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Rebecca Lynn Pope tells women ‘value’ your vulva

Rebecca says vaginas have value/YouTube

Rebecca calls out skanky women. 

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows life coach Rebecca Lynn Pope telling women to stop having sex with every Tom, Dick & Harry. After all, it’s God will to experience holy matrimony first, then copulate with spouses second. He also said “be fruitful and multiply” — not abort and depopulate. The 49-year-old matchmaker didn’t mince words on a recent podcast. “Stop laying down with these jokers,” Rebecca said. “Stop spreading your legs for men who haven’t made a commitment to you. Stop treating your vagina as if it’s not valuable. I don’t care what the world says, you gotta take your life more seriously. You gotta take who you allow in your life more seriously. Stop thinking hoes be winning. No, hoes got Baby No. 6!” Social media reaction was in agreement. One commenter wrote, “Get this message out to young people. Sex is great within a loving, committed marriage! The way God made it to be! Marriage is a sacred bond. No one is using the other for their own selfish gratification. No guilt. No STDs.”

Another viewer added, “IF we waited until marriage like God intended there would only be pros. No cons. You have to look at it from a biblical perspective. He laid out this plan and the rules to protect us and to give us the ultimate in a loving marriage. If you throw His rules away and decide you can do what you want, you face inevitable pain. I’ve lived my way, and now I’m living His plan for me.

“And there’s NO contest. The peace and joy that can be yours despite your circumstances is unbelievable. Worth it all just to have a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He gave His life for our salvation. What are we being saved from? Eternal torture and separation from our Creator. It’s easy to live for Him when you realize what you have been saved from. IF you repent and believe in faith, you will be given a new mind. A New heart.”

Do you share Rebecca’s sentiment?

Can promiscuous women develop a conjugal mindset?

To watch Rebecca keep it 💯.

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  1. And soul bonds/attachments before marriage CAN wreck your life. So just don’t have sex before marriage. Or outside of it !!

  2. Sex outside of marriage is sin, sin is rebellion, rebellion is witchcraft. Having sex outside of marriage opens you up to demonic warfare that you don’t want. If it’s adultery it opens up a whole new door of demonic attacks. Sin separates us from God, draws our hearts from him, leads to hell, don’t do that to yourself.

  3. AMEN I never knew this and now it’s extremely hard to control the flesh cause of life experiences 😩 I love God and don’t want to sin, I struggle everyday. This definitely makes sense, and God is not of confusion if you truly follow in your ❤️ and Spirit thank you Lord for your love, guidance, and protection God bless everyone 🙏🕊️❤️

  4. If sex is just a physical act and nothing bad can he open from a random hookup, why is rape so terrible? It’s just sex right?
    Why are the victims emotionally scarred for life?

  5. @Relationship Messenger: Not only that but sex outside of marriage perverts what sex really is, and perverts what God intended for us. It goes against nature God created.

  6. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. Amen. Marriage is between a man and a women.

  7. These girls are not listening to that they going to sleep with any man that has nothing. They like me like that the one that sits in the garage with the Homies and play video games and don’t have no money. That’s what the women want today. Take care.❤

  8. She should speak at these High Schools and such….seriously Queen.

  9. Thank you Sis they need to know minimizing their treasure, having all these soul ties will have you in an unconscious choke hold.

  10. Hence comes the detriment of unhealthy soul ties..when that sexual bond is broken, oftentimes the partie(s) involved are broken, too! Imagine going from person to person, tying and untying sexual bonds?!?😳😳..we wonder why there is so much pain in the World..thanks be to God in Christ Jesus who Delivers us & gives us the victory!!

