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Wife hacked off husband’s penis for bangin’ her niece

Husband’s penis flushed down toilet/YouTube

Wife hacked off husband’s penis. 

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RIO DE JANEIRO — A 34-year-old woman in Brazil was thrown behind bars after she pulled a Lorena Bobbitt and chopped off her husband’s dick for f*ckin’ her 15-year-old niece. The castration transpired on December 22, 2023 — three days before Christmas. And, to compound matters, she used sex to set him up. First, the wife pretended to be horny to lure him into bed. Then she hogtied his ass for a little S&M before pullin’ out a razor blade and slicing his wiener off. To add insult to injury, the wife took a picture of the severed penis then flushed it down the toilet so he’ll never find it. The batshit broad ain’t worried about jail. She went straight to the police station and turned herself in. “Good evening, officer, I came to introduce myself, because I just cut off my husband’s penis,” she confessed. In hubby’s defense, the age of consent in Brazil is 14.

So even though he’s 39 years old, it’s not statutory rape.

Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “Yesssss! You go gurl!” Another chimed in with, “There’s a special place in Hell for women who do this to men.” A third person added, “They should give the death sentence for this type of thing. She knows that this will f*ck him up, she knows that he can’t have sex again and take a proper piss for that matter. She knew that this would f*ck him up before she did this terrible thing. For that, she should get 7 years in prison and then the electric chair or lethal injection. I think if this type of punishment was handed out to women who do this, then they would think twice before doing such a terrible thing.”

What’s my take?

As men, we’re nothin’ without our dicks. That’s our whole point of living. I wake up every morning ruminating about how I’m gonna make my penis happy and what p*ssy I’m gonna f*ck. My phallus, nicknamed “Mandingo,” is my best friend. We grew up together. We lost our virginity simultaneously. We f*cked some of the hottest chicks in town. We have so many fond memories.

Can’t imagine living without him.

Moral of the story: Never let a woman tie you up during sex.

Copulate doggystyle and call it the day.

Watch the disturbing report.

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  1. Was this Sick Bitch REALLY That One and only Person who Idolized/looked up to someone like Lorena Bobbitt to do something THIS Twisted and Depraved? I hope they Cut off her Clit in Prison!

  2. Ok anyone who finds it ok to cut a man’s dick off for cheating needs serious mental help.You simply leave a person who cheats on you.Would any woman like if men started sticking knives in their vaginas for cheating???I bet they wouldn’t like it.

  3. We’ve all learned a very valuable lesson here. Don’t marry a crazy b!tch

  4. My ex girlfriend cut my penis too, Now I’m still single and nobody wants to marry me, ofc why would someone marry a guy without a dick which is required to satisfy her
    My life is fucked up, i hope I can get back my penis 😔

  5. Only way to get back at this trash of a women is to stick pistol in cooch and pull the trigger. Karma at its finest.

  6. All I can say is, I think she’ll get off for insanity, and I won’t be surprised if this man who has nothing to lose ( no pun intended.) seeks revenge.

  7. Thank God Im single and I don’t have no girl around me. I’ll wait to be 60 years old to get married

  8. Is cutting a penis that easy? What is harder to cut, penis or testicles?

  9. That’s why I don’t feel sorry for women when they are being beaten or rape or what ever fucked up thing they go through. The law is always on a woman side. If a man did that he wrong he will be on jail for life…. fuck all that feminist shit. Fuck it

  10. Deranged feminist types like the castration stuff just like they like to rant about male genitalia being vulnerable in a snide manner but the castration stuff just kind of ends up being a boomerang that comes back to hit them. It is indirect evidence that Sigmund Freud was right about penis envy. If male genitalia is not a gift, why do some women fantasize about removing it when they are angry with a man? You rarely if ever see a man threatening a woman with genital disfiguration and mutilation even though we are told that women can have multiple orgasms at will and that the female equipment is more sophisticated; the whole vulnerability thing does not really explain it because men are vastly stronger than women and when someone has a knife they can do severe damage regardless. Note that I’m not taking a pot shot at the average woman, who presumably does not entertain these thoughts but rather the malicious ones who entertain these thoughts and sometimes act on them.

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