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Single female says online dating strictly for the birds

Single black female deletes dating apps/YouTube

Single chick hates online dating. 

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ATLANTA — In today’s episode of “Love’s A Bitch,” a viral video shows an exasperated black chick admitting online dating sucks. The loquacious popsy despises single life and she’s ready to settle down. But she’s having a difficult time finding the right n*gga. “There is a part of the single life where it’s not all glitz and glam,” she bemoaned. “At times… this sh*t is very frustrating. It gets annoying, especially if you think you’ve found someone and it’s not your person and then you have to put yourself back out there — be vulnerable again. It is annoying. It is frustrating. Sometimes you wanna break your damn phone. You wanna delete the [dating] apps. You wanna block their numbers… I’m mothaf*ckin’ tired.” Social media reaction was melancholic. One commenter wrote, “Been single for a long time now. I miss cuddling, and just chilling. I miss romantic touches. But sure don’t miss the drama that comes with it.” Another chimed in with, “Just deleted my dating apps for the 50th time this month. I’m so over it😩.” A third viewer added, “We’re all pushing each other away. We think we can ‘Do Better’ but often end up empty-handed.”

Do you share babygirl’s frustration?

Is online dating worth the hassle?

Watch the 1-minute clip.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. The dating pool is pretty murky right now. Proceed with caution people.

  2. REAL FACTS!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤣😭💯💯💯💯

  3. Sis go on some dates and get out there I believe in you. Personally I love the single life I hate drama and I love my Xbox

  4. Y’all don’t realize we ain’t posed to date that’s why it hurts. We posed to wait

  5. @twentyrocket: Wait for what though? You don’t just see someone and then marry them. You date them first and that transitions into a long-term relationship and so on

  6. I know the feeling. Because I’m not rich women pass on me and I’m giving up looking for love. Rather be single than be used or cheated on again.

  7. I agree, but how many times can we afford to get our hearts broken specially when you put 100 percent in a relationship only to get 50 back

  8. I definitely agree! But having time and feelings wasted sucks also. But when you’re ready being single is for the birds.

  9. Met my Fiancée through Tinder. Dated for 2 years, now I’m getting married in 6 months. There’s hope for yall, don’t give up

  10. Another problem is: many people who swipes right don’t engage in a conversation even after a match. People are getting so lazy they don’t even wanna make the “effort” to type some words to finally meat someone in real life? It’s so weird.

  11. I believe in Love and wish to be with one person I love for the rest of my love & if you love each other you can fix and communicate kind of person… I’ve never met someone who’s similar to me. I dated people, however It’s so easy for people nowadays (men in my experiences) to give up easily after an argument and just break up. Instead of trying to communicate our feelings, they just disappeared and refuse to work on it together… People think they can find something better since they have millions of options online, however a lot of guys came back to me after months again and again, but unfortunately i’ve moved on.. I don’t need someone who can’t cherish me when I was so nice to them :(. I really hope dating apps were never invented. These apps nowadays are targeted to make money not really wanting to help people date.

  12. Being a lesbian it feels like dating apps are sometimes the only option, and even a lot of straight people are on dating apps too. Yet, I deleted tinder finally (bc it was depressing as hell) and I’m just going to stop being scared of rejection and try to approach women in real life. That’s how I got my first girlfriend anyways.

  13. I don’t want no damn IG model. 😂😂😂 I don’t even date women who have too many social media apps. They lack substance. And for me, now that I’m GROWN GROWN. if you look high maintenance, you ARE high maintenance. HOWEVER, I don’t mind that, but I want to see that you can afford this stuff YOURSELF FIRST. Why expect me to keep that mess up if that’s not actually what I’m looking for?

  14. If you’re a man over the age of 25 and you’re still single, just give up. I promise you you’re wasting your time. Sounds harsh but I’m not joking. If you keep holding out hope on these apps you’re incredibly naive, and you’re making yourself depressed even if you don’t realize it. Just give up and learn to like yourself. Focus on your hobbies and what makes you happy.

  15. As a man, I despise any man who is on a dating app. As per me, dating apps are for desperate people

  16. This chick told me that if we had sex and it was bad that she was going to block me and that she’s “entitled” (she used that word) to having her vagina worshipped 🧐🤨 I told her that I wouldn’t be doing anything to her and she blocked me immediately. It’s funny because before that she really played her part of being a “good girl” and a “wifey” type 🤢 she just couldn’t hold back anymore. I’m done dating fr. Ppl are gross.

  17. FACT: 90% of women on dating apps, if you happen to meet them in real life, you won’t look at them twice. Low quality women, with saturated photos uploaded on dating apps,. Forgive us Lord, for we have simped!!!

  18. I hate dating sites. Nothing but a bunch of fakes, frauds and scammers for the most part.

  19. dating apps are a scam, you’re more likely to get hit by lightning or win the lottery than get one match.

  20. Social media is bad enough and then you add dating into the mix.. I’d rather put a fork in my eye than write a bio for a dating site.. and I too have cats.

  21. I just stopped using dating apps all together. Hook up culture pretty much ruined my chances for me of finding other gay men who don’t conform to the toxic idea that you must be an self obsessed adonis look a like to be even considered worthy. That being said, if you found your boyfriend on these apps good for you but i don’t really give a damn. I am done with the majority of gay men….. Saves me allot of getting constant migraines🤷🏽‍♂️💁🏽‍♂️

  22. What kills me is women complaining about dating apps. How is that even possible when they have sooo many options. It’s mind boggling!!!

  23. Women are absolutely out of touch with reality in the dating app world. There is 10 men looking to date every woman, so even an average looking chick gets her ego swollen to the point that if a guy isn’t 6’ or taller, making 6 figures, isn’t a model, and drives a BMW than he sucks. This gives even average or straight up ugly chicks the impression they can date men that are totally out of their league. Thus they are super selective.

    Women also complain about the quality problem on dating apps, without realizing it’s literally a thousand times harder for men due to what I said above. Women may have a quality problem but a lot of that is cause their standards are off the charts. Further, men have a quality AND quantity problem, again for the same reasons.

    Dating apps are so skewed in favor of women and gay men that it’s almost a running joke at this point. 90% of straight men have almost no chance on dating apps.

  24. Never had a problem getting girls on dating apps and smashing. Relationships are finished though for real.

  25. I didn’t find my husband until I stopped using dating apps and started just hanging out with people instead XD got invited to a table top game and fell for the dm, haha <3

  26. My boyfriend I was dating for 3 months just left to be slutty, men suck in general, I would know, I am one 😂

  27. Or maybe because dating apps are a business and they would never match you with people that you would like because then they would lose you ?!

  28. Women are subconsciously destroying dating apps because it violates the natural dating dance

  29. The struggle I’ve had on dating apps is (and I hate self-flattery) I’m decently attractive and give off jock vibes, I was one in highschool and hated myself severely. But as I went to college I ditched that being someone I wasn’t and embraced how much of a nerd I was, D&D MTG older PC games like half life and Diablo, but the problem was when I matched with people they were bluntly only into the way I looked and what I could be shaped into. So it just feels like I can’t really be myself on these apps if I want to get matches or anywhere past “hey”.

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