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Teen kills sister over Wi-Fi connection for video game

Kevon killed Alexus over a video game/Viral Crimes

Teen kills sister over Wi-Fi.

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MACON — When playing Xbox goes tragically wrong. Kevon Watkins, 16, was thrown in the slammer after he asphyxiated his big sister, 19-year-old Alexus Watkins, over a Wi-Fi password. The sororicide transpired at their mother’s residence on February 2, 2018 in Macon, Georgia. According to police reports, Kevon was playing his Xbox when he realized the internet connection was too damn slow. So he changed the family’s Wi-Fi password to block everybody else from using it. Kevon’s 13-year-old brother snitched to their mom, who subsequently unplugged the internet router. Then, she removed the Xbox from his room. A pissed-off Kevon unleashed a profanity-laced tirade then threatened to beat mom’s ass. Alexus grabbed Kevon, put him in a bear hug, and told him to “chill out.” But, during the intervention, a bout of fisticuffs ensued. That’s when Kevon put Alexus in a 15-minute chokehold that took her life. The mother offered little resistance.

Kevon was arrested, charged, and convicted of murder.

His lawyer tried to get a voluntary manslaughter charge.

But, the judge denied the request because the 13-year-old brother tried to stop his client from choking his sister.

Despite pleas from mom, Kevon was sentenced to life without parole.

He cried and apologized to the jury.

Social media reaction was vicious. One commenter wrote, “I hate SORE LOSERS. The ones who get mad at everybody around them if anything happens to the game or in the game… They need to take that sh*t off the market… Them kids would literally commit suicide when it comes down to that game sh*t 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. Rest in Paradise Beautiful.💔🌹🕊️” Another chimed in with, “All of that over a video game and unplugging the internet?” A third person added, “He’s a danger to society. If he can get mad at his mother and choke out his sister, imagine what he would do to someone else.”

Do you think Kevon deserves life in prison at such a young age?

Are video games a danger to young people?

Watch the explosive documentary.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Kevon would’ve been knocked out. No way she allowed him to kill her daughter.

  2. This is heartbreaking wow smh I can’t believe mom didn’t get him off of her.

  3. What kind of mother is that? She could have stop him she just watched him kill her senseless death

  4. Your daughter tried to protect you but you could not do the same for her. You go to court and try to defend that murderer. What a trash ass mother, truly disgusting!!!

  5. I know this is harsh,but that boy dont deserve life in prison.That judge is dead ass wrong.We got people who shoot people in the back and kill them and they are grown men,and they revieve less time then that.The man who was a security guard and shot and killed a boy while he was running away,Only got 3 years….So why send this child down the road for life???The law is the law..I don’t care what state it is in.THIS ONLY TELLS ME THAT THIS JUDGE IS RACIST AND DOES NOT BELIEVE IN FAIRNESS.There is no way in hell,if that was my child I could see him being put away for life.Give him some time yes..But for life..No..He is going to already live with this for the rest of his life..

  6. Damn, How disturbing, Sounds like a very dysfunctional family from the beginning, And maybe he had some undisclosed HATRED for her, Pure EVIL…Why Tf would he place her in a choke hold bcz of Wifi??? And fight his own mom?? WOWWW‼️🤦🏽‍♀️This Is horrible, May she RIHP 👼🏽🕊🕯🌹, He need to be in prison for life.My Condolences 🕯🕊🕯🕊

  7. Throw away the key! Momma is no victim either! She knew what she had on her hands. She should have gotten him help & away from them especially if he use to fight her his own mom. He gets exactly what he deserves. Now sit & think about this senseless shit. Your own sister. Smdh

  8. F*ck that I’ll say it
    Now that’s an evil mother 👿

  9. This is a sad,sad, heartbreaking story 😢😥😢. 2 children were lost that day. I feel the sentence was too severe, non rehabilitative, given that spontaneous facts of the case.
    People, don’t give the enemy a chance to ruin your families and relationships. The Bible says, ” where envying and strife is, theres confusion and every evil work (James3:16). FORGIVE, LOVE, RESPECT, UNDERSTAND Each other. It’s said this family lived in daily antagonism.

  10. Without parole. I feel like the sister wouldn’t want that. Kids don’t know when to stop fighting. Seems racist. Sorry for him too young. Repeal the decision.

  11. Yeah that verdict doesn’t make sense, he seems like a stupid kid and should have gotten 25 years instead. He was crying so he definutely realized he was wrong

  12. The idiots who are saying “this child was sentrnced too hard” have never been victimized by this type of monster.

    The whole thing makes me sad, but given the chance, he most likely would kill again. Truth be told, locking him probably saving innocent lives.

    And many 16 year old males are physically grown ass men.

  13. This case proves EXACTLY why there needs to be a strong family figure in a home.

  14. Remember ladies… If you absolutely can’t get out of a choke, use your thumbs/sharpest nails to gauge out his eyes. If he tries to get away with it you’ll have his DNA under your nails, but chances are he won’t get away if you blind him…

  15. Bro that mom didn’t try to save shit. She’s in the kitchen filled with knifes but decides to stay on the phone with police

  16. What gets me is the mom that watched all this go down & she couldn’t grab a frying pan or get a neighbor to help her out

  17. He wasn’t sorry that he killed his sister, he was sorry that he couldn’t play video games anymore. What a piece of shit, good riddance.

  18. He’s black that’s why he got life in prison, otherwise he would’ve gotten 25 years

  19. I think that decision was way to harsh! He’s not a murderer, he was a young man that let his anger over come him and the fear that if he let her go she was going to beat the snot out of him! I don’t think he ever realized he was killing her at all. I’m not saying he wasn’t wrong…he was and deserved a punishment, but not that! The mother actually lost 2 children. I hope his sentence gets overturned, and he gets new sentencing. This is just all together sad!💔

  20. I don’t give a fuck what excuse he gave it’s fucking wifi! He knew what he was doing fuck being a teenager he needs the book the adult book thrown at him! He killed her for something so fucking stupid she had children had a life beginning with a husband! He is a pathetic little boy if he does not respect life HE DOESNT deserve to get to live in prison on our taxes!

  21. There was a guy in California that chopped off a teenage girls arms. Both arms. Stripped her naked then threw her off a cliff and left her for dead. She somehow survived and told the police who attacked her. That guy only got 14 years in prison. I think he should have done way more time considering what he did to her. Our justice system makes no sense.

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