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NAIA banning trannies from competing in women sports

NAIA says only real women allowed/YouTube

NAIA bans trans women.

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KANSAS CITY — Enough with the woke sh*t already. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), located in Kansas City, is under fire for proscribing chicks with dicks from partaking in women’s sports. Yep, no trannies allowed. If you’re lacking a vulva, you can’t play. Simple as that. The NAIA’s Council of Presidents released a policy stating “only NAIA student-athletes whose biological sex is female may participate in NAIA-sponsored female sports.” They took a vote and it won in a landslide, 20-0. The LGBTQ+ community is obviously pissed. Their predilection is to eschew competition with real men because… they’ll get their asses whooped. “Today, the NAIA decided to bar an entire category of people from competition simply because of a right-wing outrage campaign that purposefully misrepresents and distorts the realities of transgender athletes while doing nothing to support women’s sports,” said Kelley Robinson, president of the Human Rights Campaign.

“The chilling message this sends not just to other sanctioning bodies but also to youth sports leagues across the country is dangerous and it must be stopped in its tracks.”

Social media reaction was primarily pro-NAIA.

One commenter wrote, “Say what you want. But if you were born with a pair between your legs, you are a man for life. I don’t care if you chop ’em off and do surgery to get female parts…you’re still a man whether you like it or not. Your DNA is proof.”

Another chimed in with, “Well done, NAIA. This should never have been an issue in the first place.”

A third person added, “A touch of common sense in an idiot ‘woke’ country.”

NAIA officials believe chicks with dicks possess too much of a competitive advantage over biological popsies. There’s also occurrences of assault during competition. Case in point, a viral video shows a he-she abusing a female hoopster on the basketball court. But, because he identifies as a bitch, homeboy eluded comeuppance. Trannies are also subjugating beauty pageants.

If you recall, Kataluna Enriquez beat out a coterie of prepossessing damsels to be crowned Miss Nevada.

And, he’s trying to become Miss USA.

Very embarrassing.

Look, the raison dêtre of the Biden Administration is to substitute biological females with trannies for depopulation purposes. Their Satanic stratagem also entails transmogrifying men into women and vice versa.

Sadly, it’s working.

South Carolina head basketball coach Dawn Staley — a lesbian in love with Lisa Boyer — said trannies should be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

Her team just won the NCAA women’s title.

“I’m of the opinion that if you’re a woman you should play,” Staley told reporters.

“If you consider yourself a woman and you want to play sports, or vice versa, you should be able to play.”

Do you agree with Staley?

Or, do you support the NAIA’s decision?

Watch Staley explain her position.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Why dont trans persons compete with other trans persons? That would keep things fair.

  2. Nice to see common sense return. Pendulum finally begins to swing back. Sadly it’s going to take time for other areas to follow, but people aren’t afraid of upsetting the crazies anymore.
    You want to compete? Join an open team or your birth sex. You only want to win? Get better. You’re only there for the “euphoria”? Get help.

  3. This was, is, and will always be asinine. Men and women are different, thank goodness, and it should be celebrated, not turned into a contest of who can be the most ridiculous and stupid.

  4. Why should we accept transpeople for who “they are” but can’t accept themselves for who “they were”

  5. Have they banned females from male sports because if they haven’t then this is more sexism, more female superiority wrapped up as empowerment.
    Shows how protected females are.
    But women want to be treated the same as men and have the same rights.
    Right? ️

  6. I boycotted any sports event with transgenders! All of them that has a transgender playing!

  7. It’s scary we needed to fight this hard to make people understand something we already figured out a few millennia ago.

  8. If the NCAA doesn’t follow suit all of the major universities should quit (if they can). Or, the NCAA SHOULD BE DISBANDED and a new organization developed. I have no clue who controls the NCAA so I’m not sure how this can be done but it certainly is necessary.

  9. It all started with OBAMA, I remember Michelle is his Michael Joan Rivers was RIGHT about everything concerning OBAMA’S. Rainbow over the White House and men using the women restrooms. The daughters are adopted or delivered by surrogate. Which the two men. Barack and Michael (Michelle) gave sperm for. These girls don’t look nothing a like.

  10. Now give all of the women that came behind those men their rightful titles and trophies back.

  11. Now the ncaa need to grow some balls.
    This trans rubbish is destroying our society.

  12. Don’t know why anyone’s applauding this, why has it taken them this long?! This should have been the case right from the beginning

  13. How the hell did it get to this point where everyone has had tp step up and fight this non sense, those people that pushed the stupid agenda behind everyone’s back should be named and shamed. Its disgraceful how everyone has to apologize to these characters that actually need to be instituted for thinking there are 20 genders and such nonsense.


  15. Women should flatly refuse to play ANY sport that has trans persons included in their opposition. Far too dangerous for the women

  16. FINALLY!!!! the beginning of the end of this stupidity. It should had never happen in the first place anyway. W vs W, and M vs M.

  17. Fun fact: Testosterone doping/booster is banned in sport and considered cheating, and yet we have allowed biologically rich testosterone (up to 30x more) males to compete against females in sport.

  18. One has to wonder if “Lia Thomas “ will become a man again now he has no advantage against women

  19. What is the point of all the laws protecting women if you can just call yourself a woman and all of those laws stop applying.
    Instead women are busy crying that Obama and Biden can’t protect their rights……. F this world.

  20. before and after a WOMENS sports game, WHY cant the Trans person not change in the MALE LOCKER ROOM!!!??? IT IS NOT BEING USED!!! Its a Women’s Game!

    #2) ONCE A Person hits Puberty, bodily changes start to occur, Muscles, bone structure, lungs, brain and nervous system. A biological MALE XY chromosome.. Develop very differently and more physical traits than Females XX chromosomes.

    It doesnt matter how you want to dress up and act, if you have XY .. you will N.E.V.E.R. change yourself to be XX!! If a person wants to wear a dress, highheels, and panties. WHO CARES. but an XY chromosome person DOES NOT belong on a team of XX chromosome players! I do not care how many people get offended. GROW UP

  21. Oh I think the NCAA will come around but they’re gonna have to tuck their heads in the ground because shameful shameful on them like look at the NAIAI 20 to nothing vote obviously they know what a man and a woman are the NCAA go back to your biology class and take it again you failed

  22. If you were born male there is no way you should be competing against a woman ever if you have undergone surgery to look more like a woman because your not a woman your DNA test would classified you as male they test for drogues they can tell if you are male or female by looking at the DNA

  23. The argument for transgender is that they couldn’t be equal unless they became the opposite gender. However, the change is superficial. Birth-gender biology remains even if they’ve had medical alterations. This results in people who claim acceptance is needed from others, but still knowingly posessing provable physical advantage that birth-females would be unable to match. Trans-females expecting to be allowed in female sports is basically like birth-females demanding free use of performance-enhancing drugs, but only for themselves. It’s a blatant double-standard.

  24. I know where all the good girls are going. The NCAA schools will become a men only schools.

  25. there is no debate.
    men are men. women are women.
    there is mens sports and womens sports.
    mens prisons and womens prisons.
    the reason is obvious.
    the cult is banned.

    it isn’t difficult to understand and never was.
    take away any trophies/medals from the insane cultists.

  26. If you have a weiner, you are a guy…just think about how strange it is to even have to say this.

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