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‘City Girl Mayor’ under fire

Henyard target of FBI probe/YouTube

Henyard in hot water with FBI. 

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DOLTON — Uh-oh! “City Girl Mayor” Tiffany Henyard is the target of an FBI probe after she launched a series of police raids against local businesses that wouldn’t “pay the queen’s ransom” of donations to her sponsored events. Ain’t that a bitch? Henyard — Mayor of Dolton, Illinois (a small town of 23,000) — had many of those businesses closed. She’s also being investigated for using tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to stall the renewal of business licenses unduly, fund luxurious vacations, and pay overtime to police officers in her personal security detail. Damn, babygirl must think she’s Nino Brown. U-Haul owner Lawrence Gardner is one of many victims. He said Henyard wouldn’t let him renew his license, and his business was subsequently shut down by police. “I’m sure that they were asked to donate, make a donation, and most likely they didn’t make a donation,” Dolton trustee Tammie Brown told Fox News.

“So you don’t get a chance to stay open if you don’t pay the queen’s ransom.”

Restaurant proprietor Dwayne Wood, owner of Wood’s Kitchen, said he’s been trying to renew his license for more than a year. But he believes Henyard, 40, is pissed at him for providing catering to several Dolton trustees who she has a beef with. “I heard I was on the wrong team,” Wood told reporters. “I think I’ve been targeted because of my association with a certain group of people, I’ve cooked for the trustees.” Henyard, who makes a $300,000 salary, has a criminal history.

She was arrested in July 2016 for criminal trespass to vehicles.

Her mugshot is all over the web.

Also, word on the street claims Henyard remunerated a hitman to kill a trustee.

Lord have mercy.

Watch disturbing reports which include complaints from Gardner, Brown and Wood.

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  1. She’s been watching the Biden Administration. Birds of feather.

  2. The Fed’s don’t play neither does the internal revenue services or the attorney General office this going to end bad for her and her gang of criminals

  3. If I was a banger that’s where I would go for real. It seems like the town can’t put up much of a fight . The cops are mad stressed out, undisciplined overworked and out of shape. Patrol cars on the verge of being repossessed. It’s wide open for for Joker or two face to be like “yeah this is my city now Miss Henyard so if you see my men on the clock leave them be or you’ll answer to me”😂

  4. My aunt lives in dolton, said she is the worst. I hope the feds get her. She think she living in a goodfellas movie smh

  5. Im waiting for the BET or lifetime tv series of this story of Tiffany Henyard & Dolton Village. Get your popcorn ready yall!

  6. She doesn’t need a security detail. She’s not that important😂😂😂.

    I’m surprised by how many local businesses have been shut down in the town. Places that have been open for years.

  7. I can’t understand why the state has not gotten involved a long time ago. Oh… That’s right, she terrorizing and oppressing a black community.🤦🏾

  8. Black people have to learn we just can’t support someone because they are black because some people with black skin will take full advantage of that and not give one shit about you. Our representatives need to held to a standard.Which means we must establish them.We have people among us who become successful and feel they should uplift but they were never taught that or raised to be that.A lot of them are people who developed talents,good or bad to get out of bad situations.We don’t raise leadership for the most part.We fly by the seats of our pants as a community and have excuses or feel we are owed. We gotta make it happen.That part is extremely difficult.

  9. Are y’all ready to admit that our women have the mentality of a man. And the same way women want a six figure man which is a small percentage. It’s a very small percentage of feminine women for men to choose from.

  10. She sits there jumping on her Board of all or almost all black members and admonishes them for criticizing her as a fellow black woman for not supporting her being in “power”. Yet she doesn’t mind victimizing all these black townspeople, bar owners, other business people, etc. to get even and to get her message across to them not to get in her way.

  11. There’s something new every two weeks from this woman. Why isn’t she fired yet?!

  12. Every word that’s coming out of Tiffany Henyard mouth is a lie, I watched how see never presented any documents to the trustee, she also locked them out of the system so they couldn’t have access to what she was spending, Tiffany Henyard is a LIAR and CORRUPT

  13. Should have never been able to hold the seat in the 1st place! She’s convicted of theft crimes! Her ID should be stamped to NEVER HANDLE MONEY!❤

  14. How much money per week does the tax payers pay for her hair? She has a different style every video.

  15. Tiffany makes Hunter Biden look like the most honest and truthful guy!

  16. This woman is a Liar , incompetent , untrustworthy , corrupt , & a master manipulator , she simply just need to step down at this point. . .

  17. A Democrat stealing money from the taxpayers? 😂 wow there’s a first. The voter’s are getting what they voted for.😅

  18. Huh…. This thug, Fani Willis and Leticia James were all placed in these positions in 2021. Three of many, beyond unqualified, ignorant ghetto thugs who were illegally placed in authority by Soros injected $$. VOTER FR#UD. ILLEGAL ELE#CTION.

  19. Hell, TIFFANY BE RAPING THE SHIT OUTTA DOLTON!! y’all just keep voting for race/democrats up there

  20. She can’t read or write but yet she figures out how to make more than three hundred thousand dollars a year by hook or crook I’d say that’s pretty bad ass she had to be smarter than the dummies that voted for her

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