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Vlogger warned women to eschew Pookie & Ray Ray

Pookie & Ray Ray ruining women/YouTube

Vlogger says dump Pookie. 

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ATLANTA — A viral video shows a garrulous black chick elucidating why women should stop dating Pookie & Ray Ray. It’s her assertion “hood n*ggas” use chicks to take the fall should a police investigation arise. “I thought I should come to y’all… with a word about why y’all need to stop dating them hood n*ggas,” the vlogger said. “I already know about what most of my girlies that’s been foolin’ with hood dudes think they got some of the best dick. And let’s be for real… some of ’em do. But let me tell you something else. I done dated CEOs, millionaires to the big-time dope boys to the corner boys to scammers. I done dated a little bit of them all. But the one I want to address today is them hood n*ggas. I don’t care how good he layin’ it down baby, you need to understand this dude is playing chess. And you are the one that will be sacrificed. You will be the one taking the fall for all this man’s [bullsh*t].” Babygirl believes it’s commonplace for Pookie to inveigle gullible women into taking responsibility for assets ‘n’ liabilities.

“You’ll notice, he want you to put everything in your name,” the vlogger said. “You will be the one ending up taking his charges. I done seen so many smart, beautiful women end up with felonies dealing with these hood [n*ggas]. The whole time he’s driving your car, that’s in your name, and he’s telling you, ‘Baby, come on, I want you to ride with me.’ He ain’t telling you that because he want you to ride with him… This dude is telling you to ride with him ’cause the car’s in your name and if they get pulled over with the dope in the car they ain’t gone take their own charges. You gone mess around and be the one taking them charges.”

Babygirl said when a thug conceals his weapon within a woman’s personal space, it should be considered a huge red flag. “Have you ever noticed that he wants to put the strap in your purse?” she said. “Have you ever noticed he wants to put the strap and hide it under your seat when you’re in the car? He’s doing this because if y’all end up gettin’ shook down, it ain’t his gun. It was in your purse. It was under your seat. He ain’t fenda take them charges, baby. You will be the sacrifice.”

Ladies — whatever you do — don’t procure land, deed, and title unless you’re occupying the home.

“Oh, he selling dope out of your house. Or, the trap house he selling dope in is in your name?” the vlogger said.

“Yeah, he’s doing this so when the feds kick [in] the door, the house is in your name. You gonna take the charges.”

Social media reaction was wild.

One commenter wrote, “I’ll drag my p*ssy 🐱 across hot gravel before I take a mothaf*ckin’ charge… I grew up in the hood. I learned the game early.🫡😅” 

Another viewer added, “There’s women out here ruining their lives for these dudes. Smh.” 

Is it time to cancel Pookie?

Do thugs make the best lovers?

Watch babygirl keep it 💯.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Example! Look at Breonna Taylor Her Relationship with a Pookie pretty much got her killed.

  2. When a women is fine, she didn’t have the time, Now she’s on the decline,she wants to be mine !……….NO THANK YOU !!!!!

  3. Fellas – You should be warned to stay away from women that have ever dealt with pookie and ray-ray at any point in their life. They weren’t youong and dumb and their past matters. There’s no coming back from it. Leave those women to pookie and ray-ray.

  4. I knew an educated woman who got with a gangsta who destroyed her car completely and she is still making her car payments for a vehicle that no longer exists!

  5. They will still internally desire them even after being with a “good guy”. They will utilize your provisions and stability and cheat on you with them.

  6. No such thing as a “reformed hood chick” or “reformed 304”. Pokie and Ray-Ray are who arouses them.

  7. Nice guys finish last is starting to turn into this.


  8. They get mad when they say there is no good men anymore but yall want to mess with them pookie and ray rays but when you get a educated brother yall want to call them soft and being a square, I rather have class then swagg any day.

  9. To all the lames, boyscouts, dudley dorights and squares as they call us remember this, if you hookup with these types of women Pookie and RayRay will still have access to her. Save yourself a headache and don’t even bother. When you were building up you weren’t an option but now that you’re stable she brings chaos and destruction. Nope.

  10. In the past time, I knew two women who dealt with these types of non-good men and they wanted me to listen to their problems with the Pookies. My response was, “No thank you.” and walked away.

  11. My little cousin is on of those females who is currently on house arrest because she helped out a pookie in hiding opioids. My aunt, uncle and cousins (her mom, dad and siblings) tried to warn her about those streets boys but she doesn’t listen.

  12. They say nice guys are lame and boring so they like the chaos and drama until when they get into their late 30s and 40s then they want those same lame and nice guys when they have been ran through.

  13. This is why we have a lot of broken woman because they keep messing with pookie and ray ray. Woman needs to stop chasing pookie and ray ray leave them alone

  14. Most women like the excitement that comes along with dating these types of guys, nothing can be more exciting then the police kicking in the door at 3am.

  15. This is exactly why American black men should look to women from other groups. It’s about self esteem and self worth

  16. Unfortunately, this is an issue that will never go away. If it hasn’t done so now, it never will. I guess black women just love the thrill of the adventure, until they getting their door kicked in by the police, or getting shot at by another pookie and ray ray, or get sliced by a Quanisha.

  17. I know a woman now in her 50’s who has a felony and can’t get it expunged or get a decent job. She did 2 years for a pookie who use to beat her down in front of her children and had she told on him her life would have been so much better

  18. These sisters want a sinner for a man.
    That’s why I don’t date sisters

  19. Modern woman at 27: He ain’t got no swag! He edumacated, intelliga, respeckfuh, god-leh, and gotta good job…
    He CORNY!!”
    Same woman at 37: “Whirr aw da good mens iz?!?”
    Good Men: Check two places; Your friend closet, and your reject pile! You’ll find DOZENS of good men there!

  20. Women like this Only Want Good Men AFTER they have allowed themselves to be RAN THROUGH by irresponsible Pookies. NOW they want the responsible man to come in to SAVE THEM. Let them crawl around in the cesspool they created for themselves.

  21. Women like this got kids by pookie and his homies now she wants a good man to save her

  22. @SharnAndrews: You gotta ease up on her a little bit. At least she’s willing to admit it

  23. NERDS are winning, ✈️🛫 Passport 👑 Kings now

  24. She’s ready for a good man now. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. She’ll be alright.

  25. If I see her checking for Pookie, she is not for me. If she has nigglets, that’s a non-starter. I want no part of Pookie’s kids. Even if she doesn’t have kids, I assume she has unresolved trauma, has had STDs, and has low intelligence. If she likes Pookies, she is Pookeesha as far as I’m concerned.

  26. Bw don’t deserve good men of any race. Just go date pookie, dj Kidd and geto ga gg ers

  27. A lot of men are so angry, and vengeful towards women, all because they were rejected before…hanging on to that anger and projecting it towards all women cant be healthy 😂

  28. And now she’ll want a good guy to deal with all of that trauma. Don’t do it fellas

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