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Modern woman applauds Passport Bros for leaving

Passport Bros are in demand/YouTube

Passport Bros taking big risk. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

ATLANTA — A viral video shows a loquacious black chick defending the Passport Bros, saying they have every right to chase vulva overseas because Western women are non compos mentis. “I just want to tell y’all men, especially y’all good ones, if you are a good, hardworking man in this day and age, do not let these ladies fool you,” she said. “We know how rare y’all are. We know that it’s, what, 20 women to 1 man and we know y’all have options upon options upon options and a lot of us are not up for the challenge.” The TikToker admitted women would rather pretend they don’t need men than change their stank attitude. “So, what do they do? Convince themselves that they don’t need you,” the woman said. “Trust me when I say that ain’t nothing but fear and insecurity. Because on one hand, they don’t want to put in the work. But, on the other hand, they know other women will.”

Scarcity increases demand and babygirl believes desolate damsels are beginning to panic. “So trust me when I say, my good black brothers, there’s panic in the heart of these out-of-line women,” she said. “And not even just the black man, men period — the good ones. Trust me, my good sisters of all colors are panicking and angry because women want you to be ok with what they want you to have. But men are saying, ‘No, give me what I deserve or I’m getting that passport and getting up out of here.’ These women are scared. We know how scarce y’all are. We know how rare y’all are. And [when] a good woman like myself get ahold of a good man, it’s a wrap. Because I know that it’s rare. So all that pride and ego, that’s out the door.”

Social media reaction was in agreement.

One commenter wrote, “Preach Queen. 👑”

Another chimed in with, “Thanks for the Encouragement!!! We need to hear that every now and then!!!!🥰🥰”

A third viewer added, “Being female doesn’t make her a woman. 99.9% of American females don’t have a clue what it is to be a woman.”

Traveling overseas for nooky has its rewards. But there’s risk involved too.

Eight Passport Bros were recently killed in Colombia and several more were kidnapped.


Is it time to give Western women a second chance?

Should the Passport Bros continue to risk their lives for coochie?

Watch babygirl keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Nothing wrong with going to a different country who said you just have to date in america

  2. I was going to get my passport earlier this year… working A LOT so I put it off until next year🤔

  3. Passport bros need a live party or meet up so they can film it live just to make these insufferable women more salty and they should have the dates or wives in the footage. Ruffle some feathers 😂😂😂

  4. Ha Ha! Women! American women, you just don’t get that American men are coveted by women around the world. Whereas American women are viewed as whores by men around the world.

  5. Women lie to themselves to feel better about themselves.
    Men take action to improve their situation.
    Women, you spent the last 20 years telling men they were worthless and you didn’t need them. Guess what, men were listening and took action.

  6. Truth be told-70% or more of Passport bros are not looking for a wife. They want a thott!!!

  7. Passport brothers have penis issues in the states. They lead with their penis, live everyday for the ejaculation. It is sad.

  8. The Passport bros are building houses in the Philippines for their women and the women’s family and kids. You cannot make this ish up. They don’t want single women in America, but they are taking care of a whole family in the Philippines. Passports do not cure stupidity and ignorance.

  9. Be careful where you vacation don’t vacation in these poor countries and poor islands.

  10. I am a white Mexican American girl who grew up part of my childhood in a almost all Black neighborhood and I will say this: Black men are LUCKY AND BLESSED BY BLACK WOMEN. I don’t think any other ethnicity of males are as supported and cared for as Black men. I have never seen outside of the African American community, men more cared for and forgiven ever in my life. Yes there is fatal discrimination where Black men get fatally shot and that is very sad but in their own women are PRECIOUS and BEAUTIFUL SOULS. Black Women are their rock and the foundation for them and their families. I hope Black men can learned to appreciate the women of their own community more (even as they date outside, for their daughters).

    This is why I am reluctant to date Black men from their communities because I will not and can not be at the level that Black American women are. Black men expectations are way too high for me. They expect to be treated like Kings outside of their communities, which is extremely unrealistic.


  12. Misery wants company and it’s clear that these american women are absolutely miserable, They are miserable, because they too know they are undesirable but will only admit this to themselves when they are crying every night trying hopelessly to conquer the affects of numerous mental breakdowns.

  13. The American Woman is too difficult
    It’s like playing a video game 🎮 with the difficulty set on the highest level always
    We just want to beat the game not stress while playing it.

  14. People should go where they are celebrated, not where they are despised and barely tolerated. Toxix American popular culture has made most US women unfit for relationships with good men.

