroll. seems like he is entirely too invested in their life and relationship. why do you care that he bought her a ferarri? why do you care who jada sleeps with? he is jealous will is not taking care of and spending all his money on him. that’s his main point… that he is mad that will stopped taking care of him, took care of duane, and every other man/woman but him, and now he is mad… and he has some real homophobia issue while sitting in a versace shirt. some real dissonance going on.

  26. I’m sorry to burst y’alls bubble but this guy seems fruity to me. First of all, as a “straight” man he’s going on a gossiping tour spilling tea that has nothing to do with him or the general public. Had he alleged that they were out here killing folks or something worse, maybe I would pay attention to what he has to say.

    Secondly, if what he’s alleging is true, he’s telling half truths. I find it extremely impossible for him to directly witness all of Will and Jada’s diabolical shenanigans and come out intact. You cannot dine with the devil for so long and still maintain your integrity. The way he explains everything in detail, he must’ve been there to watch and partake in the shenanigans. So you mean to tell me those folks just let him witness all these extra-curricular activities for all those years knowing fully well that he’s not down with any of it🧐🙄? There’s more to this story.

    Have you ever had that one friend who always tells you what other people are saying about you? Ask yourself this, why are those people so comfortable telling that friend all the tea about you knowing that you’re friends? The answer? That friend of yours also has something to say about you. When he/she brings back the info, he/she removes himself/herself from the scenario. This is exactly what’s going on with the Smiths and this so-called “friend”. “Birds of a feather flock together.”

    He’s aware that the Smiths cannot go back-and-forth with him in public because they’d be exposing themselves. They are famous, he’s not. That man is not telling his own business. He’s one of them.

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