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Nightcap: Moving on after women end relationships

Shannon & Chad deliver love advice/Nightcap

Betas can’t handle rejection. 

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MIAMI — Telling you dawg, love’s a bitch! During a recent episode of their “Nightcap” podcast, NFL legends Shannon Sharpe and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson delivered relationship advice to a depressed male viewer who was dumped by his girlfriend after 3 years of copulation. Keep in mind… beta males like Pookie & Ray Ray struggle to handle rejection, which often leads to domestic violence and femicide. “If you invested time, it’s hard,” Shannon told the viewer. “Because anytime you invest in something, and it doesn’t work out, it’s hard. It’s not easy to move on. Time is the one thing you can’t get back. See, love is funny… Love is the only thing that will kill you but keep you alive to feel it. Relationships is easy to get over when you’re the one doing the breaking up. Because, before you made that decision, you probably checked out a lot sooner mentally. But when the other party says that they want to go in another direction and you’re not wanting that to happen, it’s tough bro.”

Chad said every relationship he’s been in, the popsy sundered ties first. No surprise there. After all, American women end relationships and marriages 90 percent of  the time. That’s why the Passport Bros have migrated overseas to find nooky. They’ve had enough. “I started dating back in 1983 and the funny thing about it is everybody left me,” Chad explained.

“Since 1983, every relationship I’ve been in, every woman built up the courage to leave me at some point. So I understand what you’re going through. It does get easier with time. And, then obviously, I think about it from this standpoint: Who is taking care of who? Who was paying the bills? So, are you really losing anything outside of an expense? I look at it from that point of view. It’s unfortunate. [But] if you’re having trouble getting over her, feel free to come on down here to Miami. I can send you to some places that can cure you. Maybe in two or three days, you probably wouldn’t remember who she is.”

Chad makes a great point.

Simps must eschew residing in women’s homes and start generating their own mazuma.

The reason Pookie & Ray Ray go batshit during breakups is because they’re losing more than a girlfriend.

They’re also forfeiting their homes, sustenance and source of income.

Man-up fellas, and get your own sh*t.

If you can’t make it to Miami, reach out.

We’ll hit the Juke House on a Saturday night.

Once you descry how sexy those women dress, you’ll never think about your girlfriend again.

Anyway, are relationships doomed in the west?

Should we settle for lust and kick love to the curb?

Watch Shannon & Chad keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Yup. True af fellas. Had a woman tell me that she loves me. She even said she never felt this way about someone since she was 15. And that I give her butterflies in the stomach etc. And then….she left me that same year. One day she just stopped responding. …. I didnt even know what to think

  2. That’s why when any girl gets attached to me or show high interest, I just count the days down and NEVER take them serious, because like mentioned here they can turn it off like a switch, I’ve had girls who SEEMED obsessed with me but eventually vanish, never take women serious and just enjoy the “MOMENT” is my best advice, it will save you the pain.

  3. it’s clear shannon has experienced real heartbreak and i commend him for it. people love at different capacities. find someone who knows love the same way you do.

  4. This is the cold hard truth that mommy and daddy didn’t tell you but what daddy should’ve told you.

  5. facts fellas. They not so attached because they always knows who got next. If you pay attention you can sometimes figure out who it is while you still together.

  6. No lies detected. A woman will stay faithful to you if your values align and you are being the absolute best you can be. My parents have been married for almost 40 years because my father has done just that.

  7. So true. That and if you weren’t dating them properly, they will detach long before you realized they were detached.

  8. That’s because those kind of women were never fully invested to the relationship in the first place.

  9. Real talk. Women will never love unconditionally. Most men that I know don’t believe me when saying this and therefore become defensive towards that saying. Most men are afraid to even think that women doesn’t love them how most men love women. 💯💯💯🙏🏾

  10. Hmmm, I dont know. I ended a marriage and it was still hard on me. Especially if you still love the person but know they’re not gonna do right.

  11. This is why I was cautious of getting too attached to my ex girlfriend, who was my first & only relationship in my 34 years. I had a feeling it was only going to be short term & that she’d move on like nothing. I was right, as usual.

  12. I’m going through this pain and intense loneliness of someone breaking up with me. I thought she was the one, she made me so happy. Recently it’s been hard to function normally or enjoy my life and I always thought that “high value” men were immune from getting “dumped”, that they were spared from heartbreak. I had the impression that they never experienced that because of their fame and power and I was always envious of that. This video helps.

