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Disgraced NFL legend O.J. Simpson dead from cancer

O.J. Simpson dead from cancer/YouTube

O.J. Simpson dead at 76. 

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LAS VEGAS — Did he or didn’t he? Disgraced NFL star O.J. Simpson has migrated to that big gridiron in the sky. O.J., nicknamed “The Juice,” kicked the bucket in Las Vegas on Wednesday following a lengthy battle with prostate cancer. He was 76. O.J.’s family broke the news via social media. “On April 10th, our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer,” they tweeted. “He was surrounded by his children and grandchildren. During this time of transition, his family asks that you please respect their wishes for privacy and grace.” O.J. went from American hero to American villain when he was charged with the 1994 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her f*ck buddy, Ronald Goldman. Both were found stabbed to death outside Nicole’s condominium in Los Angeles. O.J. was eventually acquitted in one of the most captivating trials in U.S. history. The entire nation watched. Black people claimed he was innocent. White folks said, “Bullsh*t!”

O.J. did, however, serve 9 years in a Nevada prison for robbery.

When it came to football, O.J. was the man. As a standout with the USC Trojans, the All-American running back won the Heisman Trophy in 1968. The ensuing year, the Buffalo Bills made O.J. the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. After making five All-Pro squads and six Pro Bowls, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985. O.J. was also crowned league MVP in 1973 after becoming the first in NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards in a season. And he did it in only 14 games. The man was a beast.

Will you miss O.J.?

Should he still be considered an all-time great?

Share your thoughts.

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  2. Wherever they bury him the groundskeepers are going to be busy cleaning all the piss off his headstone

  3. A black human being gets acquitted in white governed America and still is treated like a guilty disgusting breathing monster. Lol.
    Rest in Paradise
    OOG O.J.

  4. I wonder if OJ repented or believed that Jesus died for the worlds sins I wonder if he ever talked to his children or grandkids about Jesus?

  5. The media should be ashamed of themselves , building him up to be a hero. Boomerang effect gets you in the end. The Cancer ate at him slowly. I believe he did not act alone. He had help, there were others involved ,I believe there were drugs involved ( Cocaine) . He will most likely burn in hell!

  6. So OJ Simpson finally died…..of prostate cancer, no less; talk about karma; his dick finally betrayed him. I wonder where he is? Did he make any honest deathbed confession?

  7. Ron was playing both sides of the fence. Sounds like a funny boy lover got jealous of him. And went mental on him. As many times as he was punctured. Nicole was just a witness that had to be dealt with. OJ wasn’t with the funny boys club. Ron definitely was.

  8. Not guilty, suck it up whyte folks. The hypocrisy from you people, never ceases to amaze me.

  9. Nicole ‘s marriage with this monster was a pure nightmare.
    Many times OJ beat and rape her so hard ,that she had to stay in Hospital for some days.
    He couldn’t stand the fact that his wife finally wanted to be free and had a new man in her life .
    He nearly cut her head off with a knife …..the mother of his own kids…Ron Goldman was so brutally stabbed to death that the knife cut 3 of his rippes from his cheastbone ….killing 2 People so near body contact with a knife ,is a very personal over kill … doubt OJ Simpson killed his Wife and Ron in the front Yard that night……this Case has nothing to do with OJ skincolor ….may he rest in hell where he belongs…

  10. Regardless of his guilt or innocence, he was a total douche bag. Good riddens

  11. It’s kind of ironic. He died of cancer and he was a cancer (the crab).

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