    Multiply this by thousand when it comes to US black women as being unfit for relationships with good black men. They were always a bad deal for black men due to the power position white zaddy put them in throughout America’s plantation and post plantation racist history. Now on top of all of the toxic historical stuff they bring to relationships with black men, add toxic mutant feminism. Most intelligent black men are saying “no thanks, I’ll pass on you”. However, the simps are still calling them ‘Quaens’, which is a big part of the problem. Women are women, not ‘Quaens’. But when you have a culture that gasses up ordinary black women as ‘Quaens’ and portrays all black men as thirsty dogs, you get Shaniqua with the bad attitude.

  15. Why do these US women care about the men they do not want going overseas at all? US women do not understand their female competition overseas. Well educated, have no desire to come to the US, English speaking, want to be wives, mothers, and homemakers by their choice, hold strong family values, are very valuable quaities to passport bros and keeps these men overseas.

  16. Passport brothers are getting kidnapped in Columbia and most are not looking for wives so I call cap on that. 8 men died already over there.

  17. Like what good advice does African American women have to give to anybody lol

  18. If you Modern American women would Act right. These guys wouldn’t have to go to other countries to find DECENT WOMEN.

  19. I was married to a mean red head white women for 8 miserable years. My Filipino wife is a few years younger than me and very sweet and respectful. We met on a Christian website. Never arguing unlike the last lol

  20. In order to be a Passport Bro, you have to be able to be an expatriate. Let me list some traits that are “entry level” essential for an expat. Many surpass these.
    – Good, stable income or accumulated wealth
    – No criminal record
    – Ability to plan ahead and execute those plans for housing, transportation, navigating visa requirements for different nations, international banking, and more
    – Flexibility to quickly adapt to different cultures
    – Level headed and composed so as not to get into trouble in foreign nations … foreigners have far less slack than the locals
    – Ability to quickly acquire new languages
    – Self-sufficiency … no safety net over there
    – Self-starters who research the optimal places and all the laws, economics and cultures there
    – Keeping current with all your credentials, documentations and international tax laws
    – Ability to manage your finances and job from any place in the world
    – Men who are confident taking calculated risks

    So … “ladies” … you are actually losing some of the higher quality men from the West, rather than the “dusties” and “losers” you claim are leaving. But hey, whatever helps you cope and avoid your own shortcomings.

  21. I tell my sons there is more to this world, go out, travel, eat good food, and meet new people

  22. All I have to say is; if these men are such broke, dusty, LOSERS, why is there such an uproar and outrage over them leaving for different destinations and finding relationships with fit, friendly and feminine women from different cultures and countries? NEWSFLASH; no amount of gaslighting, shaming, insulting, or bullying is going to make these men settle for a generation of masculine, delusional, entitled, and toxic females when we can find fit, feminine, and friendly women elsewhere? The paradigm has shifted. Men are checking for feminine friendly women elsewhere. For these “modern” women, we realize that you’re strong, you’re independent, and you don’t need us. And the realization of these broke, tired, and dusty men is, the feeling is MUTUAL. #SYSBM

  23. Well…
    These modern women don’t want nice guys aka “corny”
    ALWAYS complain about not be able to find a “good guy”
    And the answer is
    You don’t deserve one.

  24. I can’t wait to be a black man chased by ladies in an Asian country.

  25. Dating and marriage is dead in the West 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Get your passports guys ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈

  26. Most American today are overweight, have kids, wear to much makeup, don’t workout, have no desire for self improvement. Most of them think there 10s, regardless of how much self improvement is needed.
    They all about take me as I am.

  27. Most western women feel so entitled to everything and anything that they totally fuck up their own lives with the gummies !

  28. Men are tired of the mixed signals, lies, entitlement, games, and this general attitude of “I don’t need a man” or “I’m my own independent woman.” If western women make it clear that men are not needed, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that men are looking elsewhere. Wanna know why men are looking overseas for a partner? Because foreign women value the home and the family instead of TikTok.

  29. The problem with sisters is that they have misplaced priorities. In their prime they don’t want a well mannered mentally stable and successful man. In their decline they are calling for such men after having 2-3 kids from 2-3 different men

  30. Even if they started letting the man lead, no man with any type of wealth wants to risk losing half in this American divorce court system. I can’t afford to lose almost 250,000 of my retirement fund to someone who didn’t contribute 1 cent. We good.

  31. We as men have Become Tired of all this nonsense with the modern woman here in America A lot of us are done!

  32. We don’t hate black women from the states; we wish the best for black women, we wish they achieve the best men that are willing and able to provide and protect. We have no animosity whatsoever. They told us exactly that they do not want us and we accept that. We just hope the best for these ladies.

  33. Got my passport a few years ago. One of the greatest things I ever done in my life.

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