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NBA player helped murder prostitute for ex-girlfriend

Marayna kidnapped & strangled/Twisted Crimes

NBA player throws life away. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LAS VEGAS — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to quondam NBA player Chance Comanche, 27, who was thrown in the slammer after he helped his ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old Sakari Harnden, abduct and asphyxiate 23-year-old Marayna Rodgers. The strangulation transpired on December 5, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to police reports, Sakari and Marayna were courtesans who became close friends. But bad blood evolved between the two when Marayna ran her mouth about Sakari’s boyfriend, Iosua Sataua — a convicted felon serving life in prison for double-murder. Sakari felt a dirt nap was the only way to keep her bestie from snitching. So she reached out to Chance, her ex-boyfriend, to help carry out the deed. First, they tried to remunerate a hitman. But they couldn’t find one. So they plotted the crime themselves. Chance — a 6’10” power forward with the Sacramento Kings — contacted Marayna — who was in Seattle, Washington — and offered her $1,000 for copulation if she was willing to meet him in Vegas. The beddable redbone said “yes” and took her ass to Sin City.

As soon as Marayna got in Chance’s car, Sakari strangled her with an HDMI cable. Chance assisted. Then they dumped Marayna’s corpse somewhere in the desert. The FBI arrested Chance and Sakari and charged ’em with murder. Chance was taken into custody during basketball practice in Sacramento. Sakari told interrogators Chance was still in love with her and would do whatever she asked.

She basically called him a simp.

The search team used helicopters, cadaver dogs, cars, bikes, and drones to find Marayna’s body.

The hunt covered 100 square miles.

Social media reaction was venomous.

One commenter wrote, “Threw his whole career away for a thot. Smh.”

Another chimed in with, “He’s going to prison for the rest of his life because the teenager he used to date wanted her friend murdered? He’s a special kind of idiot.”

A third person added, “Dumbest sh*t ever!”

Chance played for the Kings, the Portland Trail Blazers and the Memphis Hustle of the NBA’s G League.

Marayna was a registered nurse and a graduate of the University of Washington.

So it makes you wonder why she moonlighted as a prostitute.

Watch the explosive documentary, which includes Chance’s court appearance.

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  1. Yall females gonna learn about committing crimes with Light Skin dudes. Buddy snitched before she did😂😂

  2. This is further proof that Adam Silver is a weak commissioner. He wants to be friends with these players instead of them upholding moral conduct. Kevin Porter Jr. and Miles Bridges are attacking their partners, Ja playing with guns and Donkey Draymond is assualting people with Dillion Brookes slowly climbing the ladder.Josh Giddey having a relationship with a minor. Let’s not forget the deadbeat dads like Tristan Thompson who demand women unalive their babies. It’s one scandal after another with these guys.

  3. He’s a damn fool😢He had such a bright & promising future& just to throw away on a call girl is just right out Stupidity😢

  4. Well that’s what happens when you sell puss ladies smh all of y’all ig models and only fans need real jobs these both ladies were under 25 sex workers

  5. That is so stupid. You make a millions of dollars playing basketball and you gonna kill somebody and Miss your life up. That is stupid well , you gonna have plenty of time to think about won’t get that life back again😊

  6. STUPID. A nurse prostitute going to another state for a $1000.00, a ex helping kill someone who is with someone rlse. WOW.

  7. Was that ball player slow or something? How does an ex who is dealing with another dude convinces you to help her murder her friend? This doesn’t make any sense. He threw his entire young life and promising career away for a girl who belonged to the streets, and had no deeming qualities about her. I don’t get this. It was a senseless crime for him to get himself involved with nevertheless; take a an innocent person’s life. Ppl can just be cruel and evil for no reason. Cautionary tale, watch the company you keep!

    May this young lady rest in peace! No one deserves that.

  8. My thing is if there was bad blood between the two woman why would she go and hang out or do business with her, ladies and gentlemen if there is bad feelings between you and so called friends or family please stay away from them or use extreme cautiousness,this is so sad on many levels and shouldn’t have happened.

  9. @Killingsley: and deadly too. She would mate with you then eat you. So far she’s 2-0 undefeated in getting guys she screws landed in prison with her nonsense. She used Chance. She planned for Chance to help her from the beginning when she started telling him about her catty girl drama with Marayna. Then upon being arrested out the gate she told detectives Chance was inlove with her and would do anything for her. Sounds like she uses that line alot because of her looks. She deleted all her messages leaving only Chance’s in her phone. I wonder how she knew enough information to get the other guy imprisoned for double murder. She had been thinking about offing Marayna for awhile. I notice from the report all Marayna’s belongs were in Sakari’s car after they dumped her body. Sakari wanted and kept the personal belongings of deceased corpse. They found the Rolex in her possession. That girl is like a black widow spider.

  10. Chance is innocent and he’s so cute and sexy! He would never throw his life away like this.

  11. So basically chance was pimping them out to ball players and sakari got a chance to kill marayna cause she was jealous of her and was mad she was talking about ebk lil play catching a body but I feel like it’s more to the story

  12. This dude was in the NBA??? Like actually made it to the NBA? Do you know how many people only dream of such opportunity to play basketball professionally?? What an absolute dumbass 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  13. I am soooo at a freaking loss?? A couple kills a random woman for thier entertainment purposes??? Like wtf is goiing on with people???

  14. Just horrific. No prison time for them. Straight to death 💀 sentence. No need to house demons like that.

  15. What an evil and idiotic thing to do. This man took this woman’s life and threw his own life as a basketball player away to avenge a nothing azz wannabe rapper/ killer who was already in prison.

  16. Dude must not have a father in his life because he would have taught him not to throw his life away with a over some scandalous woman.

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