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Jaguar exposed T.D. Jakes’ homo dalliance with Diddy

Jaguar says T.D. Jakes & Diddy are lovers/YouTube

Jaguar says T.D. Jakes is gay. 

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DALLAS — First, Will Smith and Duane Martin. Now this. Megachurch pastor T.D. Jakes is under fire for hosting gay sex parties with Diddy and Tyler Perry. Welp, at least we know what T.D. stands for: “Taking Dick.” R&B singer Jaguar Wright exposed Bishop Jakes’ involvement in Diddy’s secret society initiation soirées which, according to her, includes them copulating with each other. Jaguar said Bishop Jakes and Diddy have been f*ckin’ for years. If you recall, the “Bad Boy” honcho donated $1 million to the pastor’s church in 2014. Perry donated the same amount a year earlier. But, according to Jaguar, Diddy and Bishop Jakes kept their dalliance in the closet. Now, skeletons are falling out. Bishop Jakes — founder of the Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas — called Jaguar a goddamn lie. The 66-year-old reverend claims he loves coochie only. Bishop Jakes addressed his congregation on Christmas. “All of you who expect me to address a lie, you can log off,” he said in a defiant tone.

“I will not use this sacred day and this sacred pulpit to address a lie when I have a chance to preach the truth. I will stand straight up, head up, back straight and preach the unadulterated, infallible word of God.”

Sorry Bishop. But there’s no reason to doubt the veracity of Jaguar’s claims. Bishop Jakes got sodomized and he ain’t alone. Several insiders said Diddy coerced many of his “Bad Boy” artists to participate in gay “FreakOffs” to secure record deals. Case in point: One of the company’s female employees accidentally walked in on R&B singer Christopher Williams giving Diddy a fellatio.

“If you want this record deal, you have to give me some tip time,” Diddy told Chris.

“Tip” means oral sex or blow job in slang.

After bustin’ a nut in Chris’ mouth, Diddy confronted the worker. “Yeah, so you came in there. So what? You gonna say something?” he told her. “Ah no, I just don’t understand why you leave the door unlocked if you gonna do something like that,” the woman replied. “I’ll do whatever the f*ck I wanna do in my building,” Diddy retorted before adding, “If I can make a man suck my dick, I can make people do anything for money.” Diddy gave Chris a check for an album that never materialized. And the worker? She quit “Bad Boy.” 

Jaguar believes Bishop Jakes received the same treatment as Chris.

“If Bishop Jakes was at a Diddy party, there could only be two reasons: money or sex,” she said during a recent interview. “That’s all that happens at Diddy parties. I hope it was for money. Because arguing about who’s going to put the strap on… that can be a very uncomfortable situation.”

Are you disappointed in Bishop Jakes?

Does his involvement with Diddy reflect badly on his church?

Watch Jaguar air the bishop’s dirty laundry.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. TD Jakes just needs to repent. It’s just that simple. Just confess, like the Bible tells us to one another and repent and turn from that. since he is a public figure, I would respect him if he just came out and said I made a mistake, I will do better.

  2. This is why I worship in my own home and keep my money in my own pockets

  3. That’s why we must read the Bible for ourselves and study God’s word! He will never leave you nor forsake you! Man can be deceiving! Yes, Amen!

  4. He is involved in free mason. that is a evil hate organized crime group.. mason are evil people

  5. It’s true he’s been going to them Diddy parties for years now, most of them mega church bishops, pastors, etc been doing unGODly things forever & people keep ignoring & accepting this sick behavior they not lying on…T.D. Jakes or Puffy

  6. The reason why it usually takes so long for these things to come out in this kind of way is because everyone has a cup of iniquity. And when your cup is full… mayday.

  7. Shameless, lawless, Godless never mess with God. What’s done in secret will be revealed. The love of money is the root of all evil. The Bible does say come out from amongst these and be ye separated. And why is TD hanging around these people? Maybe TD got hush money, too. But as TD said,’a time will come,’ so is Jesus, He will return. Not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of God. Lord have your way 🙏 may we confess our sins and repent before your return to earth.

