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Police Brutality Video: Leaked body cam footage shows George Floyd beggin’ cops

Body cam footage released by cops.  Blog King, Mass Appeal MINNEAPOLIS — Law enforcement officials in Minneapolis leaked new body cam footage that shows George Floyd begging police officers not to shoot his black ass just moments before his asphyxiation on May 25th. The gang-bangin’ pornstar was sedentary inside his SUV at the time. “Ok, Mr. Officer, please don’t shoot ...

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Police Brutality Video: Black dude got ‘asphyxiated’ publicly by white officer

White cop chokes African American. Blog King, Mass Appeal MINNEAPOLIS — Law enforcement officials, including the FBI, are investigating after Derek Chauvin — a white police officer — choked an unarmed black man to death (à la Eric Garner) in Minneapolis. The suffocation transpired Monday night during a “forgery in progress.” It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage ...

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