  13. Women evolved to fall in love with the warriors that killed their husbands and took over their tribes’ land.
    Let that sink in.
    Women have to be able to quickly move on emotionally and fall in love with another man because their survival depends on it.

  14. Men don’t forget this ……Today’s modern woman will always have many options after you and while she’s with you……if you don’t believe that, I dare you to look at her cellphone. 😮😂✊

  15. I recall ending a 3 & half year relationship telling her this not working. I was transparent thinking honesty was the best policy. She became upset it nearly got physical towards me. She tried to hurt my feelings saying she should’ve never dated me. I left the home & came to remove my things when she was out of town. First heartbreak time heals all wounds. Stay strong Kings & Queens. This too shall pass!

  16. I knew this a long time ago. Look how little boys and little girls treat toys. Boy will have their favorite and never get rid of it (Even into their 30’s), while a little girl can get a new toy and completely forget about her old one… even if that old one was her “Favorite”. If they can turn on their child hood toys, they can turn on you.

  17. The best way to combat it is to treat them the same. I’m never attached to a female and they always know it and feel unsettled because they know I’ll move on in a heartbeat. My love goes to my children.

  18. Yes, even your mother can detached from her kids, too, over money and property.
    Women don’t love only men know how to love.

  19. Breakups are harder for men because we are truly invested (generally speaking) for women today marriages are just a shortcut to free money

  20. Thats what bible called ” tribulations of the flesh” and advice to not get married or touch any woman…. They knew woman its not a easy deal

  21. @vokso11: Reason why breakups may be harder for men is because it’s harder for us men to get women and it’s so much easier for attractive women to get a man. Y’all honestly have more options. Men have limited options

  22. The best thing men can do in this society is to level up and get his money right

  23. These brothers are deep. Love it! I’m glad grown men can come together and have real conversations again. Been too long.

  24. Even so ,,,, their weakness is still being ignored. Women hate being ignored 😂 and if anyone wants to find out if this is true? just try it!.. Its always been their weakness it tears them into pieces and messes their head much they can’t take it ive done this before and today.

  25. I just split from an 8 year relationship.. and we was married.. shit not easy at all

  26. Men can be detached to when they have plenty of options. Why do you think the top 10% of men don’t settle. Most men get attached because they are with the only woman that will give them the time of day.

  27. yep totally true, I remember when my ex told me “you are the most important person in my life, with my mom, 1 week later she said me ” I don’t love you anymore”

  28. Women wake up feeling differently every single day! If she leaves you then she was never truly yours, it was just your turn.

    If you have a $100 bill in your wallet, it’ll still be a $100 bill when you wake up the next day. Focus on yourself and get money.

    It’s been said that the only women that will love you unconditionally is your mother and your daughter & even that is subjective! Because it isn’t always true

  29. I love how honest and vulnerable Unc and Ocho get on the show. I love this duo

  30. MOSTLY hurt and or whorish women will move on so quickly. And most women leave mentally long before physically. Thats why it seems so fast after the ACTUAL breakup. She was gone long before. But is love being conditional really the issue? Love itself really shouldn’t have anything to do with remaining in a unequally yoked, unbalanced relationship. Man or woman..if it hurts to stay, leave. That will hurt as well but healing is the goal. Not comfort Eventually it will get better. And hopefully better choices will be made. We pretty much see the deal breaking red flags in the beginning. So we have to be accountable for our own choices. And grateful for the experience.

  31. Who hurt y’all in these comments lol. 9/10 a woman moves on faster because she has been “mentally/emotionally” leaving you for months. Always do a vibe check. Gotta get vulnerable and if it don’t work out…take that L and chill…don’t go hopping into a new relationship immediately. Heal…reflect…inflect. Try again.

  32. This is why u gotta play by their rules and have hoes on the side😂and dont become to invested in 1 girl

  33. Eve didnt love Adam and he wuz the first nigga on the planet…. tells u all u need to know

  34. Y’all stupid for falling in love wit deez hoes in da first place

  35. Breaking up with someone you love is like death but death of the relationship . You must mourn it and go through all the emotions it comes with it and then move on. But if you avoid dealing with the emotions and heal and mourn the relationship you will suffer later and it manifest itself in another relationship in a bad way .

  36. I never did a relationship longer than 1 year and a half. Doesn’t hurt as much 😂

  37. For me:
    Don’t try to act like you don’t love her anymore because you do. Acknowledge your pain, thoughts, regrets whatever you feel. Give yourself time to sort through things. It’s ok to grieve and go through it. Aim to be at peace with your situation and you will heal to be a more complete Man.

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