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Charles Barkley rips black Trump supporters on CNN

Barkley slams black Trump voters/YouTube

Barkley threatens Trump voters. 

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ATLANTA — Quondam NBA star Charles Barkley, co-host of TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” is under fire after he threatened to pummel any black person who supports Donald Trump. Barkley said if he sees a negro donning merchandise with Trump’s mugshot on it, he’s going to “punch them in the face.” He also called black Trump voters “freaking idiots.” Barkley issued the threat during a recent chinwag with co-host Gayle King on their CNN prime-time show “King Charles.” After catching hell on social media, Barkley tried to backtrack. “No. 1, obviously, I’m not gonna go around punching random strangers in the face,” he told King. “Secondly, people can vote for who they want to. People can vote for who they want to. The point I was trying to make — no, the point I was making, I wasn’t trying to make it. When Donald Trump compares his plight with that of the Black person, that is what I had a problem with.”

If you recall, last summer, Trump became the first president in U.S. history to have his mugshot taken during his arraignment in Fulton County, Georgia. The 77-year-old politician was indicted by a grand jury on 13 charges surrounding his alleged attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. After gettin’ busted, Trump said his popularity with black people has grown since they’ve also experienced discrimination in the legal system. In other words, black people can relate.

“I got indicted a second time and a third time and a fourth time, and a lot of people said that’s why the Black people like me,” Trump said.

“Because they have been hurt so badly and discriminated against, and they actually viewed me as I’m being discriminated against.”

Huh, the Black people?

Um, ok.

Watch Barkley lambaste black Trump supporters.

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  1. who cares what barkley thinks if he cared about black people he would support TRUMP its obvious the democrats dont care about black people !! just look at chicago and black on black crime ,,or look at abortion clinics set up in black ghettos by democrats !! whats barkley doing for his people ? nothing accept leading them into the hell fire

  2. hay Charles , Mike Tyson and Trump are friends …you done wrote a check your ass can’t cash 😆😭

  3. Let him say that about white people. He’d be off TNT B4 lunch.

  4. It is unacceptable for any Black person to be caught wearing any Trump gear. Remember how Trump sicked his Federal police on BLM protesters? Now Trump is fool enough to believe Black folks actually like him?

  5. Hes being such a bitch , go ahead and punch 50Cent & Charlie will go down like Charlie Brown.

  6. Charles needs to watch what he say about black people. All black people aren’t fooled with cheap talk, and bigot stereotypes He should keep being a great sell out and leave black people business alone.

  7. Barkley is a fool. Is he aware that the entire Black African countries are NOT liberal? We’re very conservative, even more so than the Republicans in America. Let him come and try to punch us, and we would show him pepper

  8. @Rodney Garrett: Ummm are you aware that the Democrats started the KKK? The Democrats are the party of PRO SLAVERY? The Democrat party is the party that passed the JIM CROW LAWS? These aren’t fiction. ALL THOSE THINGS ARE TRUE!

  9. Since when it’s okay to promote violence against black people ? I don’t like it and it’s indicative of the Democrat party that wrote Jim Crow and fought for slavery.

  10. Gayle King as she cutely giggles at Barkley’s threats. ‘Oh Charles you can’t say that on television..’
    She knows nothing would happen to him

  11. How did he feel about Biden showing up at a black family’s house with fried chicken?

  12. Barkley is a hypocrite. He’s mad at Trump for pointing out how blacks may relate?

    He’s calling Trump a billionaire who has no idea how blacks were discriminated?

    Who voted him to be offended on behalf of all blacks who got mugshots because they were “discriminated against”.

    Barkley’s been privilege class for more than half his life. He’s the one who’s out of touch with working class people. He’s the billionaire.

  13. Well Mr. Barkley you are going to have millions of people to hit……

  14. I’ll wear my magic hat right in front of you Charles Barkley and you won’t do shit and if you do that’ll be even better. So let’s plan this I’m ready for you.

  15. Barkley has a history of violence. I don’t get why anyone would would want to put him on their show.

  16. Charles is just another sellout. He knows where his bread is buttered. 99% of the people who are afflicted with ‘so called TDS’, are just sellouts, with a massive void of character. Deep down, they know, at some point, the non sellouts will save their butt, as usual. It’s just a shame that so many people have to go through so much pain, including children being mutilated, or overdoses on drugs pouring in through our border, for examples, in the meantime.

  17. Charles Barkley knows exactly what he was doing. Using a line CNN loves to use. Charles Barkley was sending a ( Dog Whistle ) to the crazy people to punch people.

  18. He’s only trying to walk back what he said because people are daring him to make good on his promise and he knows what he said was wrong. As a black man myself I dnt understand why other black men are jeering at their own brothers for supporting trump. Having an opinion is one thing but when you start making threats and demanding people think like you or start verbally insulting others for simply voting different that’s a problem and it’s a stark contrast to the democrats supposed message of democracy and freedom they claim they’re trying to protect.

  19. Jesus. It was a joke. This is what happens when CNN and MSNBC constantly take things out of context that they have to do this when one of their own makes a joke

  20. You aint gonna punch anybody. Yes, you are a old man that can barely even walk. You aint gonna punch anybody. An 18-year-old boy could kick your ass.

  21. Gayle and Charles had this all planned. Its a script. Race baiting pathetic games.

  22. Just proves that some blacks never left the “plantation” and would do the dirty work for their “white masters”. I am black Trump supporter, because as a human being I have the right to choose whoever I like, and I only hope am the first one that he punches… and I’ll buy myself an island from the lawsuit. I am 77 years old black man, and I should be able to make my own decisions on who I want to vote for, not to be expected to vote for a Democrat just because am black.

  23. It baffles me how some black folks will vote for Trump! Do they NOT realize how his racist power excites fellow white racist Americans to commit more white on black crime?

  24. Charles quit kissing oprah and gayle winfrey’s ass your already making tons of money

  25. I would beat the black off of Charles Barkley. Another half brained athlete who wants to tell people how to think.

  26. Trump is the best thing that ever happened to blacks. He cared. He made them a priority while he was president. What the hell did Obama or Biden do for blacks ?

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