  8. If what these bloggers are saying is true why haven’t we heard anything from the FBI in regards to Cassie turning over information in regards to TD Jakes. Why is this not on CNN and other major news streams? Although I believe that Jake’s is guilty of something but when are we going to have concrete proof of what that something might be?

  9. Jesus is a myth!
    Satan and G-D are not at war with each other
    G-D created both good and evil so that we would have free will
    Çhristia”Nutty” lol
    65 yrs of that lie
    I’ve known TD was a joke long ago
    Lol Word of Faith/ Prosperity Freemasons Copeland and all those monkeys
    Isaiah 43:11 I, even I am the Lord and beside me there is no savior
    No Jesus
    Deuteronomy 6:4 Hear Oh Israel the Lord our G-D, the Lord is one

  10. OMG they are all damn nasty! Putting their tool in shit and then putting it in females, no wonder babies are being born shitty!

  11. Wtf was TD Jakes doing at a party for p. Diddy why is Diddy still in business he needs to be right next to R. Kelly they both pedophiles and I can’t stand neither one of them.

  12. Although Jaguar Wright has never been sued for her accusations about Diddy and many other celebrities. Nevertheless, ask yourselves would Jaguar Wright be even discussing such alleged accusations had her career still been active and relevant? Who cares about what goes on at Diddy’s parties? Why is Jaguar Wright so obsessed with Diddy? Is it because Jaguar Wright has never been invited?

  13. Is Jaguar Wright like the new Hedda Hopper of this era? She has dirt on everybody or so it seems.

  14. Theses allegations are so heartbreaking because TD is not an average person but a man of God and a man teaching and leading multitudes of people to God and none of us can judge him because we are all flawed, but I believe the talk about him to be true

  15. Why would a man of God look to a man who holds freak off parties, to endorse your sermom. On TV?? Jakes is rich enough to launch on his own. Something doesnt add up.😮

  16. TD Jakes is Sweet never trust a preacher or a priest they love Men😢😅

  17. Jaguar knows everything about these celebrities. How does she knows so much? Oh, she is making money from making opinions that tears down the black community. What’s her opinion on all the people involved in the Epstein situation?

  18. I hope Bishop didn’t do anything criminally, who cares if he had gay flings. Why is it a big deal? Wait maybe it’s because it goes against Christian beliefs

  19. This is to all in the comment section. All of yall have gay cousins, children out of wedlock, uncles who are child molesters, and killers in yall family. Yall judging this man off of rumors? Misery will always have company.

  20. @Black Ghost: Yes we’re all sinners some of us fight against temptation and keep our morals most these famous folks are Lions in sheeps clothing then they try to justify everything wrong and make excuses to what they have done they get away with alot because of money power but come the judgement they will have to answer to God just like everyday peoples 😮

  21. I think Jakes wanted women to be submissive to men (look up Jakes complaining about feminism) because he likes to be submissive to men 😅 power bottom 😂

  22. God is just getting started pulling the covers off of these charlatans

  23. Wait……why would either of them need a strap-on? Am I missing something here? Did I hear her correctly???

  24. I’m GLAD that Bishop TD Jakes is being exposed. Because of what he did to the late Bishop Carlton Pearson during his final days of living & hating on this man during his death the news about TD Jakes & Diddy comes out 🤔 this is Jakes karma for his daughter Cora stealing Michelle Loud’s son Jason from her when she was suffering from post pardom depression, but it was how he treated Carlton Pearson the SAME man that put him on & introduced him to the world he spat on. TD Jakes karma is here & I’m glad for it

  25. Jaguar Wright is officially the realest black woman alive. Never doubt her again. 💪🏿💯

  26. Her And Kanye Are The Only Two Celebs Keeping It Real With Us In These Last Days

  27. Jakes is a pedo and he plays for the other team. Case closed. Diddy and Jakes don’t have anything on James Cleveland and Billy Preston. For years it was whispered that “somebody” turned Billy out. Billy’s depression and drinking issues had much to do with what happened to him at the hands of “Rev. James Cleveland.”

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