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White man hammers black women for Zaddy worship

Zaddy puts black women in check/YouTube

Zaddy slams black women. 

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KANSAS CITY — Damn. Not sure why there’s so much vitriol directed towards black women. But haters are piling on ’em — including Bottom Shelf Brad. A viral video shows an exasperated white man lambasting black women for worshipping Zaddy. Damn. It’s his assertion Keishas ain’t nothin but a bunch of bed wenches who lack dignity and self-respect. And, because of that, he’s sick and tired of dating ’em. “Stop living in your fantasy world, thinking white guys are somehow perfect. I’m so sick and tired of it,” Brad vented. “Because I was approached by a black woman recently… through social media… and she said she liked me… I took her out on a date and the whole thing, the whole date, was just her basically fawning over me. Not because of who I am, because I’m actually a sh*t person. I’m not gonna lie. I really don’t think I’m a great individual. I am in no way worthy of this kind of flattery… and the whole thing is because I’m white.”

Zaddy said, when out in public, he notices self-hatin’ black women treating black men like sh*t while kissing white’s people asses. The brown-nosing is so acute, he feels insulted. “To say I was offended, yeah, I think I was,” he admitted. “Because that’s the only thing that mattered… was the fact that I’m white. We are not the best dating option. Dead serious. There’s other people out there.

“I know for a fact… there are black men who are, just in character, better than I am. They’re nicer than I am. Much more patient than I am. I want more black women to have a lot more self-respect than they do now. Worshipping white guys? Again, we aren’t deserving of any kind of flattery. We’re no better than Black men, or Hispanic men, or Asian men. A lot of us have personal issues.”


Social media reaction was priceless.

One commenter wrote, “’You are not the best dating option?’ No Sh*t! Y’all are serial killers, cannibals, practice incest & kill people for no damn reason.”

Another chimed in with, “Even Brad is extremely tired of Plantation Keisha. Here’s the thing: Keisha doesn’t operate on love. She doesn’t love Brad, Tyrone, Enrique, Pookie, Ray Ray, Becky or other Keishas. She loves things, not people. She wants mixed children and Brad’s validation in order to feel good about herself as she envies Becky.”

A third viewer added, “If I date a Brad, he has to be top-tier and he must have money, a good career, integrity and God in his life. A lot of these men have opioid addictions — rich and poor — and love massage parlors. Most have biases or prejudices. Not all. But most. White people will soon not be the top race. So I take all that into consideration. Never been a ‘Brad Worshiper.’ I’m open to all races. But they have to have my core values also. This Brad shouldn’t be a Brad. He’s not even a Chad. Lol. He’s more like Peter. Black women that deal with these types of guys are not top-tier women. They are probably below 6’s. There’s no way women in the 7-10 range will deal with this type of man. Plus, he don’t have money? No thanks.”

What’s my take?

As a negro, I’ve had white women tell me they’re not attracted to white men.

They want black men only.

Conversely… rarely do we descry Hispanic, Asian or Indian women making those types of shallow preferences.

There appears to be a lot of self-hatin’ going on with black and white women.

Not sure why.

Ain’t nobody on this planet worth kissin’ ass over.

That being said, do you agree with Zaddy?

Are chocolate popsies in dire need of a morale boost?

Watch Brad get in their ass.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. When Beta Male Brad is fed uuuuuuuuuuuup and there is Nuthing YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Keisha’s a broken soul. Jezebel’s gonna suffer with the Edomite in the end.

    ‭Isaiah 34:5-6 AMP‬
    [5] For My sword is satiated [with blood] in heaven; Indeed, it will come down for judgment on Edom And on the people whom I have doomed for destruction. [6] The sword of the Lord is filled with blood [from sacrifices], It drips with fat, with the blood of lambs and goats, With the fat of the kidneys of rams. For the Lord has a sacrifice in Bozrah (Edom’s capital city) And a great slaughter in the land of Edom.

  3. I have NEVER had a BW reach out to me via social media and solicit a potential relationship. Even more, I have NEVER received flattery – excessive or otherwise – from BW. However, I would never say, or agree, that BM WANT BW to date other races of men. In fact, I JUST went out and spent a lot of money on shoes, clothes, and cologne AND BW STILL DON’T LOOK AT ME. I want BW and BM to heal their relationships and perceptions of each other.