  11. I totally agree! And understand it now. I would take it even a step further and say sex INSIDE marriage can be bad if it’s not based on mutual love, trust, selflessness and purity. Sex is a gift to had once love is established. Yes marriage is good thing, but commitment, trust, kindness, equality, and communication is even better while your IN a marriage. I think some Christian’s think “yay I’m married” I can just do it, but nah it can still be toxic if your not loving your spouses heart and having pure motives. I like to say don’t just stay pure til marriage, stay pure THROUGH marriage

  12. Agreed. These days people treat sex as meaningless as a handshake. Makes it harder and harder to fall in love huh?

  13. I’ve never had sex before, but I’m 18 and heavily struggle with porn. I’m a Christian and I know how bad it is and I want to let go so badly. I’ve prayed and I’ve tried various methods to stop and I kind of feel like giving up. So if I could ask for some prayers from you guys that would be heavily appreciated. Again I want to let go, so badly… but like a dog I return to my own vomit

  14. If you want to wait until marriage that’s your choice, but you cannot expect exclusiveness until marriage then.

  15. Just a thought. 20% of men date 80% of the woman. 80% of woman believe 100% of the men are like the players they previously dated.
    Do not blame the next guy for what the kast guy did,its human nature to do that. Best of Luck

  16. Theres nothing wrong with sex before marriage just be careful who you sleep with. Make sure they love and care for you and treat you right.

  17. “we are taught that sex does not mean anything, then why does it hurt so bad when somebody uses us for sex” FACTS👏

  18. @steph678: sex is designed by God for in the marriage, sharing the deepest thoughts and feelings…two become one flesh (not able to divide again) . Sure sex does mean nothing today…sure God does not exist either… It is God’s way or the devil’s way…choose wise, choose life or death.. still working today as it was 4000 years ago

  19. Doesnt matter anymore. American women have lost their value and innocence. Cannot be restored. They are wasted goods. Get your passport immediately.

  20. While I agree with everything she said in the video, you have no idea what it’s like to be an older single. The Church & the CMP’s (aka Clueless Married People) …especially those in leadership roles …treat us like second class citizens & do absolutely nothing to help us find a spouse. Their unsolicited advice is to “stop idolizing marriage & just wait”. Next thing you know you are 60+ years old & life has passed you by!

  21. Worst advice ever. Agree to eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life without eating anywhere else.

  22. You should never buy a car with out a test drive? Well I guess size does not matter? She will have no choice but to find out until after they are married! Then if she’s not happy with it she’s stuck with it?? Lol

  23. Most criminals who are in jail grew up in single parent or very dysfunctional households. Statistics have proven that a child born in a single parent household is is significantly more likely to drop out of school and commit crime. Now what causes women to become single mothers, which has detrimental affects on society? It all ties back to pre marital sex. If every single person would practice abstinence and a little bit of self discipline then most of the issues in our society would Cease to exist.

  24. Sex before marriage. I can’t imagine marrying someone only to find out we don’t work well together in the bedroom, or we hardly have the same kinks or our sex drive doesn’t match

  25. How many advocates of ‘no sex before marriage’ would buy a car without first taking it for a test drive?

  26. Waiting before marriage is a waste of time when you can get the divorce anyway it literally makes no difference. It is just a way for women to manipulate men and dangle the hope of having sex by controlling them like oh if you don’t do this i won’t have sex with you, or oh if you don’t give me this and that i ain’t giving you sex. If a woman is really attracted to you and has gotten to know you as a person then she knows if you will stick around or not.

  27. Its better to find out as much as you can about someone before you marry them.

  28. I’d lose my mind if I couldn’t be sexually active while not married.

  29. Having sex before marriage actually made me feel shittier about myself because In the end everybody I did it with I was using and vice versa, there’s actually value in loving someone and caring for them, makes it actually mean something

  30. @anna franc: There’s no such thing as sex before marriage, sex is marriage, u have sex with someone that person is ur spouse, end of story.

  31. Marriage is scary today!! If it does not work out, a man will lose pretty much everything he has worked hard for. The courts favor the woman 95% of the time. I have seen it time and time again. so to get Married to have “Holy sex” is foolish! Pre-nup agreement guys is the only way today!

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