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White woman admits her people jealous of blacks

White chick lauds black culture/YouTube

White people jealous of blacks.

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DES MOINES — A viral video shows a loquacious white chick admitting her people are envious of black folks. It’s her assertion Caucasians lack their own culture, therefore — instead of becoming creative — they purloin arts and traditions typically associated with all things black ‘n’ brown. “White people are jealous of people of color,” she confessed. “White people of America have no culture of their own other than taking, propagating, killing, maiming, and big guns. So they look at these cultures with people of color — black and brown skin — who have beautiful, vibrant, family ties, traditions… and they get upset because someone with darker skin than them have something that they don’t have. Rather than going home and creating traditions of their own, they take what they want by culturally appropriating food, clothing, hair styles, music and then they have the nerve to tell people of color that they’re worth nothing. And they treat people of color like they’re worth nothing. And then use things they appropriated to make money off of people of color.”

“So if you’re a person of color, just remember: White people are so jealous of you,” the woman continued. “If you’re a white person doing any of those things, f*cking stop!” Social media reaction was wild. One commenter wrote, “Seriously, WE already KNEW THIS.😂” Another chimed in with, “Jealous of what? Bad smell and ghetto language?” A third viewer added, “A white lady stalked me and made up things about me for years, even vandalized my car. I don’t even know her. NEVER spoke to this lady. Now I know why.😢”

Do you agree with babygirl?

Is it ok for white folks to appropriate black culture?

Watch the vanilla damsel keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

@greygalaxie I said it! Fight me! If you’re mad about this, you’re probably a racist. 🙃 #POC #blm #blacklivesmatter #fyp #trump2020 #biden2020 #nevertrump ♬ original sound – Grey | Petty/Astrology/Witch

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  1. I have never met a white person, man or woman who had any envy of the black race. We all just thank our lucky stars our ancestors came from europe.

  2. I appreciate her honesty. Many Whites do not like when we are better than they are. It shouldn’t be. They feel superior because of their race. Not their intellect, compassion, or hard word. But because of their race.

  3. White America’s culture was destroyed and replaced by today’s pop culture. If white people in America didn’t have a culture there wouldn’t be a USA.

  4. When you have to be 10x better than average just to get invited into the room…by the time Black Women arrive we ARE something to be jealous of! 😂 White supremacy tries to stomp out life but roses Do grow in the cracks of concrete.

  5. Black women are the most insecure people on the planet. Trust me, no one is jealous of you.

  6. I know this for a fact I know a white women that basically said she was jealous of us and she did a lot trying to prove her jealousy too

  7. I agree with everything she’s saying and i appreciate the video because it had such honesty.

  8. @Luvora Brassfield: Please look at statistics because black men at least 80 to 85% still prefer to marry black women.

  9. The level of delusion in the comments is hilarious. You people are seriously coping. We all know every race is jealous of white people in some way, stop lying to yourself. Liberal weak cucks are not the voice of success.


  11. I think it’s the other way around. White women don’t wear wigs to look like a black woman’s hair.

  12. black women are cool but they mean…. white women do what the fuk I tell them to do

  13. The jealousy can become downright visceral and dangerous is the black woman is beautiful or cute and attracts lots of men especially white men.

  14. In truth, that’s been the problem for most “white” people but few are willing to admit it. I commend her for taking a deep look at herself and acknowledge the truth. Self examination is something that we all should do but very few, actually do it.

  15. Long, long ago in the 1990’s, corporate training manuals stated NO BRAIDS OR CORNROWS. Imagine if they had said NO STRAIGHT hair. Think about this the next time you wonder why black women have white women’s hair styles.

  16. Good on her for actually being honest. I’ve experienced their racism my entire life because of my excellence. Not dimming my shine for anyone.

  17. Dont get too excited..its one woman that wants to be black..the rest cant stand black women

  18. I’m biracial with a white mother, but black women have always been the standard of beauty and strength to me. My cousins, my sister, my aunties, my grandmother, just beautiful and accomplished💜.

  19. I really do think a lot of these women are jealous. Last year, I got into an argument with my brothers baby mama. She’s Mexican. In the mist of us arguing she calls me a black bitch and tells me that’s why black men don’t want me and they go to her and how they treat her good. Also told me and my family to go back to Africa and how we look African. Mind you, this girl got deported. Smh. I think it’s funny now tbh. It hurts still but ag the same time these women are jealous and have low self esteem.

  20. Lovecraft Country! That show was produced by black women and the whole theme is centered around this. I was so sad it was cancelled after one season cause there was wonderful potential for that 13 year old black girl in the second season if they had been able to make it. I honestly think it was stopped at one season because it highlights this issue.

  21. I’ve been a teacher for 16 years. Baybeeeee!!! The kids of ALL races seek me out! The white teachers be hating! I think we excel as teachers because the empathy is so strong and how we do things with love, even when we have to check them. It just pours from our pores!

  22. Black women already knew this but I’m shocked she actually admitted it.

  23. Whether you’re black African, Caribbean, Latina or American you are the standard!

  24. I am very wary of white women at work. I work in tech so they’re aren’t that many anyway but still because I’m not interested in possible jealousy.
    I just want to live my life.
    Also once again I’m going to be the only black woman in my office (at my new job) and the black person.
    I was on a break for a few months and I didn’t miss that discomfort at all

  25. Why wouldn’t they be jealous? we are the standard, no matter how much they try to make us look less than!

  26. Do we really care what she thinks? I mean c’mon… look at her! 🤷🏿‍♂️

  27. If any sista listens to a ww about empowerment they need their head checked.

  28. Black women do not need to be empowered by anyone else other than Black women and Black men. Our empowerment comes from within and OUR own.

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