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Ex-NFL player asphyxiates girlfriend for dumping him

Carl snapped and killed his ex/Twisted Crimes

Football coach strangled his ex.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

ACCOKEEK — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to former NFL player Carl Kearney Jr. — head football coach at Spalding High School — who was thrown in the slammer after he asphyxiated his ex-girlfriend, 38-year-old Patrina Best, because she broke up with him. The femicide transpired around 9 a.m. on February 17, 2024 in Accokeek, Maryland. According to police reports, Patrina — a victim of domestic violence — told Carl she was sick and tired of being his punching bag and she wanted out of the relationship. A bout of contretemps ensued. As the argument intensified, Carl grabbed Patrina by the throat and strangled her. Then he walked into the police station and confessed to committing murder. During interrogation, Carl told investigators he tried slapping Patrina in the countenance to “bring her back” to life. But she remained unresponsive. The 43-year-old simp was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Carl and Patrina both went to Georgia Southern where he played football and she studied to become a nurse. They appeared to be the perfect match. Patrina was a bodybuilder. Carl signed a contact with the New York Jets in 2004. So their dedication to physical fitness brought them together. Patrina, who didn’t have children of her own, dated Carl even though he had two kids. But an insider said he didn’t appreciate her.

The entire community is shocked.

“Hurt. Shocked. It was like disbelief because I didn’t want to believe that what they was saying was true,” said Lariquia McCord, whose son played on Carl’s varsity team.

“He was more like a father figure for him. A lot of times he encouraged him when he was really, really low.”

Camri Johnson, a former student manager, praised Carl for resuscitating a moribund program.

The team was 1-9 when he took over.

“He came to Spalding High School my sophomore year and pretty much turned this program around,” Camri said.

Aisha Braveboy, state attorney for Prince George’s County, is pissed.

“This was an intentional act, it was a very brutal act, and no one deserves it,” she said.

“This young woman was beautiful, she was a nurse, she cared for others. Why anyone would want to take the life of someone who helps to preserve life is beyond me.”

Watch the explosive documentary.

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  1. First of all, he looks crazy as hell. Secondly, he’s one of these sorry men who have no control over their emotions & act violently when they can’t have their way. Im just so tired of criminals.

  2. She was beautiful and intelligent..what did she see in that demon? May he never see the light of day thank God his daughters won’t be raised by him.

  3. I literally don’t want anyone 😢😢😢I am good by myself 😢😢😢

  4. My opinion but she seems like a promiscuous person… And it seems like thats why they had their moments.

  5. What did she see in him? She sold herself short and paid with her life.

  6. All that nappy hair on his head was enough for me sloppy looking he’s overweight too

  7. I am divorced. Single, working, and celibate. When men approach me. No need to stop and talk. I smile and keep moving down the road. Got no time to listen to demons. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  8. Why do people always say they have a good relationship with God but don’t obey His commandments which one of them says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill?”

  9. How these black women always go get tied up with these dusty looking guy with dreadlocks hanging off their heads that is a big red flag if a man doesn’t have sense enough to cut his hair that tells u alot about him (CEAZY) 😔

  10. Not even news worthy, this behavior has been going on with these people for centuries.

  11. Just more of the same nonsense. Pookie kills Pookeesha because Pookeesha wants to call it quits. Black people are so disingenuous. They like to call these women virtuous, industrious, successful, and saintly. These women are Pookesshas. Normal women don’t lay down with Pookies, and these men are Pookies. Normal men don’t kill average looking females for breaking up with them.

    Sometimes these women have gone to nail tech schools to become talon nail technichians or human hair weave technicians. Sometimes they have gone to nursing schools or have gotten a degree in sociology. But always from a no name degree mill. Sometimes these Pookies have a similar degree in academic fluff from a no name degree mill. The point is, this is Pookie and Pookeesha culture. They are not mainstream and they don’t go to mainstream intitutions, like the university of Michigan.

    In most cases Pookeesha is not leaving Pookie because she is tired of being his punching bag. She has enjoyed being his punching bag for the past 5 years. She is leaving Pookie because she wants to be new Pookie’s punching bag.

  12. @Popeyes Chicken Addict: “New York Jets player”…?
    He played only one preseason game 19 years ago…1 catch 11 yards….I would hardly call him a “player” of any team!

  13. They should start making these Coaches have Physicals, and Psyche Evals!!! They are around people’s kids, and ALOT could use some “Coaching/Raising” themselves. Butttttt, as long as they are WINNING no one cares!!!!!!!!! Prayers for the VICTIM and HER FAMILY!!! He is a POS that had NO SELF CONTROL!!!!!!!

  14. Still a pookie and a dusty. A highly regarded job/degree or decent income don’t stop that.
    Every 4.8hrs BW remember that…..every 4.8hrs.

  15. He’s a classic narcissist pilar of the community until he turns around and kills someone may she rest in peace 💜

  16. A Evil Spirit/A Demon/ Satan entered into him…
    Unfortunately this is happening MORE AND MORE…
    Ladies you MUST be EXTREMELY careful about the men you let in you life, for the safety of you and your children…
    LADIES : Get closer to THE ALMIGHTY GOD…
    GOD is your Strength..
    GOD is your Power…
    GOD is your Provider…
    And through CHRIST, you can be made Whole…
    You don’t need a man to be Complete..
    The Lord makes you Complete..
    It’s okay to be Single!


  17. I hate it when someone says that these men became overly emotional and that prompted their actions. Domestic abuse has its genesis in how some men think about women. The desire to control and dominate motivates abusive men. My late father in law expressed the desire to kill a number of his relatives. His expectations were completely unrealistic. There was no way to get along with him. The nonsensical explanations that these people give to justify their actions are often rambling and void of any kind of logic. My father in law wanted to control where my mother in law would live even after he died. He drew up a document that would have given their home to the church if she remarried after he passed.

  18. Such a beautiful woman. Yall please leave these situations. They never get better. 🙏🏾

  19. Since the Pandemic, domestic violence is on a higher rise. Especially Women and children being killed. Mental Health demons have come out of ppl and it’s crazy. I’m definitely staying single because I don’t want to meet anyone new…😢

  20. Stop telling these men you’re going to leave . Silence will always be the key to your escape ! This so sad R.I.P Patrina Best 🕊️

  21. Sooo many women would still be alive today, if they would have stayed single. These men are unhinged. RIP babygirl

  22. Makes me think how I narrowly escaped this same fate. As my ex husband strangled me I looked over at our daughter and told myself I have to fight to live for her. Seeing her face gave me strength.

  23. ladies y’all need to choose better…. this shit is ridiculous.

  24. The fact that he turned himself in, speaks of his thoughts of his personal issues. Admitting he has a problem. We all need healing 🧼

  25. This is what I don’t understand when they say, “Choose better”, what is choosing better?

  26. Strangulation is so serious. Even if she would’ve survived, she could’ve suffered from brain damage!

  27. Unfortunately he was mad about his whole life and how it ended up! Didn’t go pro.. leading a whole team to championships but couldn’t go into the lime light himself… wondering all the should of could of would of’s this seems like she should of saw the signs and got away from him before it got to this🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏 rest in peace queen 🕊🕊🕊

  28. It’s amazing how incels blame women for not leaving (which she was in the process of) and not the man for killing her. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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