  4. What i dont get how is a bottom shelf brad able to get a black woman to worship him for nothing but i get rejected and played by most black women, the black woman that worshipped him was probably on his looks level and he got lucky to get a date, if i cant get a date i dont know how this guy can, unless the keisha was his looksmatch

  5. This proves how black women look at white men as if he is their God. This man just said he was not the best or considered high-end and he still got a black woman simply because he’s white. Black women wouldn’t give a black man a time of day if he didn’t have anything going on. Its an inner slave that’s in us to treat white people a certain way and then treat each other like crap.

  6. There are sisters who would take this bottom shelf Brad and work hard to keep him by submitting.

  7. Straight from the horses mouth, okay hoteps and simps. What do you have to say now? How you gonna twist and manipulate this one?

  8. This man said all these spiritual 304s out here holding moon rocks doing Keisha yoga 😂🤣

  9. I’ve noticed on social media that some “Keishas” parade their zaddy around like he’s a Vince Lombardi trophy. Posting pic after pic like see I got me one!

  10. Brad only uses them to build his confidence and for practice to get Becky yet they don’t seem to get it. They would rather be abused which is wild.

  11. Keisha thinks Brad wants them! He don’t,it’s just a fetish! I compared it to putting pineapple chunks on pizza🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ nasty work!!!!!

  12. Bro 😂😂😂😂. Look at this Brad, he looks like he eats ham sandwiches on the toilet 😂😂😂😂 man I’m trying to listen and watch and I had to pause from laughing to hard

  13. I also blame Tyler perry for projecting the black man in a fucked up way by way of his bitch ass movies and don’t let it be a Darkskin man too

  14. Nothing else needs to be said I’m 58 and will be 59 in June and have no regrets not having kids with them or marrying them.

  15. I feel the exact same way about white women(or any other race) that are only into bm. To them, ANY bm will do. He just has to be black. That’s the only requirement. Its a complete turn-off even if they’re attractive.

  16. Decent brothers out here getting PTSD dealing with these bisches. Meanwhile, Bottom Shelf Brad slides in with low effort, trailer park game and cleans up. You deserve better, brothers.

  17. @James Akue: I thank him. I’m not into black women so them not bothering me is a win win.

  18. The black woman is silly her thinking is so jacked up nowadays a lot have mental illness issues seriously

  19. It’s also ironic that this Brad said that Kiesha slid in his DM.

    Women NEVER EVER slide in random guy’s DM’s. So, for Kiesha to do that, it only shows how desperate they are, and how much of Brad-worshippers they are, for a woman to slide in a guy’s DM.

  20. The reason why they go upside their head so much it’s because WMs still see BWs the way they’re ancestor see B Ws

  21. Women know he’s a bottom shelf Brad. I know Keishas. She wants bottom shelf Brad to impregnate her. She will leave, and in the process, “put him on chyle suppoat”, and/or leave and attempt to acquire “social currency, by showing off her half white child, attempting to garner praise, amongst her other Keisha friends. She will leave Brad, and be ULTIMATELY SATISFIED with parading her half white child to her friends due to her self hatred

  22. I said it once I’ll say it again a black man of standards wouldn’t even say hello to a low-life bed manmy!

  23. It’s always the physically fit, natural sisters that worship Brad. They change the TONALITY of their voices to sound like a submissive VALLEY GIRL to accommodate BRAD, but when they talk to you, they split verbs and pronouns in between every curse word

  24. I said it once I’ll say it again a black man of standards wouldn’t even say hello to a low-life bed mammy!

  25. Let them (bw) go chasing and obtaining there brad’s, I really believe that these brad’s will be the ones, to do the purging of these hateful, misandrist bw, and help rebuilding our black communities, let them all go with all our blessings 🙏🎉

  26. god we black folks take more crap from other races, but are quick to unleash hell on our own DAMN SAD

  27. Naw Brad we good over here keep Keisha she loves being your sidepiece

  28. Proof that brad knows keisha praises him for his skin which makes him treat her like trash even more.

  29. If you still don’t believe Keisha is modern day Eve who’s forever in love with the serpent I don’t know what else to tell you 😂

  30. No knock on dude he seems down to earth and I appreciate him telling the truth, he knows black women only like them just because of their skin and he’s nerdy, but let that be a black man that sounds like him he wouldn’t have a chance, let the divestors tell it he’s better than you black men

  31. Those are not the Brad they want. Those are the Brads they can get! Because all the elite Brads don’t even date black women

  32. There you have it black men… straight from the dog’s mouth.

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